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Interview of Dhruvin Mehta

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Video of Dhruvin Mehta’s interview PART 2

Dhruvin Mehta

Dhruvin Mehta

Dhruvin Mehta is a twelfth standard student from Baroda, INDIA. He is a young and dynamic student. Because of his such caliber he was selected among hundreds of students by AFS for the YES Program – Youth Exchange and Study Exchange Program and studied for one year in United States of America.

(Left to right: Mrs. Gaurangi Patel, Dhruvin Mehta)

(Left to right: Mrs. Gaurangi Patel, Dhruvin Mehta)

Now he serves AFS on volunteer basis and enjoys the title of sending coordinator of Baroda city.

In this exclusive interview with SpeakBindas’ Honorary Contributor in Baroda, Mrs. Gaurangi Patel, he shares his very interesting experience of living and studying in USA. He talks about his host parents in USA, his school life there, community experiences and much more.

(Sitting: Anna, Dhruvin Mehta. Standing, L to R: Mr. Patel, Mrs. & Mrs. Mehta - Dhruvin Mehta's parents)

(Sitting: Anna, Dhruvin Mehta. Standing, L to R: Mr. Patel, Mrs. & Mr. Mehta - Dhruvin Mehta's parents)

Along with that he shares information about activities of AFS which will be useful to students of age between 15-17.5 years.

Watch the very creative interview of Dhruvin Mehta. You may also like to watch video interview of other AFS students Ludovica Fois & Sophia Mersmann.

Special thanks to Mrs. Gaurangi Patel.


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3 thoughts on “Interview of Dhruvin Mehta


    vry proud to knw abt dhruvin … ths is wat exactly i define india… rocking man… no need to wish u for ur future… u gonna make it big…!!!

  2. Dhruvin Mehta says:

    thanx a lot manh…!! Ill not let everyone down…!!

  3. Vera Sinha says:

    It has been a wonderful learning experience and very rewarding. For us the most rewarding and yet unexpected thing has been the friendships we have made wirh Dhruvin and his family. They are wonderful people and a very loving family. It has been two years since Dhruvin came to us as our son thru AFS but, still to this day how much he is part of all us and I miss him very much so. Dhruvin will achieve great things and he has all the tools necessary to pursue his dreams. We are still hosting with AFS. This year we have a wonderful daughter from Switzerland thru AFS and volunteering is something everyone should consider. They are many ways we all can help. It is very rewarding. I’m glad that I was Dhuvin’s host mom and I feel I gain a son for a life time. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH…

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