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Interview of Hrutu Shah, a Past Life Regression Therapist

Our guest for interview today is Hrutu Shah, who is an expert therapist of Past Life Regression, Vastu Shastra – Feng Shui and Reiki. With 15+ years of experience as a therapist, she has taken Past Life Regression sessions of many successfully and has helped them find the meaning of life by finding the root cause of suffering in this life which was caused by an incident in one of the past lives of that person.

Hrutu Shah explaining Past Life Regression

Hrutu Shah explaining Past Life Regression

Video of Interview on Past Life Regression

In this interview which is conducted objectively, I’ve tried to get as much information and knowledge as much possible on the topic of Past Life Regression. To help you find more information on this topic, I’ve asked some common ground questions such as

  • What is past life regression?
  • Why and who should do it?
  • Are there any psychological side-effect of past life regression?
  • Experiences of conducting past life regression sessions.

Hrutu Shah has given answers by tremendously explaining the topic in-depth. Her oration helps us to know about Past Life Regression quite in detail, which infact was the idea behind conducting this interview. The topic being a bit controversial, I wanted to interview someone who has great deal of experience as well as 360 degree knowledge.

One of the interesting excerpts of the interview was knowing that the people who did hurt us in one of our past lives may be our close relatives, friends or associates in this life! And hence she strongly suggested to go into a past life regression session with the mindset of ‘forgiveness‘.

The whole idea why one should do past life regression is to find out the causes of issues that you’re having in this life from one of the past lives and once you find it out, you need to cut all the cords that are causing the repetition of the issue life after life.

Other than past life regression, we also discussed on topics of Vastu Shatra, Feng Shui and Reiki. She explained the importance of doing Vastu Shastra and also conveyed the importance of Feng Shui along with it as it helps in getting the solutions without breaking the physical structures of buildings, by placing items made from basic five elements. I also raised question about whether Vastu Shastra is an expensive affair and can only rich people afford it or is it for common people as well?!

Other than that, she has given quite in-depth information about Reiki and 3 different stages of it. It should be useful to not only common people but also to those who wish to learn Reiki and become a master of it. Reiki is indeed a fascinating subject as it’s all about energy. With the power of Reiki our physical and mental issues can be healed either through touch therapy or through distant therapy.

Summary: It was quite an interesting and in-detailed information by Hrutu Shah on past life regression, Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui and Reiki. In a way, the knowledge from these topics are meant to make our lives better. Life being an experience, one can understand about these topics by having their own experience. That’s the way of life isn’t it? Life is the sum of all our experience! I wish you good luck. Thank you.

Contact details of Hrutu Shah:

Contact details of Hrutu Shah

Contact details of Hrutu Shah


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