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I had only 160 rupees in my pocket: Milan Trivedi

Milan Trivedi is a multi-dimensional personality. He is a television anchor, a drama artist, a writer, an actor and lots more inside. He has earned many certificates as educational background, worked in a total different profession and at last came where he really belongs! He is also a  successful host of few Television programs.

He shares some of bitter and tough experiences of his life with Speakbindas Correspondent Vikas Rajpopat.


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Q: Let’s reach to each other’s mind. Today we have with us Milan Trivedi. Let’s chit chat with him. Namaskar, Milanbhai. You are a popular face amongst people of Gujarat as an Anchor on ETV. Which are ETV shows you have done?

  • Namaskar. At present I am hosting a program called “Wah Bhai Wah“. So far I have anchored its 350 episodes. Another program is “Laughter Express” where I perform gags in different getups of popular people. I also anchor other special programs and events of ETV.

Q: The idea of “Laughter Express” show is different and exciting, where you are required to perform new gimmicks everytime. Is the show tough to handle as an anchor?

  • The format of the program requires performing gags about celebrities. So it’s a matter of fun. Thanks to “Laughter Express” that I am also established as a writer in this field. You name the celebrity and I have done gags on him and so far over 250 such gags I have performed in different getups which includes Narendra Modi, Aasaramji, Satyanarayan (Aasaramji’s son), Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt and many other characters.

Q: Recently, Speakbindas interviewed popular humorist Sairam Dave. He said that one who makes others laugh, cries inside. Does this statement suit you?

  • It is a nice thing to speak that if we cry, we can make others laugh. But yes, one thing is certain that an artist is always sensitive because he thinks from three dimensions. Generally, people observe a thing from just front dimension. But an artist goes behind it. Hence, he becomes miserable. About making others laugh, you need to have basic sense of humor inside you. So I don’t believe that every artist that cries can make others laugh.

Q: Milanbhai, this statement would be like “Nach Basanti Nach.” But still, would it be possible for you to perform one of the getups from your program Laughter Express?

  • For that I think a getup is required. I also do voice mimicries. For example, while I perform getup of Shahrukh Khan, you might witness the worst Shahrukh Khan of the century!! I have also done gags on Narendra Modi, particularly when his and Keshubhai Patel’s issue political were going on. Those gags were such intense that he(Na.Mo.) himself called up ETV office and said that it’s enough of now!
  • So what I mean to say is, to perform such a gag, it requires supporting atmosphere and getup.

Q: You have performed in various mediums such as Radio, Drama, Television etc. So what is your educational background? Is it related to media, television or what is it?

  • My educational qualifications are M.A. with English, Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication, Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and B.Ed. But even after pursuing all these courses, for the sake of earning I joined medical sector. I was in business of medicine for 10 years. And after that, I came back to where I really belong!

Q: It is said that only certificates (degrees) don’t mean everything. Because if it is so, everybody can become Milan Trivedi. What was that “extra” in your personality that earned you success in all these fields?

  • Need” is such a thing that teaches us many things. I have witnessed such a span in my life that I winded up my business in just one night, or say I withdrew myself from it. At that time I had only 160 rupees in my pocket. Being a family man, I also had to look after it. My nature is such that I can not ask for (borrow) money from anyone. I mean, I can not even ask for money that I have landed to someone earlier. So don’t ask money from me now thinking you won’t be required to return! So to borrow and to die were similar things for me.
  • But I must say that if someone has even a single art, he/she can live up his/her entire life. The same thing happened to me. I am associated with stage-performance since I was 14 years old which includes mono acting, drama, youth festival, University youth festival. I have won many state level, national level prizes for the same. So I used to participate in such activities which came for my rescue at a later stage of life. I struggled for three years. Not only talent is enough, luck too is needed.

Q: Which are the drams that you have performed which can be considered as your milestones? How were the experiences?

  • My basic nature is to perform with such a subject which people do not accept in public. At the age of just 15 or 16, in youth festival’s mono acting competition, I performed the character of Yayati who is known to be used to change women with moon’s revolution. The present example of Yayati can be such a professor who physically harasser his girl students. So this was one such a different character I performed. If my old days’ friends meet me today, they call me “Yayati” only.
  • I also performed in a drama “Step By Step” which was based on theme of Homo-Sexuality. I also performed in “Fujiyam” which was a three-act drama.
  • I won’t lie as an artist but every artist has an inner desire to be recognized with some particular identity.

Q: What was next after Drama?

  • I came into anchoring field. Anchors had no much value in past then it has today. I started preparations for subjective anchoring. If it is “Bhakti Sangeet Program”, speech should be according to subject and likewise for a “marriage” etc. And everytime, something new should be presented to people. And today, anchors are really appreciated and success of programs too are dependent on a good anchor.
  • I believe that a drama artist can be a successful anchor.

Q: Tell us about your film career.

  • Mumbai is the dream-place where people wish to enter into film industry but not all achieve it. I was lucky that I entered into film industry from Mumbai only. Manoj Nathwani who is a good writer and a director was making a movie “Adala Badali”. Its first schedule was over. We sat on footpath against Suryakant Hotel in Rajkot for four hours. I am outspoken person so I bluntly say how I feel about a thing. If it’s good, I straight away appreciate it and if I don’t like something I say I don’t like it without any hesitation. So I told him about my past denials to movies having reason of not having a proper film maker in Gujarat. And secondly, I don’t like simply sitting and get paid. Like If I get a role in a film and say I get paid 3000 Rs. a day and I go to shooting location and I am asked to sit, though I am getting paid, I deny it. That’s not Milan Trivedi. Because if you make an artist sit after applying make-up, he/she becomes dull. So I clarified these doubts of mine with Manojbhai. He said that I would love working with him, and so true he was! And keeping my such outspoken characteristic, a special role in the film was developed.
  • After that I also acted in a movie “Rukamani Vivah” which was made for Hindi channel, “Sanskar” which has pure Hindi dialogue that your tongue may slip pronouncing them.
  • My upcoming movies are Jai Ho, Gorbapana Gotala etc.

Q: What is your show “Aavo Pahonchiye Ek Mek Na Man Sudhi” all about?

  • Produced, conceived by a Mumbai based producer which is a musical program and I am developing it as a writer and artist. At present in society we observe issues like divorce, quarrels between husband-wife, brothers. Joint families are being separated etc.. So in the theme of program, we will show what lacks in such issues? I can call this as my dream project where along with earning money I can do societal service.

Q: Milanbhai, any special message from your struggling life particularly to those who wish to pursue their career in media?

  • I am not preaching anything here but from my real experiences I can say that, when you feel sad or lost, just think that the Universe has created something better for you in future, so keep walking. This media line is capable enough to earn you enough money and you can live with respect. That’s what an artist need.


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