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Interview of Vasantbhai Mangrolia

Vasantbhai Mangrolia is the Managing Director of Unitech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. firm which is operational from Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA. It is engaged with the engineering business having buyers from around the world.

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He is self-made entrepreneur and an industrialist. Though, he received initial support and guidance from his father who he believes to be one of three inspirational people of his life, he with his practical knowledge took the company to miles. At the juncture of deciding whether to go for further studies or to invest those years into practical learning with company, he decided the later one. Of course, he affirms the importance of theory, but then he says, “even after studying theory in the college, one has to go for practical experience, so why not have it at first hand and then learn the required theory as a support material?”. He followed the same pattern. With his practical knowledge he gained enough knowledge equaling to an engineer who has done M.E. Sometimes his practical guidance would be seeked by the M.E.s too.

Keeping “ethical business” strategy as first priority he has given wings to his industry. His two cousins Madhubhai Vekariya & Vinodbhai Vekariya have been with him since inception. It may be surprising for few to know that Mr. Mangrolia has retired at the very early age, i.e. before the age of 50. He has retired himself from all the front operations. Madhubhai & Vinodbhai looks after the same. Company’s staff feel surprise if they find Mr. Mangrolia within the premises of the company! Vasantbhai says that every company should follow the pattern of handing over the power to others at some point of time, otherwise, if unfortunately the main person dies then the company collapses. So after setting the company and running it for several years he resigned from day-to-day operations and worked as a mentor, as a backbone. He mentions himself as the spinal of the company, which is not visible in front but has the importance in keeping the balance. Further, he says that at one point of time he also wishes even to get retired from being a backbone and hand over power to the next generation, so the company runs for a longer time helping the country.

Three people who have provided him the inspiration are Gandhiji, Swami Vivekanand and his father. The virtue of ‘truth’ that he learnt from Gandhiji has helped him a lot. He has a story to tell on the same. Once there some mistake occurred in manufacturing the ordered parts from Germany. It was serious trouble. What the buyer had asked for, by some mistake, it was not properly manufactured. Now the question arised that they had to pay the heavy penalty which would bring the company to the ground. The loss was unbearable. In such a situation Mr. Mangrolia stuck to his ethics and wrote to the buyer accepting mistake done on their part and mentioning the willingness to bear the penalty. He didn’t try to ask for concession or any such sort of thing. He knew that the mistake has occurred on his part, so he must bear it. Receiving such a genuine reply from Mr. Mangrolia, the Germany company felt the honesty. They sent their Quality Control Director to India who then suggested some changes in already manufactured parts and then that is how it was sorted out. Company was saved from the possible great loss. Mr. Mangrolia gives credit to his nature of following truth for this turning point.

He is also associated with charity. He has a pattern for charity as well. They simply don’t donate money but involve themselves with the activity. Once they sponsored a trip for old age home residents to Gokul, Mathura & Vrindavan that to in a flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi. This was once in a life-time treat for the old age people. Mr. Mangrolia himself and his entire family had participated personally in this trip. There were couple of mysterious experiences which talks about faith & God that happened during this trip.

Do watch the above interview and hear him speaking with spark. All non-Gujarati readers please do forgive me as the interview language is in Gujarati being our mother-tongue but I am sure that this explanation in English gave you enough highlight about him and his work.


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