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Interview of Vaidehi Mehta

Vaidehi Mehta

Vaidehi Mehta

Vaidehi Mehta is a fine young lady from Australia. Recently, she is in the new because of her appearance in My name is Woman – Mrs India Australia 2011 and being amongst the top 13 finalists. She is a fine painter too. At such a young age, she is also involved with “Anubhuti Group” which she has established whose goal is to reach out to as many women as possible who are in need to voice out their thoughts, ideas, perceptions in such a way that is helpful to each and every fellow member. Rest of her introduction, you shall find in below conversation that SpeakBindas had with her.

Interview of Vaidehi Mehta

How were you initiated into painting?

As a child I was always interested in art, I had seen my mother paint and that’s what inspired me initially & soon I discovered that I could do it too. Since a couple of years I have developed my skill more to make it a profession rather than just keep it as a hobby.

You have founded “Anubhuti  Group”, especially for women. What is it about?

The goal of Anubhuti is to reach out to as many women as possible who are in need to voice out their thoughts, ideas, and perceptions in such a way that is helpful to each and every fellow member. Our goal is to share and gain a clear positive vision for women that might be having hazy, unfinished, unrefined ideas due to their busy schedules and house hold responsibilities, or for lack of moral support, are unable to fulfill them. The soul aim of Anubhuti is to help all of us, to bring out our hidden potentials & qualities and become more and more positive in the middle of all everyday negativity humdrum routine life. We intend to get together to learn something new from each other and imbibe it in our day to day life.  Be it thought process, positive attitude, optimistic outlook… or, gaining 1st hand knowledge about learning & creating newer hobbies. Even, sharing & solving problems, be it of any nature like child nurturing or health-related tips. The long term goal of every woman will be self-development, spiritual growth and finding some long term friends with similar mental attitude. Each would thus contribute in personal growth of the other!  http://anubhutigroup.webs.com

How did you get to know about MIA. Also, tell us briefly about this organization.

I got to know about the contest Mrs. India Australia through a friend.  My Name is woman -Mrs India Australia event aims to bring together women who have the courage to share their journeys and address the key challenges that they faced and the lessons they learnt from it. This event will be a celebration of women, recognition of their achievement and a tribute to all the women of this world who have touched us all in some way or the other. MY-MIA is a reason to acknowledge our flexibility for any responsibility of home, family and self. www.mrsindiaaustralia.com

Vaidehi Mehta

Vaidehi Mehta

Your paintings are to be auctioned by Rotary Club, Sydney, Australia, solely for charity purpose. Shed more light on this event please.

This event, the Charity Dinner held is for the purpose of raising funds for the victims of Queensland Flood. All the funds raised by auctioning my paintings will go to the charity to help people suffering due to losses.

Please tell us in detail about your expertise in paintings.

I imbibe the Indian ethnic design style with modern art on canvas. I have also developed a skill for, “Fumage” it is a technique in which impressions are made by the smoke of a candle or kerosene lamp on a canvas. For more details you can visit http://moodsandcolours.webs.com

How did you land up in Australia? Would you share your initial experience you came across, which you still remember?

I got married and came to Australia. I started studying when I came here and was also working while studying.

What about homesickness…How have you been dealing with it?

Whenever I felt homesick I would either talk to my parents over the phone or just pray to God and feel connected to home.

Vaidehi Mehta with her Dad

Vaidehi Mehta with her Dad

You have already been interviewed by Aradhana Bhatt from Sursamvaad Radio, Australia, & by Nital Desai, FM, SBS Radio, Australia. What more do you intend to do in life & so, the chain of interviews & recognition continues?!

I intend to spread a word about Anubhuti in the Indian Community through various Indian Associations and other help lines that help women in dire need of change in any aspect of their lives.

On a different subject, what is the striking difference between Indian life style, thinking, etc., and Australian life style?

Indian life style is busy but they do have domestic help to do the house work. While Aussie lifestyle is busy too and we don’t have any help here. In India some shops close after lunch for afternoon nap time and stay open till 9pm, here there is no afternoon nap time for shops and they close at 5pm so they get more time with family in evening.

Would you analytically reply to this? Given a choice, which country would you prefer to stay forever? India/Australia.

I love Australia but still I would love to live forever in India.

Any suggestions for new comers to Australia, especially, students?

There will be a lot of struggle when you come here, but take it all as a lesson to learn, because once the struggle is over life will be very smooth. You will realize, all the time & energy spent was worth it.

What are your views on Educational difference between both the countries? Would you say, one is better, education wise, than the other, at the Preschool level?

I feel that both have their own positive & negative. India focuses more on books & studies, kids grow up to be hard working individuals but sometimes lack a bit of confidence that they can do anything they wish to do as they have always been pressured into studying more & score more and that prevents them from being very successful in the field of their talent or interest. While Australia focuses on extracurricular activities & studies, kids get to choose their careers  & even support to follow their dreams but because there is no pressure for studies some kids who don’t like studies do lag behind. Thus there are pros & cons for both places.

At her Sydney Home

At her Sydney Home

Was it difficult for you to get adjusted to the new environment here, including seasonal variations?

I was one of the lucky ones to be able to easily adapt to the seasons & environment here.

Citizens in Australia are facilitated with easily available rich libraries, public gardens, etc. Do you think, this helps build better foundation while the child is at a formative stage?

Yes I believe that the educational infrastructure & other facilities here are very helpful in creating confident & intelligent adults out of our children.

What positive change would you suggest, is a must for India that would really take our country, at one level up, from where it is now? And, that, it would also contribute towards developmental and progressive change in Indian psyche?

I believe that Indian psyche has a huge potential for change in one aspect, if they start doing their job/duty properly with due respect towards all professions like cleaners etc., with total responsibility and without the attitude of avoidance; thus, many of our problems would be solved. This, does not only applies to their work life, it also applies to every aspect of an individual’s life, if an individual starts performing every duty responsibly as a professional, a father, a son, a mother, a brother and most of all a dutiful citizen, most of our problems will be solved. There will be no corruption, no road accidents, no bribes, no dowry cases, no poverty and no dirt in India.

Do you wish to convey anything to your friends, relatives, and Indian youth through www.SpeakBindas.com site?

I want to suggest to all of my viewers that whatever you do, do it with one aim in mind “good result for all”, the results may not be seen now, but patience is the virtue that will help you cross over the difficult times until you get what you deserve through your deeds.

Thanks, Vaidehi, for giving us such an insightful interview and also providing us pictures to get a closer look at your outstanding achievements overseas! You make us, Indians, as well as Australians, proud! Keep it up!


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

6 thoughts on “Interview of Vaidehi Mehta

  1. Gaurangi Patel says:

    It was matter of pride to learn abt this young lady, having achieved outstandingly…& yet, has a long way to go!
    Best part was to learn abt the “Rotary Club auction” of her specialised paintings, for charity purpose!
    Again, glad to know abt MIA, which is, NOT a beauty peagent.Grt!
    Would love to join “Anubhuti” group too, ashore!
    Devang,you are bringing forth, & to the limelight, real young achievers, through Speakbindas! Keep up the gd work!

    1. Gaurangi, as a matter of fact such young achievers are bringing SpeakBindas forth, providing it limelight.

      SpeakBindas is a result of pure passion of me, and hence I always like bringing other passionate people for our viewers.

  2. Too good Devang. Thanks for that. It’s a matter of pride for all of us. She has achieved so much and yet she has that fire in her belly to go for more. Really inspired me! All the best to her.

    Thanks once again Devang for that interview!

    1. Thank you Ravi for appreciating SpeakBindas. It’s what we love to do, so it’s a matter of passion to bring such energetic persons like Vaidehi on board of SpeakBindas.

      I visited your website Policy Complaints. It’s interesting.

  3. mazhar parekh says:

    Vaidehi, go ahed. God bless you.good work you have started. Duniya ma fakt janam levo khavoo piyvoo & mari javoo ej jivan nathi. kaik kari ne j javanu. my aii good wishes r with you .

  4. Mukesh Vijayvergia says:

    Hi Vaidehi,

    Many congratulations to you for looking beyond normal and taking a different initiative in life for serving a cause. We wish you success in all your such initiatives. (We know you through your parents)

    Mukesh and Neetu

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