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Interview of Mrs. Anni Zollet – A Spiritual Traveller from Austria

Anni Zollet

Anni Zollet

Once in a while I happen to meet some interesting people who have one thing in common with me: they do follow their inner passion. Such is our today’s guest Mrs. Anni Zollet who is basically from European country Austria and has been to India 17 times since past 25 years. Her love for INDIA is truly intense and she strongly believes that she has spiritual connections with India. Well, you may like to know how her passion for India began and how her spiritual journey was enhanced from her visits to India.

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Her younger son died with cancer at the early age. Then in some time her father died. That was an unbearable loss on her part as a mother. It caused her severe pain, as it would cause to any mother. But there was some sign there. Her son used to do paintings that doctors would refer as paintings not a child but by a grown-up individual. Object of his paintings were unknown to Anni and his son as well. But he did create them as per his imagination. Later did she realize that the paintings were infact of actual places or matching places which were in India! This gave her the belief that there’s another parallel world too exist which we can not see with our physical eyes.

Her grief was intense. At first she was inclined to visit Tibet but then her friends suggested her India instead and thus her quest for spiritual journey began. She came to India, alone. At first visit she travelled Northern part of India including Himalayas. She was looking for answers for some questions that existed within and silently. In her different visits to India, she visited places like Amritsar, Haridwar, Hrishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Himalayan mountain ranges, Ladakh, Gujarat and few other places.

Asking about what she really liked about India or what is her impression about Indian culture, right away she said that she gets very warm welcome from people of India, kind of love she did seek. She embraces this love. She is more of a spiritual traveller who travels places to find answers that do arise from within, from soul. And in this quest she also happened to meet Gorji at Haridwar who helped her in her spiritual travel. Gorji runs Shri Gor Ashram at Khareda near Morbi in Gujarat. He did invite her to visit ashram sometime and then she came to visit it in her next trip to India. She does consider him as her Guru and get spiritual guidance.

It was a pleasure having this conversation with her and I’m sure that those who are on the path of spiritual journey will find some insights from this talk. I wish her all the best wishes in the world.


I’m thankful to Dinesh Tilva as well as Sanjay Kapadia for reference as well as providing the environment to meet and have conversation with Anni. Thank you. – Devang Vibhakar


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