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Jay Vasavada talking about female fans

Jay Vasavada being a famous Gujarati columnist, has to have many female turned into fans. Sometimes, they get obsessed and act abnormally. Well, it’s a different thing that they themselves consider it as normal but for Jay Vasavada.

Jay Vasavada

He shares couple of such experiences where his female fans went crazy which really did upset him for sometime.

He also talks about how he tackles with such situations and all.


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3 thoughts on “Jay Vasavada talking about female fans

  1. Kudos to JV, as always, “Spashtvakta!”

  2. sudha mehta says:

    Jay muzzafarali capt.laxmino dikro thai mara khyal pramane ane Suhasini Muleno husband.ref.ajnnu guj.sam.ma tamaro lekh. bhulchuk levi devi.Tamne wanchwani mane bahu maja awe chhe.Rajkot jau tyare bridge uparnu tamaru motu poster hamensha javuj.o.k.

  3. v mehta says:

    I liked your article in Guj. samachar on ” laga ni dubhavi “. WE need to do something on these issues and not the ones as apyly e always brag aboby you in the article. Pl. keep it up.
    I would also like to invite your attention to one important thing :- We always brag about our sanskar and our sanskriti but women are not safe here in parks, road, market, buses, schools, college and in now in flights too..I have seen in north america that women are scantily clothed during winter but no body stares at them nor pass in nasty comment, let alone teasing her.They are safe at night also and even if not accompanied by any one.This is either because of the mind set of the people there or the fear of law enforcing agencies, or both.The mind set needs to be changed and police to be vigilant and effective.

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