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Interview of Dr. Anand Jasani, Dental Surgeon, City Dental Hospital, Rajkot

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About Dr. Anand Jasani

Dr Anand Jasani

Dr Anand Jasani

Dr. Anand Jasani (BDS, CCOS Delhi), Implantologist (Mumbai), Sinus Lift Surgeon (Bangkok), Managing Director – City Dental Hospital

Amongst over 300 Dentists in Rajkot , Dr. Anand Jasani is well known Dental Surgeon in Rajkot who has dealed with many critical cases at know hospitals of Ahmadabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Jetpur and Rajkot.

He has practiced quality cosmetic and restorative dentistry for over 12 years and is highly skilled in a wide range of dental procedures including Crowns, porcelains inlays, veneers, white fillings ,bleaching, Root Canal treatment, Impacted tooth, gum problems and implants. In 2004 after specializing in Oral surgeon training from Delhi he has taken 2000 operations for wisdom teeth and 200 operations for mouth tumors.

Excerpt of Interview

I believe that one of the most important parts of our body is our teeth. Without it, we can imagine that how terrible our life would be. What do we do to take care of it? I think that mostly what we do is ‘brush it’ every morning. Few of us, also do brush it twice a day, i.e. even before going to bed at night. But that isn’t enough and I realized that after this very useful interview with Dr. Anand Jasani.

City Dental Hospital

City Dental Hospital

I interviewed him on different subjects such as common dental issues, available dental treatments, precautions regarding dental diseases etc. This interview is the first in this interview series. I shall publish the others one by one.

In this interview, we discussed about common dental diseases being observed these days. Dr. Jasani gave detailed information on the same along with available advanced treatment to cure them. At City Dental Hospital, they have a very advanced center for different dental treatments for different dental problems.

Yellow teeth is one of the most common dental related issue. To cure it, they have Zoom Technology available at City Dental Hospital which just in an hour’s time can remove the yellowness of teeth and make them white. Infact, this facility is only available at their hospital in entire Saurashtra and Kutch region. They also run Dental Implant center and provide world class implantation known as ‘Osteem Implant’ which is practiced in advanced countries such as Korea, USA, UK and Canada. I was impressed by City Dental Hospital for its adoption of most advanced technology in the field of dental treatment and surgery.

Internal part - City Dental Hospital

Internal part - City Dental Hospital

Very few people do have the awareness regarding dental issues of children. They too have curved teeth and few other normal issues. At City Dental Hospital, they have a separate and exclusive center for pediatric dental treatment which is very child friendly both in look and humanly approach.

Along with Dr. Anand Jasani, few other talented doctors are associated with the hospital such as Dr. Rashmi Jasani who in relation is wife of Dr. Anand Jasani and is a pediatric specialist. She has developed few techniques with which pediatric treatments become easy. Dr. Meera who is expert in Route Canal Treatment, Dr. Hardik who is an expert in Zoom Technology are another two doctor fraternity at the hospital. In addition to this, they have a staff of eight people who are highly trained in para-medical and nursing facilities. One of the many such exclusive facilities of hospital that I like is their ‘sterilization of instruments’ practice. They have a pouch system for sterilization and that pouch is opened in front of patient only right before the treatment or surgery.

City Dental Hospital

City Dental Hospital

Types of Dental Treatments Being Provided at City Dental Hospital

* Pediatric Dentistry

* Orthodontic Treatment

* Full Mouth Rehabilitation

* Cosmetic Dentistry

* Dental Implants

* Smile Makeover

* Tooth Whitening/Bleaching

* Root Canal Treatment and Single sitting Root Canal Treatment

* Impacted Teeth/Wisdom Teeth/Third Molars

* Dental Fashion Jewelry

* Gum Problem

* Veneers and Laminates

* Crowns and Bridges

* Invisalign

* Fillings

* Post and Core

* Extraction

* Dentures

* Apicaectomy

* Consultation

Contact Details

City Dental Hospital
Vidhyanagar Main Road Corner,
Virani Chowk, Ridhi Sidhi Complex
Rajkot (Gujarat)
P: 0281-2480155
M: 91-9428225282


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4 thoughts on “Interview of Dr. Anand Jasani, Dental Surgeon, City Dental Hospital, Rajkot

  1. tanima says:

    hi sir 8th jan i ve opreationed my wisdom tooth.they give me anisthsiya but still today s 13th jan i dont ve any sense in my lower lips n chin . kindly tell tht its shld be allright or it may like tht only.

    1. Hello Tanima,

      You can call Dr. Anand Jasani directly on his below numbers with reference to this interview on SpeakBindas:
      P: 0091 281 2480155
      M: 0091 9428225282

  2. Anand says:

    hello tanima,
    no way aneshthtic effect last such a 7 days.
    You need follow up tratment.I can not comment anything without clinical chek up


  3. Excellent Dr. Anand.
    feeling good to hear about your practice management.
    Thanks you..

    Wisdome tooth removal at Jamnagar

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