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Interview of Astrology Advisor Vinati Davda

Vinati Davda is an astrology advisor based at Rajkot (Gujarat-India). She has inherited knowledge of astrology from her father. Since her childhood, she has been learning the depth of astrology, vedic-astrology.

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Interview Excerpt

Q.: What is Astrology? What does it indicate?

Ans.: Astrology is an ancient science. It’s a part of Veda. If we divide the joint of “Jyotish“, it become Jyoti+Ish, where Jyoti means light and Ish means the God- Almighty. Hence, the prime objective of astrology is to provide the light which we are not able to see with our normal eyes.

Vedic astrology is based upon the philosophy of Karma. Our horoscope is the map of our karmas of past lives. Our present life is structured based upon the karmas of our past lives. Astrology-Jyotish can indicate the result of good or bad karmas of past lives in this life.

Jyotish - Light of God

Jyotish - Light of God

Q.: What is the importance of Astrology in our life?

Ans.: The main important aspect of astrology is that it takes us near to God. It helps us in our spiritual journey. We can find answers for some of the un-answered questions like what is the purpose of our life? It also gives us an idea about the vast Universe. We come to realize that things happen right in time and are based on some rules. It also helps us know who we are. We can know about our strengths and weaknesses, and based on that we can take proper decisions. It’s like a torch which helps us in walking through the dark sides of our life. It makes our life more safe and happy, if we understand it in the right way.

Q.: How to utilize the essence of this science to make our life better?

Ans.: Such a time comes in our life, when we are in confusion regarding some issues or we are suffering from negativity or depression, and we are to take one decision to make our life better, but because we are confused, we are not able to do that on our own. This is when, we can take support of Astrology. It will help you in taking the right decisions by knowing about the coming time, i.e. whether it’s good for you or tough. Hence, if time is good for you, you can utilize it at its best and if it’s tough for, by remaining careful you go ahead.

Q.: These days, it’s hard to find out an astrologer in whom we can have faith, as there are many of them. How can one chose the right astrologer to discuss his horoscope?

Ans.: One needs to make use of his common sense here. You can also ask your friends or relatives if they have had any good experience with any astrologer. They can suggest you name in that case.

Otherwise, if you have heard a name from an open source, you can do some research about that astrologer by going to his website (if he has any) or reading his book (if he has any). It’s like, if we fall sick and look out for which hospital is good, just like that, you need to chose an astrologer for you. An astrologer is perfect for you with whom you feel comfortable as well as can discuss your issues without any hesitation. A good astrologer should also be a good counselor, who can help you to come out of your miseries.

Q.: How one should ask questions to an astrologer to know what his Horoscope indicates?

Ans.: If we are having some physical pain, and we consult doctor, it would be more easy for him to suggest treatment if we discuss in detail how we are feeling. Such is in case of astrology too. You need to describe your issues in detail, and help him/her understand your situation in detail so that you can get the most accurate astrological solutions.

Q.: In astrology, what is the importance of wearing different stones, do different rituals as well as mantra chanting?

Ans.: Astrological solutions is a gem part of astrology. It’s of no use if we can not cure a disease when we find out that we have it. It would have been of no use if we were to sit idle despite knowing the solutions for tough times in our life. Astrological solutions such as above, help us in lowering the Karmik pain or diminish it. Like, some physical diseases can not be cured by medical science, likewise, some effects of karmas can not be healed. Astrological solutions do work like an umbrella, which helps you be saved from the rain of life issues.

Q.: Those who don’t believe in science of astrology are often noted to say that it’s of utter foolishness to believe that the planets situated at thousands of kilometers away from us can have any effect on us. What’s your say on this as an astrology advisor?

Ans.: Which is unknown to us, chances are that we would believe it as non-existent. It’s human nature. It’s a mistake to believe that something doesn’t exist because we don’t understand it today.

Because, if we look at the history of time, there are many things which exist today or we have found them, which in past were believed to be unbelievable. How would our ancestors have thought about existence of a cell phone? They would have refused to such an instrument to exist in future, haven’t they? Today, for us a cell-phone is not a big deal.

So if we talk in terms of planets then it has been scientifically proven that moon affects the water of ocean and is responsible for its tide & ebb. So if moon can have effects on water of ocean, why can it not effect the land and us? Even in our body, there is 60% of water. So moon also affects us, but this effect is not visually strong as it is in case of an ocean. There are more chances of people going crank on a full-moon’s night.

I would only say that, not only towards Jyotish, but if we keep our mind open to new things, many new secrets can be revealed to us. And moreover, before denying existence of anything, we must have done hard-work in knowing about it. Just giving opinions doesn’t work.

Q.: As per astrology, is it possible that despite a person’s horoscope is very tough, i.e. planets are in such houses which indicate tough time for the person, but if he develops strong free-will, that negative effect can be of no power?

Ans.: First of all, I would say that planets are not of hurdles to us. It’s our Karmas which play part for circumstances of our life. Position of planets in our horoscope is nothing but the indication of our karmas of past lives. And the solutions we discussed in one of above questions, clearly tells that we can change our fate. Astrology does accept that we can change our life by changing our karmas.

It’s like if you are given a piece of land, and say it’s your fate. Now it’s upto you how to use that piece of land. You can build a house on it, make a garden, or make a playground or do nothing. It’s your free-will, that can make all the difference.

For more, you can:

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  1. Dear Devang,
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    1. It’s an inspiration Bharatbhai having received such a nice comment from you, for the reason you too have very good knowledge about astrology.

      As I liked the science of astrology, I felt like exploring it in-depth, and this interview is indeed a gem part of the same. Looking forward to explore it further.

    2. @Bharat Dudakia: Thanks. Best wishes to you too.

  2. bhaskar thakar says:

    Please provide the address of Vinati Davda for consultation as i believe in Astrology to have the personal guidance.

      1. Thanks Devangbhai for providing my blog link.

        @bhaskar thakar: You can also contact me through Facebook. My Facebook address is http://facebook.com/astrologer.vinati

  3. ishwar patel says:

    I read your interview .which is very nice.I believe in jyotish I want to get some personal guidence from you.Can I contect on facebook?

    1. @Ishwar Patel: Thanks for finding my interview nice. Please feel free to contact me.

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    Please provide the address of Vinati Davda for consultation as i believe in Astrology to have the personal guidance.

    1. She can be reached through this contact form on her blog:

      You can also contact her through Facebook. Her Facebook address is http://facebook.com/astrologer.vinati

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