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Interview of Indervesh Yogi

Indervesh Yogi

Indervesh Yogi

Indervesh Yogi is a man from entertainment industry. He has 10 Years experience as Writer’ Editor, Director with various T.V. Channels, Private Music Companies, Theater and some leading production houses. He was recently in Rajkot during the shooting of film Professor Devdhar, of Ctrl-S Entertainment Production.

Vikas Rajpopat caught few minutes from his creative schedule and discussed with him on various subjects such as art of directing, editing, writing, films, tv serials etc. Enjoy the interview.

Interview of Indervesh Yogi


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15 thoughts on “Interview of Indervesh Yogi

  1. vikasrajpopat says:

    Thank You Devangbhai, Speakbindas!!!!

    I forgot to mention Location Courtesy…!It’s Ctrl S Entertainment….!

    Thank you all!!!!!!!

  2. Vikas, I enjoyed watching this interview for two reasons, 1. The depth with which you asked him questions and 2. The depth with which he narrated his answers.

    The honesty of words was reflected in Indervesh’s answers. And honesty comes from experience. He is totally devoted to his work, no doubt about that. Our all wishes that his talent comes out as a fruitful film in the years to come.

    1. INDERVESH YOGI says:

      Really thanks much dear Devang to understand my feelings and me, thanks a lot dear and wish you good luck ………take care

    2. vikasrajpopat says:

      Thank You Devangbhai for your kind words….Even i felt the same while interviewing Inderveshji….He speaks direct from his heart…he is a gem…I m glad that i got chance to interview him, to be with him for a shoot…

  3. azad singh chahal says:

    I know indervesh ji since 2004 when we meet first time. he is down to earth man and very honest and devoted writer and director in the film industery. I never seen such a dedication and confidence which he has. He told the truth of his personal and perofessional life in this interview which definatly give inspirestion to the upcoming persons in the film industery. I alweyes notice one thing in Indervesh’s creation that is the meaning full masseage to the society. I wish his more and more sucess as a writer and director.

    1. INDERVESH YOGI says:

      I really appreciate your words and feeling my friend Azad and I am really thank full for you valuable wishes ………may god bless you my dear friend….i am really happy to see your call on my cell after a long time ………..thanks much again and good luck my dear

  4. Divya Solanki says:

    Wow!! show ur video looks wonderful..sound fabulous… go break a leg man… all the best.. and my best wish is are with u … god bless u 🙂

    1. INDERVESH YOGI says:

      Thanx much my dear friend divya I really appreciate you wishes, god bless you my dear

  5. Shikha says:

    Congrats Indervesh..your hard work will pay..keep it going..Best wishes

    1. INDERVESH YOGI says:

      thanx much shikha and wish you good luck

  6. Francia Elena says:

    I wish you all the best in your future projects.

    1. indervesh says:

      Thank you so much Dear Francia wish you good luck

  7. arisha says:

    gud..God bless u buddy !!!

  8. Ravi Raja Patnaik says:

    Great brother…May God bless u with all success 🙂

  9. sahil rayeen says:

    hi i am intrsted in acting modeling plz any chance me my no

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