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Exclusive interview: Mrs. Robina Irfan, Law Minister Balochistan



By ZAHID GISHKORI from Islamabad

Baloch dissidents proud of Pakistani but Islamabad discriminatory policy let down the Balochs”—– Law Minister Balochistan

The Lady Law Minister of Balochistan, Mrs. Robina Irfan says the dissents in Balochistan are patriots, proud of their Pakistani identity but want to take control over their ‘Natural Resources’ for the sovereignty of their province as well as for the wellbeing of people of Balochistan.

Resource-rich Balochistan is Pakistan’s least-developed province with high rates of infant and maternal mortality, poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition, she told Speakbindas in an exclusive interview here in Islamabad (Pakistan).

“Facts and findings on health, education, communication, political empowerment and economic development clearly indicate that human development in Balochistan has been deliberately ignored by successive central governments, to gain strategic benefits out of the vast and geo-strategic location of the province and its immense resources,” Speakbindas observed during the interview with Balochistan’s Law Minister.

To find the relevant answers of all these questions and some other interesting queries’ reply Speakbindas Special Correspondent from Islamabad (Pakistan) interviewed with Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister of Balochistan, Ms. Robina Irfan.

Telling her tale to Speakbindas, Robina Irfan said, she opened eyes in a political family in 1965 in Balochistan. Before the division of Indo-Pak her forefathers Mir Qadir Bakhsh Zehri and Mir Nabi Bakhsh Zehri left no stone unturned in formation of Pakistan Muslim League as well as for the freedom of Pakistan.

She was proud of to say that her family introduced reality of Pakistan in the public meetings internationally.

She told this scribe that her husband Prince Irfan Karim Ahmedzai is very nice guy and also enjoyed the status of Minister of Religious Affairs in Balochistan Assembly in current set-up.

About her personal career and interests Robina said, she belongs to a Mine Owner and Industrial family, her family (Zehri) was the first family to set up Marble and Onyx Industry in Pakistan with name of “National Marbles (PVT) Ltd.” She got through her MBA from University of Punjab (Pakistan). She has four children, a son and three daughters.

She has visited China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA.

She also told Speakbindas that she is the President of ‘Robina Welfare Trust’, pattern in chief of ‘HanKain NGO’, elected president of ‘Human Rights Welfare Organization’, elected president of Pakistan Muslim League, Women wing Quetta City 2001-2004, coordinator of ‘Lakhani Welfare Trust’ and many other organizations.

She was the chairperson of Pakistan Football Federation 2004-2008 and attended the women symposium in China for FIFA. She gave a presentation for Pakistan in the presence of 208 countries and was highly appreciated by FIFA.

“I represented Pakistan in Malaysia for the AFC Women Award as well as attended a political Round Table Discussion on South Asian region for women in Sri Lanka.”

Robina also informed Speakbindas that she introduced the first ever Women Football Team in Pakistan. She is also the general secretary of Pakistan Muslim League and Member of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan till dated.

After telling her personal tale the Lady Law Minister of Balochistan, who was on her visit to Jinnah Stadium Islamabad went open about the ground realities of Balochistan.

Minister revealed an interesting piece of information for Speakbindas’ readers that her three daughters were also representing Balochistan women football team would certainly inspire the readers what a support lover the Minister was?

Speakbindas correspondent asked several questions regarding the deprive-ness of province which has 46 percent of land out of country’s total land.

Following three questions may be interesting for our readers especially for those who belong to South Asian region.


  1. Can Balochistan serve as engine of Pakistan’s economy?
  2. Is its natural resources are future of Pakistan?
  3. Would you please to tell about the possible consensus on demand for control of province over natural resources?

Balochistan Minister Robina Irfan said her province had the potential of becoming engine of Pakistan’s economy provided its natural resources and Gwadar Port were given in full control of the province.

She pointed out that there was consensus among all politicians and people of the province in this regard.

The Lady Minister pointing to vast natural resources available in her province, its long coastline with natural sites for seaports and sea-wealth, lamented the backwardness of her province and abject poverty of its people.

Robina Irfan Law Minister Balochistan

Robina Irfan Law Minister Balochistan

“What we need is control over our resources and measures for development of human resource,” she said.

The Provincial Minister said, natural gas discovered at Sui played crucial role in meeting nation’s energy demand but “this resource was not fully utilized for the development of Balochistan”.

“Not much has been done to fully explore the natural resources of the province. There is general belief among the experts that Balochistan has vast mineral resources hidden under-surface and they include not only precious metals but also oil and gas.”

The Minister made a special mention of Saindak Project and expressed their agony over its affairs. She was of firm opinion that the project be handed over to the province to make it fully functional and profitable for the people of Balochistan.

She revealed that the Saindak Project was not being run transparently and there were many aspects, the Balochistan people are kept unaware of.

Mrs. Robina said, Reko Dik gold reserves are ranked as being at the top in the world.

Full utilization of Saindak and Reko-Dik wealth can transform Balochistan into a prosperous province, freeing it from dependence on federal financial doles she said and added there was pressing need for promoting universal education in the province with emphasis on skills, science and technology.

“The youths of Balochistan when equipped with skills and technology will harness the natural resources for the development of the province and prosperity of the people.”

Mrs. Robina made a strong demand for transferring of Gwadar Port control to the Balochistan government.

The current state of affairs at Gwadar is causing deep resentment among the people of Balochistan. She alleged that land mafias coming from outside were grabbing lands and mutilating the face of the area.

“There are new dangers of exploitation of Balochistan people lurking in the ill-conceived projects of land mafias” she observed.

“Gwadar is a great asset which should serve Balochistan and Pakistan’s interests. “That can be ensured if the port is given in Balochistan’s control. The port will also serve the land-locked countries of Central Asia and in the process the whole country will witness a new era of prosperity on the basis of new surge of trade and industry”.

When Speakbindas asked about ethnic situation of the province, Ms. Irfan said that Pashtun, Baloch, Hazara and other ethnic groups have lived in harmony for centuries in the vast territory now called Balochistan.

“The variety of ethnicity is strength, not weakness of Balochistan. All ethnic groups are working together for their province. She will work with greater zeal when there are more chances for development of her province.”

Speakbindas went to ask about dissents in Balochistan, the lady representative of Balochs in the province said 99 percent people of Balochistan are patriots, proud of their Pakistani identity and they want progress of their country. She said what they wanted was equal status in the Pakistani federation.

“The people of Balochistan believe that developed and prosperous Balochistan will add strength to the federation.

When Speakbindas questioned about the endless military operation, the lady law minister said, internal displacement, disappearances, intimidation and the prolonged Baloch-Islamabad conflict are hitting hard the trust of the people in the centre in the province.

The central government discriminatory policy is effecting overall social and economic development process in province.

Speaking about Speakbindas, Robina said, the website is an “emerging one”, which will really become the backbone of International media soon. She appreciated the efforts of young Editor Mr. Devang Vibakhar of India on earning good name in a short time.

The interviewer is Speakbindas Special Correspondent from Islamabad Pakistan and can be reached at: zahidgishkori@gmail.com


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11 thoughts on “Exclusive interview: Mrs. Robina Irfan, Law Minister Balochistan

  1. Ehsan says:

    I appreciate this interview. we need to highlight people with positive approach.

  2. Bilal Ishfaq Aamir Sani says:

    Dear Zahid Gishkori. Your work “Accurate but not precised.” You are exposing all the negative aspects and weaknesses of country. Your all concentrations are over personal gains and you don’t seem to be a true patriot. You needed to keep in mind that you are a Pakistani and its is your utmost duty to present a soft and positive image of country before the others especially when it India on other side. However wish u best of luck.

  3. Liaquat Jadoon says:

    Accurate but not precised.” You are exposing all the negative aspects and weaknesses of country. Your all concentrations are over personal gains and you don’t seem to be a true patriot. You needed to keep in mind that you are a Pakistani and its is your utmost duty to present a soft and positive image of country before the others especially when it India on other side. However wish u best of luck.

  4. Mulazim Gishkori says:

    Shabash Baita. Very good job u done. Keep struggling. U will suceed in life.

  5. haider ali says:

    mr zahid u did good work in this interview but it could be made more intestining if u ask her some informative questions.we (journalist) have a very little access to information regarding balochistan so that people may have ivalueable information in this regard.any way u did great job. congrates.

  6. Abdinur says:

    waaw i like it. it is an special interview. Zahid keep it brother

  7. Maryam Arif says:

    why does no one do anything? have we really gone immune to chaotic situation outside our own comfortable homes?
    Zahid, keep up the good work… we need to highlight the importance of development in Baluchistan… moreover at this stage we need to grab the higher ups…shake them to and fro)) and ask them what is wrong with everyone? have they gone blind?

  8. akhtar says:

    dear brother a.a. very nice u hav done excillent job .i appriciat u very much plz carryon this exclussive intervews ok

  9. sikander says:

    Pakistan government need to talk to the real Baloch stakeholders and come up with a formula which can satisfy the just demands of the Baloch people.


  10. Dr Rashid Ali says:

    Good Article. I lived in Quetta as a teenager for two years when my father was posted there. It was underdeveloped then….it is underdeveloped now!!! Strange….seems like it is a forgotten province.

    A strong Baluchistan will add a voice in the central Govt, the prosperity will enable a stronger tie into nationalism, and overall the entire nation will benefit. A weak province will lead to hatred and unrest and eventually revolt. We certainly dont want that. If this were to happen then the country is more than likely to split 4 ways. The great sacrifices of our forefathers would have been wasted.

    The politicians need to see beyond the short to immediate term and think that investment into infrastructure and education will be ultimately for the good of the nation.

  11. Engr Muhammad Daud Baloch says:

    Dear Zahid
    By interviewing msr Robina Irfan you have done real a great job. Therefore I would very much like to request you to interview more Baloch leaders as well as member of civil society so that the people of pakistan can understand mess that has been going on in balochistan for example illetracy ,self deprivation ,insecurity , high percentage of unemployment ,in sufficient health facilities ,clean and pure drinking water ,disappearing of people etc.
    How ever keep it up by highlighting real issue.
    Engr Muhammad Daud

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