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Interview of Rushabh Turakhia, creator of YourTurnNow.in

We humans are known to be intelligent. We have reached to space and invented amazing things. We have created robots and mass-killing weapons. But in doing so, ain’t we missing the basic thing? Ain’t we missing being humans first? Well, to some extend, Yes. So what would we do to keep the feelings of humanity alive in our hearts? Well, there are few unique people who have started ACTION on their part without complaining about what others should do, what others are not doing etc.

Such is Rushabh Turakhia who has created a website called YourTurnNow.in. What is so special about this website? Well, through the medium of this website he shares the concept of being kind to people around us by helping them when they need it. And so should be done without any return favour, but with the favour of continuing this chain of kindness by giving the YourTurnNow Card. SpeakBindas had a very interesting, meaningful and useful conversation with him, and we expect that his efforts are supported very well by all of us.


Q. What really inspired you to create this website – YourTurnNow.in (YTN)?

Ans.: Various factors inspired me to spread smiles and kindness through YTN. As a writer, am used to observe too many things and events around, this made me witness to too much unkindness around. People have been so busy and running around, that they won’t even spare a minute to pick up a fellow human who has fallen down.  Human beings are called as MANKIND but somehow the word MAN and KIND has separated. This concept is started to make people thoughtful & compassionate.

A very simple concept where in you need to carry your stack of YTN cards (size of visiting cards) in your wallet or purse. When you help out somebody, pass them a YTN card and explain to them that it is now their turn to be kind and be there for someone else.

Q. You do send away YTN cards to anybody who requests for it. How do you manage the financial aspect of this movement?

Ans.: Yes, YTN cards (41000+) have reached now 21 countries since Dec 2009. There is no cost; the YTN cards reach your place for free. The only cost is that you have to use these cards; it means you do a kind deed and pass it on. As of now all expenses are managed from my personal income, but planning to come out with a book on YTN stories (stories shared by YTN card users after doing a kind deed) which would take care of the expenses.

Q. Now that you’ve started a beautiful website to spread the awareness about YTN, how actually you planning to reach to as many people possible? And what kind of support you expect from the people who believe in this initiative?

Ans.:  I have started approaching schools, colleges, corporates etc. wherein I go and give a small talk about YTN and inspire them about the same and how they can spread kindness, smiles and positivity across the globe. Plus regular coverage by different media would help spread awareness. The kind of support I expect from people is to make people aware of it in their local groups, networks, Lions club, Rotary group, colleges, schools, through contacts in media, etc.

YourTurnNow Card

YourTurnNow Card

I have seen a small effort can do wonders and creates a beautiful ripple effect of thousands of smiles.

Q. Would you please share with us the most inspiring event / story that happened with you and you gave a YTN card to someone?

Ans.:  J With me there have been ‘n’ numbers of stories. Plus keep on getting many stories from across the globe. Some of the stories get tears in your eyes; it touches you that how beautifully people are spreading smiles to strangers. One of the best ones is when in a small town in Maharashtra a person was saved from committing suicide and was given a YTN card. What else can you ask for, YTN have touched thousands of lives, spreading lacs of smiles. I receive stories where people write that they actually were never so thoughtful, but seeing the YTN card every day in the wallet has changed them to be a better human being.

Q. Let’s imagine that everyone has joined hands with this initiative, what kind of imaginary world you can imagine of as a result of this mass-initiative?

Ans.: It’s my vision to touch 6.2 billion people across the world at least once in their lifetime with YTN cards. The world I have imagined in next 20 years is that the next generation has to be a kinder lot. YES, I can see the process has already started; the transformation has taken place at many hearts.

Q. How can more people get associated with initiative and in what ways they can play a part in spreading awareness about it?

Ans.: We have group on Facebook with more than 4000 active members. People can associate by calling for the YTN cards and spreading the message of smiles and kindness. They can use the current social networking platform to spread awareness by blogging about YTN, joining the FB group, tweeting about it, etc. Keep spreading smiles, be thoughtful, and be aware. Be there for someone.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

5 thoughts on “Interview of Rushabh Turakhia, creator of YourTurnNow.in

  1. Shilpagauri says:

    Guess the call for humanity has arrived! Revamping ourselves to the best of our inner goodness!

  2. Dipti Thakkar says:

    Thank you Devang for covering YTN as you have helped in reaching its target a little close. EVERY EFFORT COUNTS!

    1. Dipti, I want this interview to reach to as many people possible.

  3. Rushabh says:

    Hi Devangbhai, have been getting non – stop request for sending YTN cards after ppl hv been reading this interview. Request from gujarat, punjab, maharashtra, USA, etc. still pouring in….
    As mentioned one small coverage can hv ripple effects in spreading so many smiles and good deeds. Thanks so much for your support.

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