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Interview of Dr. Sport – Dr. Bhagwati Oza

Dr Sport, (Popularly known,) aka Dr. Bhagwati Oza, possesses a versatile personality, is immensely down to earth, dedicated towards immediate & extended family equally, leads an extremely disciplined life, beautiful from inside & outside, never married, &,could be coined, ‘Master of ALL’.

She takes up newer activity in which she has NEVER dabbled, masters it with sheer dedication, participates in related competitions, brings gold to her hundreds, already in possession, & within 3 years, takes up next hobby, again to win gold, nationally as well as internationally. She has achieved ALL of this, after she reached no less than 55 years of age. Her medals weigh more then her own weight. Yet she does not throw her weight around–so to speak!

She will call a spade a spade, with a touch of humor, and an intellectual glint in her eyes. She must have reached a stage, where ‘giving interviews’ may not be as fascinating for her any more, seeing that she been on almost every prestigious dailies.

In person, she possesses tremendous humility & I would name her to be a ‘Sea of Motivation’! She is an out and out environmentalist, sold her 2 & 4 wheelers, & moves everywhere in India, on her bicycle, at the age of 75! Kudos!

Interview of Dr. Bhagwati Oza by Mrs. Gaurangi Patel

Dr. Bhagwati Oza, a practicing Gynecologist in Vadodara, Welcome to www.SpeakBindas.com

Q. How were you initiated into leading a life of an athlete, being a busy professional Gynecologist?

Yes, I got nickname “Dr. Sport”. Surprisingly I started participating in competitive sports like athletics in the later stage of life that is at the age of 65 years, when people decide to retire from active sports. I did not get oppurtunity in my childhood due to social norms. Also I was busy with studies and then with my profession as a medical practiotioner. As a child I watched my grandpa playing lawn tennis every evening with the prince of Morbi state. They were very close friends. Since then I had liking for tennis.

I got oppurtunity to join tennis academy in Vadodara. My coach Sunil Sir watched my running on the court and he advised me to go for athletics. And I landed up in it. I participated at national and international level and got many medals. Each morning I give one and half hour for my sports activity. It keeps me energetic for the whole day. My day starts at 04:30 am and I go to bed by 08:30 pm. To achieve success one has to sacrifice and I sacrifice my social evenings.

Q. We have learnt that in meager means & scarce facility, in rural area, as a Doctor, you would travel miles, in the middle of the night, all alone, at a very young age, unmindful of seasons, & would not even charge for it. From where did you acquire such humane quality?

It is in my family. I will site one example. During 1940-50, there were not much medical facilities like investigations and treatment part available. But people were aware of typhoid and cholera as being infectious diseases. So when fever was not being control after 3 days and diarrhea and vomiting in 2 days, relatives would leave the patient in temple which is just opposite my house.

My uncle, who was a teacher–lean and thin like GANDHIJI- wearing only half dhoti, used to take care of such patients. He will give bath, clean the bed, and feed them. If the patient gets cured, they will go home and if they die, my uncle used to perform the last rites.

My father, retired from railways– Baroda division– and my younger brothers were studying in medical college. While talking with them, father realized that the relatives of the patients who are coming from villages face problems regarding meals. He requested to our society members to prepare some extra meal for two persons and keep ready by 10-30 a. m. and he used to collect dabbas and sent to S.S.G. hospital. He did this for a quite a long time & than JALARAM TRUST took

Q. You fight for humane causes such as ‘save the girl child’, you pioneered Marathon in Vadodara for cleanliness, you cycled from Delhi to Waugh Border & Pune to Banglore for environmental promotions, you still organize cycling camps, single handedly by door-to-door campaigning, you acted in a small film as a ‘hostage’ in order to promote NCC at school & College levels, you swam nationally & Internationally, you have learnt vocal classical and play Sitar too…You are requested to write ‘forewords’ in books going for publication. University grant commission has made an impressive documentary film on your life. Please tell us, what dreams of yours are still unfulfilled.

Dreams are fulfilled. but human nature is such that they dream newer dreams.

Q. What keeps you motivated & young attitude wise?

I like to give challenges to my self and than I get busy to fulfill it. So, all the time I remain busy. Due to this, I come in contact with people of all ages. All strata of societies add a new hobby to my life to keep my life lively.

Q. A little sparrow chirped in our ears, it has been ages since you last had an ice-cream. You exert tremendous control over your diet & have 2 liters of milk every day. Please tell us about the magic of your stamina.

Here again, family tradition has a role to play. My family loves simple and easily digestible food. We prefer to remain hungry rather than to eating out. Even younger ones like my nephew and nieces, cherish home made food. We have never tempted towards eating out. We all have strong determination. Credit goes to my mother. She was a very strong minded lady. Once a is decision made, never deterd form it.This was the way even to increase stamina & energy, and enjoying
it too.

Q. you have been trained for mountaineering by none other than legend TENZING NORBAY. How did you approach him? also this helped you in reaching KARGIL for medical camp. you stayed with army officers. tell us something about it.

In the beginning of my medical profession, I was with the government women hospital at Morbi–Rajkot. I was not getting any leave. So, when I left job, I decided to enjoy my holidays at MT.ABU. I joined rock climbing training there–by one stone killing two birds. Ater that, I opted for ice and snow craft training at H M, UNDER OUR LATE LEGEND TENZING NORBAY–FIRST EVERESTER. It was a good experience.

After KARGIL WAR, I had been to Kargil and Drass, at the height of 10,500 feet and at age of 65 yrs. I used to run with army officers and they were very much impressed by my physical fitness.

Q. You have also spent time with mother Teresa and you stayed there for a month which proved to a turning point in your life as far as meal menu is considered. How did that happen?

In 1979 MACCHU DAM of Morvi collapsed. It was very tragic. At that time I was the President of Morvi Medical Association. Mother (Teresa) had come to Morvi for rehabilitation work. I worked with her and learnt many things. Her dedication & simplicity were impressive. She used to tell ,”You do not how to enjoy food.” she never took salt and other condiments because it changes the real taste of vegetables. I tried the same.

Dr. Bhagwati Oza with Mother Teresa

Dr. Bhagwati Oza with Mother Teresa

I will tell you why she was called MOTHER. There was civic reception to honor her that year, as she had she received the NOBLE PRIZE. As we were entering the hall, one gentle man approached us and told us that one lady is eager to meet Mother but it was not possible due to her ill health. Mother went to meet her. A great salute to her.

Q. Bhagwati didi ! What is in pipeline of now?

Now its sports season. On 31 st oct. , mini marathon, followed by cyclothone, DANDI YATRA, national swim masters competition at Secunderbad. There, I will be delivering lectures in school and colleges, followed by, scuba diving, sea swim competition. at Porabander , in 2011 and… and Vadodara marathon and much more. Women cycling expedition from kolkata to kanyakumari.

Q. Would you like to share any anecdotal experience with our readers?

I will share an experience of LOVE. I had been to KARGIL AND DRASS. It was our first day . As it happens in every village; that if some guest arrives, all women and children gathers around. I went near women group. There was one child, who looked mentally retarded. I put my hand on his head and was playing with his hair, urging them to send this child to school.

Dr.Bhagwati Oza with Indian Army soldiers

Dr.Bhagwati Oza with Indian Army soldiers

Army officers told me that they tried but the village folks were not ready. I told them, that if a normal child takes one day to learn , he may take one month. I was speaking in Hindi which they did not understand. They speak Laddakhi. Then I went to some other place. That child also was there and he ran & hugged me, raised his hands, and I took him in my lap. He was hefty. He kissed me on my cheeks and shoulder and was jumping with joy.That is true LOVE. From next day, that child started going to school along with other two mentally affected children!

Q. What is the message that you would like to give to our readers on Speakbindas?

Enjoy what you are doing. Live with harmony with NATURE. GOD BLESS ALL.

Photo Album of Dr. Bhagwati Oza


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  1. Vijay Shah says:

    Quite imressive
    She is an inspiration to retires
    Please convey her my best wishes and I would love to talk to her

    1. bhagvati says:

      thanks, yijaybhai for appreciation.

      1. bhagwati says:

        u can talk to me. m–9898127857

  2. Haresh Bhatt says:

    I have yet to come across our ” family member ” who has demonstrated a more fuller life then you. Indeed you show us all as to what is possible!!

  3. Kumi Pandya says:

    We are very proud of you! Thanks you for sharing the photographs.

    1. bhagwati says:

      many many thanks for apprecitation. bhagwati

  4. Thanks @ All the readers!
    Thanks Dr.Bhagwati Didi, for patiently answering all our questions;although, we are aware that you dislike repeating them, especially after giving them for innumerable times!
    Personally speaking, I feel so proud to have met, ate, & laughed togather …
    Also, I have started cycling (in gym only), due to Dr.Sports’ motivations…:)

    1. bhagwati says:

      thanks for keeping patientence. good . u started cycling. i hope that day will come when u will be pedalling on road. happy dipavali. bhagwati

  5. bhagwati says:

    thanks for appreciation.

  6. Vaidehi Mankad says:

    Bhagwati fai

    You are really a “Sea of Motivation”. There are no words in my dictionary to explain how proud I feel. Your life it self is such a motivation for us.

  7. Gaurangi says:

    Thanks, readers!

  8. Ankil Gala says:

    Chaaauuuu to this legend, as I will feel proud if some day can personally meet her. Also she is a inspiration all proud, young Indians……. Hats off to her……..
    Happy Diwali
    Life Is Good.

  9. Thanks, Ankil, for appreciating–ALWAYS!

  10. harpreet singh says:

    just read about Dr Bhagwati Oza …..extremely glad to read about such a towering example of kindness and personal sacrifice …the anecdotal experience made my eyes moist …wish we all could be like this ….great work maam !! god bless you to do more …much much more and also to us to do a bit of the same work !!! cheers harpreet

  11. bhagwati says:

    thanks a lot for appreciation. have a niceday.

  12. Shweta Bhatt says:

    Thanks to Idols like you who keeps us ever motivating to raise the bar, each time, a little more. Wish each one of us could imbibe even 10% of the zeal you have.


    1. bhagwati says:

      thanks alot for appreciation. have a nice day.

  13. Truly Shweta, u should meet her in PERSON-this lady oozes out such confidence, passion, warmth, ‘no airs’ attitude, she enraptures u, atonce..proud to have interwd her!NOW, she is, DIDI, to me:)
    Thanks, Devang!

  14. Shweta Bhatt says:

    hmmm…Lucky you Gaurangi aunty…And now you are also an Diva to be looked upon


  15. Gaurangi Patel says:

    Thanks Shweta…well, like Devang,I try my best to serve the outstanding achievers by providing them the SB platform & bring them all the glory they truly deserve!

  16. Megha Joshi says:

    Gaurangi Patel – excellent justification of such legendary personality…After knowing Bhagwatiben and after reading about her I can only say that Its challanging to write about her in words..

  17. bhagwati oza says:

    many many thanks dear megha. have a nice day.

  18. thnks Megha! Dr.Oza is an unstopablelady:)

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