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Interview–Rameshbhai Thakkar

Rameshbhai Thakkar is Chairman of Shree Giriraj Multispeciality Hospital, Rajkot. His elder son Dr. Mayank Thakkar leads the hospital. Rameshbhai is widely known for his humanitarian and social activities. He is actively associated with Shreeji Gaushala which looks after more than 800 cows. He is just not a donor but also devotes his time, energy & contacts for philanthropic activities. Through toiling efforts, he inspires others too to think about the society around us as well as devote time, money & energy to look after needy & ill animals. He shares the deepest reverence for Jalaram Bapa.

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He is associated with various social organizations & NGOs like Shreeji Gaushala – Rajkot, Dikra Nu Ghar – Dholra (Old Age Home), Vipassana Center – Dhammakot (Rajkot), Karuna Foundation – Animal Helpline – Rajkot, Vivekanand Youth Club – Rajkot, Bolbala Charitable trust – Rajkot etc.

His forefathers lived in Karachi. But in 1947 when India & Pakistan got divided, his parents came to India and settled in Vadtal, a town in Gujarat known for Swaminarayan sect. He studied till S.S.C. and then joined Coca-Cola company in marketing department at Ahmedabad. Worked for eight years there and then shifted to Rajkot as he got an opportunity to get an agency from Rajkot Dairy. He believes that due to his faith in Jalaram Bapa, he was called more close to him through this opportunity to Rajkot. Jalaram Bapa’s temple is in Virpur which is more close to Rajkot than Ahmedabad.

Later, he did business after business like got an agency of Glass bottles used for soda. He has also experienced failure in stock market brokerage business. But with his faith in God and positive thinking, he has kept moving on.

He believes in the power of vibrations. He gives an example of ant saying that it can know about a pot of sugar open at the fourth floor in a building. How is that possible? Ant gets vibrations of the same. Like-wise, birds do travel to places which is thousands of kilometers away from their natural habitant. The same way, we also get vibrations for various activities. We simply need to follow them. He mentions the importance of Vipassana shibirs as the most inspirational event in his life.


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