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Interview of Swami Satya Prakash (Osho Sanyasi)

Swami Satya Prakash

Swami Satya Prakash

Osho – a word, an existence is such a magical one that when hearing it, feeling of everything covered arises. He has given different kinds of meditations. Interesting and unique thing about Osho is that people from almost all segments of life have been and are following him. He has followers from all over the world. But there are those Osho Sanyasis who had the opportunity of having met him personally. One such Osho Sanyasis is Swami Satya Prakash.

Swami Satya Prakash has been following Osho since 1967 when the name ‘Osho’ was not yet in. He was known as Acharya Rajneesh. Swami Satya Prakash runs “Osho Satya Prakash Dhyan Mandir”, an Osho ashram in Rajkot for last 30 years. Every morning from 6 to 7, Dynamic Meditation is held and in evening White Robe Meditation, followed by Osho’s discourse video.

I’ve been attending Dynamic Meditation for a month at Osho Satya Prakash Dhyan Mandir and felt like having a Satsang cum interview with Swamiji.

Excerpt of Interview

Q: When and under which circumstances did Osho enter in your life?

Ans.: It was the year of 1967. I was studying then in Alfred Highschool in Rajkot. Our class teacher was I. C. Dholakia. One day he informed us, “Acharya Rajneesh has come today in Rajkot. If anyone is willing to attend his pravachan, they can. My period will be free today. Those who do not wish to attend can go and sit in the adjacent class.” It was organized in campus of Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Vidyalay. In those times, I was monitor of the class as well as C.R. too. We 3-4 friends decided to go and attend pravachan of Acharya Rajneesh. I was already inclined towards meeting and listening to spiritual gurus and saints.

That was the first time when I listened to him. So I went there. And just by looking at him and then listening to him I realized that he’s the one whom I’ve been looking for. My thirst for Guru seemed to have been satisfied by listening to his voice. I was 20 years old then.

In 1967, Osho used to visit different places to give pravachans. At that time he was a Professor in Sagar University. After that in 1974, he started an Ashram in Puna (now Pune), India. I went there. Ashram used to publish a magazine called “Rajneesh Foundation Newsletter”. Annual subscription of it was 24 INR and single copy used to cost 1.25 INR. It was a magazine in form of a newspaper style. I subscribed for it. Then I decided to spread it to more people.

In between, one incident happened. His pravachan was organized in Rajkot. After that, I tried to meet Osho but the organizers stopped me from meeting him. I said to myself that it’s ok. Then I came to know that next morning his flight back was at 9 in the morning. So I went to airport to meet him. And I saw him sitting on chair in his own style. I went and stood on right side to him. His eyes were closed. It was around 20 to 30 seconds that I stood there. He felt my presence, opened his eyes and looked at me. He didn’t speak anything but by body language asked me if I had anything to say. I said to him, “Acharyashri Jeevan Jin eke liye kuchh sutra chahiye (Acharyashri, I need a message for life.)” I had a pen & paper in my hand. Seeing it, he asked for it. He took it and wrote on it, “Prem hi Parmatma hai (Love is God)”, and gave it back to me. And while giving it back to me, our eyes met with each other. It was the moment of great excitement. I felt vibration in my whole body that I can not express in words. Then I felt the emotion to bow down to him. So I came in front of him from right side. I was just about to bow down and he uncrossed his legs and stood up, held both my shoulders and hugged me. That moment is lasting till today.

Q.: Osho has widely spoken on numerous topics among which he has spoken about love. Can a heart be filled with love through Dhyan(meditation)?

Ans.: Absolutely. One hundred and ten percent. Meditation’s ultimate destination is love. Once you become total in dhyan, you get filled with love. From love you become meditation. These two words, Prem(Love) and Dhyan(Meditation), Osho has put more weightage on. Rather than me saying about it, you should experience it.

Q.: Osho has talked about relation of money with happiness and vice versa. I remember having heard him in one of his discourses say that those who’re happy and receive money, they become more happy and those who’re unhappy and receive money remain unhappy or rather become more unhappy.

In relation to today’s time, what’s your say on this?

Ans.: Money is what we require(for our routine life). But a person who is rich and still is crazy for more money is not something wise. Yes, to live a life, to satisfy the basic needs of it, one should earn money. And Osho has never asked to leave Sansar. You can very much be in Sansar and still walk on spiritual path. But to chant money day and night is not something that should be done. If you’ve money and you’re into meditation then happiness will surely come. Everyday one hour’s meditation is advised. Then you don’t need to ask anybody about this, you will find the answer from within.

Q.: Would you please share any special Anubhuti(special experiences) that you’ve witnessed on the path of spirituality & meditation?

Ans.: There are many of them. I’m 66 years old today. I will enter in 67th year on 13th June, 2015. 13(in Hindi ‘Tera’ meaning “Yours”) is my day of birth so, Jo Bhi Hai Vo Tera Hai! (Whatever exists is yours). Always having joy. I’ve never felt down in these 66 years. Bliss! But I’ve still continued doing meditation. It’s a different thing that if I’m travelling and can’t do it, but otherwise I’ve never missed doing it. Some people tell me that why you still doing it? I reply, “I’m having joy from it. I’m not doing it to get something. It’s my joy. I’m not doing it even to get enlightened. I’m not running this ashram to become something. I enjoy doing it. Even if people come or not to ashram for meditation, it doesn’t matter to me.

Q.: Yes, joy! In my above question I was also trying to find that whether you’ve experienced anything special in terms of what we call “Chamatkar”?

Ans.: Yes. Such an experience happened in 1984.I was suffering from diabetes then and it had reached to figure of 485. Everyday thrice I was taking injection of insulin. I was also admitted in Gondhiya hospital for three months. I was double in weight then, 120 kilogram. I’ve photographs of it. I was restricted to eat almost all eatable items! It was question that what to eat then?! I had become so weak that even to walk few steps I needed someone’s support.

I consulted Mamadbhai Vaid (in Botad). Also went to Hathijan (near Ahmedabad). I wandered in Saurashtra & Gujarat to many places to find the remedy. But it couldn’t work out. I used to meditate then but not regularly.

In all the seasons; be it winter, summer or monsoon, at night I sleep on terrace. I find it difficult to sleep in room. Air of fan doesn’t suit. I’ve always slept in open air. It’s been years that I sleep only for 2-3 hours at night. I used to do Chandra-dhyan then for three days, a day before Poonam (full moon), on Poonam and a day after it on terrace.

That is when I felt & saw the shape of Osho in the sky. He talked to me and said, “How you were(healthy!). And now what you’ve become(weak)!” Due to diabetes I had become very very thin because due to food restrictions I couldn’t eat much as well as had to take lot of medications. There was a small dispensary at my home!

Then Osho said, “Instead of these things, you do Dynamic Meditation, non-stop for 90 days. Center wasn’t at this place then. There was a shade below here. And a big terrace near by which belonged to Tapulal Dasani which was in size of 100 by 50 feet.

With full momentum I started dynamic meditation from that day. I felt better after 21 days.

Dynamic meditation is such a meditation in which Osho has amalgamated spirituality with science. I had not felt better even after staying at hospital earlier for three months, nor any other medications had worked for me but dynamic meditations made me feel better. I started to rejuvenate after 21 days of doing dynamic meditation. I again started to have all kinds of regular food by quitting all the restrictions. At present, I don’t suffer from diabetes.

For 90 days I did meditation by being totally mad. I used to do it with such a great zeal and excitement that I didn’t bother of blood coming out of nose or hitting my hands(on floor). And thus I completed my 90 days dynamic meditation.

One day when I was going home from center, Dr. Shah and Dr. Majmudar (who had treated me earlier) happened to cross in the way. They called me and asked, “Swami, is everything all right? Are you taking medications in time, right?”. I didn’t answer right away. I invited them to a nearby sodashop saying that it’s been quite a long time since we’ve met, let’s have a cold-drink. I ordered for Thums Up. Seeing me drink it, they advised me not to have it as I’m diabetic. I then went to near by dairy-shop and bought 100 grams of Penda(a sweet) and ate 4 pieces of it in-front of them. They seemed taken aback and asked as if am I aware about what I’m doing?

They asked me to go with them at Hospital if it’s ok to me. I was totally fine with it. I went. Another doctor there tested me. They also did test my urine and blood. They wanted to see the level of my diabetes. All the reports came normal. They were surprised and asked me about medication that I’m taking. I said, “I’m not taking any medications at all, and I’m eating every regular thing. And because I like sweets more, I’m eating them more. All what I do is dynamic meditation.

There was another doctor present there. Listening to this, he said to me, “As you’re an Osho Sanyasi, I’m prompted to ask a question but feeling hesitant.” I said, “Ask whatever you wish to freely.” So he asked, “Do you have any problems while you do sex?”. I told him that even if I say NO, you will still have a doubt so better solution is to see it done practically, call upon any woman(from hospital staff) and let’s do it! He was like what he was listening was for real? He didn’t find it good idea so dropped it so I said that if you wish to see I will ask for someone, as I’ve stayed here for three months I’m aware about who will agree to do it! Well, obviously nothing as such happened.

Then, few other doctors started doing dynamic meditation.

And forget about curing of diabetes, I’ve photographs of having Cancer and AIDS got cured abroad due to dynamic meditation. But one should not do dynamic meditation with the purpose of being cured from some disease. Do it with totality. Whether it gets cured or not, have joy.

Q.: There are two different kinds of opinions about “purpose in life”. One opinion is of that one must have a purpose in life and with that only you can live a fulfilled life. Second opinion states that there is no need for purpose in life, because even after you fulfill a purpose you don’t get joy rather you wander what to do next, what new purpose to set?

What’s your say on this?

Ans.: It depends. If someone has purposes like to earn some pre-decided amount of money, buy a car or a bungalow then once it is achieved then they opt-in for next and bigger purpose. That’s not what I suggest. For example, my purpose was to build an Osho Ashram and I’ve. Now I simply enjoy. I believe in having a purpose in life. It’s not that after I fulfilled my purpose of building this ashram, I’m looking for another purpose. I’m happy, enjoying.

Q.: Osho is one but his disciples – Sanyasis are many. When you meet different Osho Sanyasis, you come to know about different kinds of Oshos! Osho has talked a lot about number of topics. According to you what is the gist of Osho’s teachings?

Ans.: Take Sanyas and know yourself! And in Osho Sanyas it’s not mandatory to remain Osho Sanyasi forever. Now, it’s not compulsory to wear Mala. You can put it in your cupboard. Wear it if you feel like. Not even the robe is compulsory. And you’ve lived your life so far with your name. Now experience taking Osho Sanyas and have a new name. And there is total acceptance if you decide not to continue as Osho Sanyasis, the very next day after you become an Osho Sanyasis!

Q.: There are different ways of being connected to Osho, like through reading his books, listening to his discourses, doing meditation and taking Sanyas. To me, listening to him makes me feel more connected to him. How about you?

Ans.: I’ve here a number of books. I’ve read only 3-4 of them. But I listen to him daily.


And our Satsang ended with a warm hug.


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