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Interview of Jimmy Advani

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Cameraman: Adhirajsinh Hardevsinh Jadeja

Jimmy Advani

Jimmy Advani

Jimmy Advani is Founder, President of Mangal Murti Social Group, Rajkot. This organization is successfully organizing Ganesh Mahotsav for last twelve years in the city of Rajkot. For last two years, the celebration has been widely known as “Trikonbag Ka Raja“, meaning The King of Trikonbag. Trikonbag is a most famous landmark of Rajkot. It’s a popular circle rather. And as Ganesh Mahotsav is organized at this place by Jimmy Advani, it has been known so.

Jimmy Advani is also the President of Shiv Sena for the Saurashtra region. He has taken active part in many of religious as well as people related activities.

In this interview, we have talked with him more about the Ganesh Mahotsav, which this year will be celebrated from September 1 to September 11. It’s an eleven day long religious ceremony. Generally, people do host Lord Ganesha at their home, in-group in a residence area and in temples, and at evening they worship him by offering a group prayer, along with Prasadam at the end. And this lasts for eleven days, and then they carry the statue of Lord Ganesha with a ceremony to near by ocean or a river and destruct it there.

Jimmy Advani in his office

Jimmy Advani in his office

But Trikonbag Ka Raja is celebrated with difference & uniqueness, with inclusion of many other interesting activities such as religious, medical, social etc. For example, different kinds of religious programs are also organized, like ISKCON-Dhun Bhajan, Brahmakumari Pravachan, Shri Swaminarayan Bhagvan-Dhun Bhajan, Shiv Mahima etc. where as social activities for the interest of public like Dayro, Lok Sahitya, Hasayaro, Orchestra show with patriotic songs, Dandiyaras etc., then social medical activities like Blood donation camp, medical check-up camp, Thalassaemia check-up camp, Tobacco de-addiction camp, AIDS Awareness program etc., and also activities like drawing competition for kids, Shlok reciting competition for school going kids, dance demonstration etc.

The preparation for this celebration begins from two months in advance, as it requires management of many kinds, such as collection of sponsorship, finalizing types of activities, arrangements of stage, lighting, sound etc., distributing invitations and many other related responsibilities.

SpeakBindas brings the inner part of this Mahotsav which is successfully organized by Jimmy Advani. You’re invited to watch it.

He can be reached at: Jimmy Advani


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4 thoughts on “Interview of Jimmy Advani

  1. Kamlesh Bhatt says:

    Good Interview with Jimmybhai…. I know him personally since 8 yrs now and he said exactly the same things in the interview which he always says to the Shiv Sainiks in Rajkot. He has slowly but surely transformed the otherwise violent image of Shivsena in Maharashtra into a people-friendly organization in Rajkot. People trust him and Shivsena both and this also contributes in ” Trikon Baug ka Raja ” being a major success over the years.
    Overall a nice interview by Devangbhai.

    1. Kamleshbhai, I’m indeed glad to have read your such detailed observation. Thanks a tone for being a vigilant reader of SpeakBindas.

      1. Kamlesh Bhatt says:

        Ya, you are welcome… Nice to know that someone in Rajkot is doing efficiently the reporting work in English Journalism. Previously, I thought Rajkot didnt have a single English language Journalist of its own.

        1. Oh! I can’t take such a credit all alone. There must be journalists actively working in the field of English language journalism in Rajkot. But it’s also true that the exposure of people working in English journalism is not much, as the people of Rajkot are more used to reading news in Gujarati language, and which is quite obvious 🙂

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