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Interview of motivational speaker, mind power trainer Dr. Jeetendra Adhia

Dr. Jeetendra Adhia

Dr. Jeetendra Adhia is a highly popular motivational speaker and a mind trainer. He is widely known for his motivational book “Prerana nu Jharanu” whose copied sold out in lakhs. He has helped many individuals and corporate sectors achieve their desired goals through the motivational workshops that he organizes regularly at various cities in India and abroad.

Recently he was in Rajkot for his seminar on ‘Trainer Training Program’ through which he is now preparing trainers like him. He is also planning to establish ‘Mind University’ where he will carry over all mind training progarms, motivational workshops etc.

In this interview he talks with SpeakBindas about his earlier life, future plans and youth.

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Q.: Synonym of Dr. Jeetendra Adhia is ‘Prerananu Jharanu.’ What really inspired you chose this career by quitting medical profession?

There is a story behind this. Few years back, a lady from our family was diagnosed with blood cancer. She went to the leading doctors in Mumbai, but none of them could help her in recovering from the deadly cancer. Looking at the severity of her cancer, she was told that despite taking medicines she won’t live more than six months.

At that time I had read a book “Power of Subconscious Mind” and was inspired by the same and thought to apply it on this lady. I explained her power of subconscious mind, she agreed to practice the same and to our surprise she was recovered from blood cancer without any treatment.

This incident clicked me and made me feel that if I learn more about this power in detail, many things can be done. That is when I decided to shift my profession. I became the doctor of mind by quitting the profession of doctor of body! Since then I have been walking on this path.

Q.: So far you have organized many workshops for general audience. Now you have come up with ‘Trainer Training Program‘ under which you teach people to become trainers just like you. Don’t you think that thus you are creating your own competitors only?

Yes, often people ask me this question. But I believe in abundance mentality. There is enough for everyone in this world. Hence, I have never have feared that through this program, my profession will be in danger.

Secondly, for the last 20 years, I have enjoyed and worked abundantly. Now the only thing left is to create my downline of trainers. It’s a matter of satisfaction that my disciples do carry forward the task that I have taken on hands. I have established the hunger in people for such mind training programs. Now, once I retire, who will provide the required mind food? Hence, if I have created trainers who carry forward my vision, movement will keep going on.

I am also planning to open up ‘Mind University‘ where I will need mind trainers. Where do I get them? No school or college has such courses where I can avail mind trainers. So the objective is to first create the trainers and then the university. Once the trainers have gained some experience, I can enroll them as faculty in Mind University.

Dr. Pooja Bhatt
Dr. Pooja Bhatt – Mind Power Trainer, Student of Dr. Adhia

Rajiv Bhalani
Rajiv Bhalani – Mind Power Trainer, Student of Dr. Adhia

Q.: You have conducted your workshops in Gujarat, India and abroad too. Do you see any difference in the different audiences of different countries?

If I talk about Gujaratis, I would say that they are same everywhere, which is not so common among other people. Others believe in paying for anything they get. Where as in Gujarati community, FREE stuff has a great importance!

During my workshops in USA, I have observed that if the organizers invite Gujaratis without the lunch / dinner facility, there will be less number of participants. But when they added lunch / dinner, participant strength was increased! I mean, still they have the attraction for FREE food.

Q.: Before you became a doctor, your life was quite of a normal family. You used to live in Rajkot then. Tell us few things about your early life.

I used to study in Karansinhji Highschool. You know that what quality of education is provided there! I have grown up in the neighborhood of ‘Sangnwa Chowk.’ My parents were poor. My father used to sell vegetables in a lorry. Kiritbhai Ganatra, Editor of evening Gujarati daily ‘Akila‘ knows me because his family used to buy vegetables from my father. That time’s people still know my father as ‘Bachubhai Shakwala.’ So that poor we were. 9 members of our family were used to live in a single room. My parents, we six siblings and my grandmother. During the season of monsoon, rain used to drop from the broken roof and hence we have spent few sleepless nights too. I could never afford a better ticket than of third class to watch a film. I still remember that I have watched many films in theatres like ‘Prahlad‘ and ‘Harishchandra‘ by sitting in a third class row. We used to stand in booking queue for two hours. It used to charge us 30 paise per ticket then. So I have seen such days too.

And now I have enjoyed the luxury of various cities such as Sun City, Las Vegas and Macau. I have been to very luxurious restaurants of Europe. I have received enormous respect that I had never dreamed of. I was also honored as ‘Gnati Ratna‘ from our community. So to say, I have received great respect and have enjoyed all luxuries of life.

Q.: These days, we tend to see the high frustration level in youth. We also see suicidal tendency in students, mostly among those appearing for board exams. What according to you is responsible for this scenario?

What happens is that, when in Media they read about others enjoying Mercedes Benz or being the top ranker, their expectations do increase and start dreaming about the same. But they don’ have the kind of system with which they can achieve their dreams and hence fail; which leads them to depression and frustration.

The path that I have chosen of motivational training teaches such people about how to develop their internal skills and achieve their goals. I really love this path because this way I become helpful to many people in realizing their dreams and helping them achieve the same. The reason for my success is that what I teach them, they have never learnt elsewhere before. There are thousands of examples of people who have achieved their dreams after attending my workshops.

So youth needs to first realize own strength and then apply some scientific techniques to achieve their desired goals and also help others too.

Q.: People know Dr. Jeetendra Adhia through many forms. But if asked, how would you describe yourself in your words?

Ammm… difficult question! Well, I have always been a dreamer. My first 12 years, I have lived in Wankaner. Barefoot walking on the stones of Machhu river, I used to dream of a luxurious and famous life, traveling the world etc. I had the burning desire to achieve this. I faced with many difficulties in my life but this desire in me always kept me walking. This desire introduced me to this field of mind training with which I accomplished all my dreams. Like the then President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam has said that have such dreams that doesn’t allow you to sleep.

Hence, often I mention to young people that do not let your dreams die. Keep them with you in every situation. One day, you will find a way that will help you live you dreams.

Q.: You run with an excessive travel plan in different cities and countries. Midst it, do you find enough time for your family? I mean, do they have any complains about you for not spending enough time with them?

Absolutely, they have this complain that I can not spend enough time with them. And that is why I have taken upon this Trainer Training Program. Now I plan to get settled in family life. Once enough trainers are developed under my guidance, I will be able to operate the entire movement by living in Ahmedabad only and thus with family.

Opposite to that, I am also satisfied that as I travel different places, I have helped many people to find a meaning to their life. Thus in a broad way I can say that entire humanity is my family.

Q.: Any special message, a Guru-key that you would like to share with the youth who is watching this video on SpeakBindas, who may be a student or working in some sector, that can help him achieve success?

I often tell to every young person that find out what you are passionate about. And make your passion your profession. You will enjoy your entire life with success. The best example of this angle is myself. My hobby was to meet people, public speaking etc. I turned my passion into the profession and my life got changed in a positive way.

Every successful person in the world has done so. Shekhar Kapur was fond of film making but used to work as a Chartered Account. He quit his profession of CA, came to Mumbai and made the film ‘Mr. India‘ which changed his entire life. There are many other similar examples such as Mazruh Sultanpuri, Amitabh Bachchan (MBA degree holder), John Abraham (MBA degree holder) etc. Let’s say about Sachin Tendulkar who has no degree at all but made his passion his profession and made a history.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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