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Interview of Neel N – Creator of Blog www.prophet666.com Who Writes on Occult Topics Like Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Paranormal Remedies, Spirituality

Being an avid reader I was surfing net to find some intriguing articles on the topic of occult science which may include topics like yantra, mantra, tantra, spirituality etc., something which makes sense. And I landed on this interesting blog http://www.prophet666.com which holds a collection of articles on above topics. As I started reading it got my attention and felt that this is something which is written with sheer passion for the subject. After having read a number of articles I was inspired to interview the writer Neel N who has written extensively on topics including above and spirituality, Nostradamus, paranormal remedies and many others. Here’s a piece of our primary conversation for you which you can read and share your thoughts and experiences.

Neel N

Neel N

Interview of Neel N – Creator of Prophet666.com

Q.: Welcome to SpeakBindas Neel N. You run a blog www.prophet666.com which covers interesting topics of mantra, yantra, Indian astrology, spirituality, prophecies in India and much more. My first curiosity is for the domain name. Is there any particular reason behind using ‘Prophet’ and ‘666’ as part of it?

A: Thank you and wish you and all the readers of SpeakBindas a very happy and prosperous 2016. To be quite honest, there is no logical reason or motive behind the blog title Prophet666. In April 1999 when I started this blog, I was planning to write on Prophecies of Nostradamus and Spirituality and on the spur of the moment, I decided on the title Prophet666.

Q.: Kind of topics you write on are of immense interest to many. But there is no solid proof that they really work. I mean, mantra and yantra are said to be of great power and if used with given instructions can produce outstanding results (as mentioned in particular scriptures). Have you personally tested them in your life? If yes, please elaborate your experiences of the same so that true seekers can have faith to walk on this path.

A: Some of the topics, which, I write about like Yantras, Mantras and Paranormal Remedies as of today cannot be scientifically proved. However, we have to attach some importance to the word of those countless people who swear that these paranormal remedies have worked for them. Some special Mantra-Yantras-Tantras act like triggers to kick-start a desired or specific chain reaction cumulating into a specific action, however, much depends upon the personality, will power and faith of the practitioner. Personally, I do not practice any kind of Mantra-Tantra or any other kind of Sadhana but during the course of my life, I have been a witness to a lot of paranormal phenomena and if you wish to take my word, I can tell you that human senses will only show you the surface, much lies beneath.

Q.: In today’s time, usually “Tantra” is considered to be used to satisfy hurtful objectives, i.e. to hurt someone personally, in business, in relationship etc. And hence, there are numerous self-acclaimed gurus so called “Tantriks” who claim to be master of this occult science and can help achieve anything and not to mention that they charge handsome amount for the same. Upto which extend this scenario is true? Please shed some light on this.

A: It is true that Tantra is primarily used to satisfy hurtful, harmful or selfish motives. Those Tantriks and Godmen who charge money or fees are fake and frauds because if they possessed even a little bit of occult powers, why would they need to charge people or even accept Dakshina when they could easily make anything they desire materialize out of nowhere. People should stay away from such fake people, especially on the net, I have been informed by many readers about a lot of these frauds and cheaters going by fancy sounding names and titles copy pasting content from my and other sites on their sites and YouTube channels to impress unsuspecting people.

Some other Gurus and Godmen cannot be described as cheats and fakes and collects donations for the purpose of charity, however, the occult factor is missing. Such people can best be described as well meaning people leading a comfortable or lavish lifestyle.

Q.: When it comes to spirituality, a layman first comes to think of Himalayas and Siddhas living there. As you’ve been writing immensely on the topics related to Siddhis, what you have to say about the existence of Siddhas? Have you personally witnessed any?

A: . People studying the paranormal should remember the words of the great philosopher who said “Those who say they know are lying, those who know don’t tell”. I have personally come across a couple of people whom, I would describe as possessing heightened senses and highly energized brains, such brains tune in to the collective energy. However, such people will never tell you about the unknown, which reminds me again of that great philosopher when he said “ The unknown will always remain the unknown because when you know it, it becomes the known

Gaining Siddhis eventually depends upon the Sadhaka and his level of spiritual upliftment and not on the path he follows or his Guru. It should be kept in mind that there was only one Buddha, Mahavira, Sai Baba or Dnyaneshwar their disciples/followers did not even come close.

Q.: In your writing, it can be clearly seen that you write it with sheer passion. What is it that has made you so passionate about this field of Tantra, Mantra and spirituality? How did it all start – I mean this blog writing and your interest in these topics?

A: Basically, I do not have any religious background or baggage. I am professionally qualified and have a lot of solid work experience, including semi-judicial. In the course of my profession, I experienced that everyone, including me was just a tool and getting the raw end of the stick, this is what probably made me interested in blog writing through, which, I was able to offer the reader free of charge what he would have otherwise purchased for a lot of money.

Q.: In your blog you have clearly mentioned “I am writing these articles on mantras for educational purposes and for the benefit of the public and not for profit. I do not even accept donations.” In today’s time, this is bit hard to digest for you do write insightful and much knowledgeable articles with the mention of scripture from where you’ve taken inspiration. A person with your kind of grip on this subject can really make great amount of money through different forms like books, consultation etc. May I know what’s stopping you? Or am I missing something here?

A: Much of the knowledge gained by me is through the study of scriptures and the paranormal. My basic intention in writing these articles as I mentioned before is to offer my readers free of charge what the Gurus-Godmen give as paid or premium services. I have made my opinion about Gurus-Godmen clear and do not wish to stoop to their level.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

11 thoughts on “Interview of Neel N – Creator of Blog www.prophet666.com Who Writes on Occult Topics Like Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Paranormal Remedies, Spirituality

  1. Rennie says:

    Thank you for this interview. I am myself facinated and drawn to occult and mysticism and read a lot what sir Neel writes on his blog.
    I agree so much with Sir Neel, thosands of people in misery search for ways to better their life but benefit nothing instead non belief on Occult science.
    Although non have written of any success in sir Neel’s blog yet I have firmly believe countelss must have surely benefitted through this effot of sir Neel.

  2. Lakshmi says:

    Iam laxmi iam telugu women. Iam fully pophet666 translation in the telugu words. Please give me chance. This site is more people viewing. This site is very good site. More tantra giving ours. Thankfully guruji. Namaste. Lakshmirroy@gmail.com.

  3. Sanjay says:

    Hello Devang,

    Can you please share contact number / details of Neel N Sir?

    Thanks in anticipation.



    1. Hello Sanjay,

      Sorry, I don’t have his number.

      You can try asking him directly through his blog.

      Thank you,

  4. Lopamudra nanda says:

    Sir meri bf ke sath 1mnth hogai hai breakup hua hai…mujhe kya karna chahiye mujhe bataiye…aur kounsa mantra karna chahiye.

  5. Abhishek says:

    this side is very useful for every one

  6. Derik says:

    Very interesting site and poineer of rare Indian Tantras and Mantras, however, does not give personal or paid services.
    I am hoping for individual services, hope the message gets across.

  7. Tanya Gertrudes says:

    Many thanks for the interview, great insight into the actual person behind such esoteric knowledge scource. Been a visitor myself for the past 3-4 years was curious to know about the person.

  8. anjali says:

    need a help from u Sir

  9. Anjali Bhalekar says:

    I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude to Mr. Neel. Nowadays where a knowledgeable person only shares his knowledge in returns of huge money from people. creates very fancy set up for them do advertising and then very little solution they give in reality. But you are sharing this ancient knowledge and your efforts for free for the wellbeing of everyone. Only Purushottam can do that! 🙂

    Anjali .

  10. ravi says:

    dont get into these callings most of them are frauds ………

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