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Interesting Videos of Mark Zuckerberg

Recently I watched the most popular film ‘The Social Network‘ which tells the story of accidental billionaire Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. So in a way it tells the story of Facebook itself. Much said and talked about this film all over the internet after its release. It has received all kinds of reviews, starting from worst to solid. To me personally, I found it really cool in a way that the story goes with a flow and seems realistic.

One of the best scenes that I remember from this film is the one when Mark receives an idea about Facebook feature ‘Relationship Status’. Wow! that tells that he was and is totally devoted to Facebook. No wonder, it is such a hit today.

But this post isn’t about the film. This post shows some of the real videos of Mark Zuckerberg. This is for the fans of Facebook. (Don’t tell me you ain’t the one!)

Videos of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of most popular Social Networking Website Facebook

1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on stage again at Web 2.0, talking about Facebook Connect, the newest developments in social networking, monetizing social networking and the future of Facebook.

2. The Facebook Effect with Mark Zuckerberg

3. Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook’s Mission f8 2008 Keynote Highlights Clips


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