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Is Facebook An Enemy of Blogging?

Remember the days when Facebook was not in existence? And, so remember the days how interactive blogging used to be then? Talking about my blogging experience, blogging was much more interactive then with number of comments and reads of article posts. Of course, Orkut was there then but it seemed as a backbone for blogging. But Facebook seems more like an enemy for blogging.

For instance, if you post a new article to your blog and then share its link on your facebook wall, people would start commenting about article right on your wall-post instead of in the blog post! Isn’t it weird in some terms? I mean, it’s just the link that you shared on facebook, while the actual article is present on your blog. So if we think practically, comments related to that article should be posted on the article page only, and not on your facebook wall. You used Facebook as a medium to promote your link, that’s it. But people would start commenting there itself! This annoys the bloggers like anything.

Yes, Facebook in a way also helps blogging that you can promote your blog posts on Facebook among thousands of new readers helping your blog’s visibility in an increment mode. Your link gets shares through facebook, multiplying readership to your blog. But somewhere, I feel that “reading appetite” of people is mostly satisfied by surfing through facebook which then limits them to reading to blog posts. Where as earlier, there were sincere blog readers.

What’s your say about this?


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