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Interview of Subudhi Prem and Anand, Creators of Rishikesh Valley, Rishikesh

Details of Rishikesh Valley, Rishikesh

How to reach:                      Rishikesh Valley™ is 3 km from Laxmanjhula on the way to kunjapuri trek Road near NH 58 Tapovan Rishikesh.
Accommodation:                12 hermit style cottages.
Food:                                    Vegetarian food, organic cuisines.
Other facilities:                   Natural pools, European toilets, Yoga, Meditation, Rafting, Trekking
Feature:                               Situated in the laps of nature, surrounded by mountains.
Packages:                            Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package 3 nights, Accommodation Only, Adventure Package, 3 days yoga and Meditation Retreat
Tariff:                                  Starting from Rs. 2500/- per person/per day. This package includes accommodation and food.
Contact persons:               Subudhi Prem & Anand
Contact details:
Rishikesh Valley ™
3 KM From Tapovan Police Station
Near Laxman Jhula
Tapovan Rishikesh – 249192
Uttrakhand, INDIA
Contact  at: +91 94 107 11 503, +91 86 503 84 742
Email at: rishikeshvalley AT yahoo.co.in, subudhiprem AT yahoo.co.in
Website: www.rishikeshvalley.com

Video interview of Subudhi Prem and Anand, Creators of Rishikesh Valley, Rishikesh

Subudhi Prem & Anand, Creators of Rishikesh Valley, Rishikesh

Subudhi Prem & Anand, Creators of Rishikesh Valley, Rishikesh

How I came to know about Rishikesh Valley?

I was planning trip with my family to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mussorrie and Delhi. Coincidentally I discussed about it with Namito, an Osho Sanyasi friend who lives in Switzerland. He insisted me on visiting Rishikesh Valley which is run by fine couple – Subudhi Prem & Anand. Although I had already done my bookings in Haridwar, due to Namito’s suggestions I visited website of Rishikesh Valley. That visit made all the difference. Kind of awesome place it is, inspired me to visiting it anyhow. Thus, I reached out to Subudhi Prem & Anand via e-mail requesting them for an interview for speakbindas.com. They responded quite positively. This is how I got the opportunity to visit and spend some most memorable time at Rishikesh Valley.

Is Rishikesh Valley just another resort in Rishikesh?

Yes, it is a resort but not just another. It is unique in its own sense. From below video interview, you’ll get to know that how they were inspired to establish this place. Several reasons that made me feel its uniqueness are:

  1. Homely atmosphere – a home away from home: One thing that Anand told me while showing me Rishikesh Valley was, “We prefer to make guests feel at home and hence we don’t wear professional clothes that you may find at most of the resorts and hotels.” This is exactly what I experienced. It was quite a comfortable entry at Rishikesh Valley. No fake smiles or greetings but genuine as well as authentic welcome. I didn’t feel at all that I was meeting Anand & Subudhi Prem for the first time. This is their cool nature that makes you feel at ease and comfort.
  2. Surrounded by mountains – One thing we expect while visiting a place situated in nature is being surrounded by it! Rishikesh Valley is exactly this kind of place. It’s surrounded by mountains which are full of different kinds and colors of trees. You can constantly hear the enchanting chirping and chattering of birds. Isn’t that a blossoming experience for the ears which have been pouring with noisy horns of vehicles? Anand had also shown me a place in the mountains where there was a group of trees, each of different shade. And natural pools for the water crazy people like me. As Rishikesh Valley is built on a hilly area, there are natural streams of water flowing from the mountains which make natural pools very close by this place.
Rishikesh Valley

Rishikesh Valley

3. Delicious Food – I had reached at Rishikesh Valley in the noon so it was lunch time. I had the best quality lunch there that I had in a long time in a hotel or a resort. Particularly the taste of Daal is still in my sense! As Subudhi Prem & Anand believes in nature and authenticity, they serve only organic food which is exactly what is required in the laps of nature.

Quality Lunch at Rishikesh Valley

Quality Lunch at Rishikesh Valley

L to R: Devang Vibhakar, Subudhi Prem, Anand

L to R: Devang Vibhakar, Subudhi Prem, Anand

Rishikesh Valley is more than accommodation, an experience to have

During interview, Anand told me that they observe and promote the culture of “Eat, Sleep and Talk” at Rishikesh Valley. People from India as well as abroad stay at Rishikesh Valley which creates a global culture and creates and environment for global friendships. Rishikesh Valley is a place of interesting stories from people from different walks of life. All you have to do is let yourself flow in it. Although I very much wanted to and even Anand had suggested to spend more time at Rishikesh Valley, due to my earlier plannings I couldn’t stay there for long but I totally agree with the point that Rishikesh Valley is more than accommodation. It’s a place for open hearts or even it can open the closed hearts given enough time.

What activities are offered at Rishikesh Valley?

As you read at the beginning of this article, you can choose from different packages offered at Rishikesh Valley. Packages are: Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package 3 nights, Accommodation Only, Adventure Package, 3 days yoga and Meditation Retreat. So you can choose as per your schedule and willingness. I remember one thing Anand mentioned during interview when he said that the best thing to do at Rishikesh Valley is do nothing! Doing nothing doesn’t mean being idle but not having any specific intentions or expectations. Other than this, there’s plenty of activities you can do as leisure like go for trekking, walk into forest, rafting in Rishikesh, enjoy natural pools, read books or just stare at mountains and listen to the beautiful bird songs.

Video of Awesome visuals of Rishikesh Valley


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