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Key Indicators to Knowing If Your Aging Parents Need Help

When you have elderly parents, it becomes your responsibility to take care of their every need. Sometimes, people get so involved in their own lives that they fail to pay proper attention to their parents and their needs. This often leads to parents feeling neglected which makes them less likely to talk about their problems. As a result, you often don’t realize when your parents need help with regard to their physical, mental or emotional well-being. 

Not paying attention to the parent’s physical, emotional and mental health can be worrisome because it may lead to serious problems. Therefore, it is your duty as a kid to make sure that you keep an eye on key indicators to knowing if your aging parents need help. They are mentioned right here.

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Ø  Neglect of Personal Hygiene

Most people give a lot of importance to their hygiene. They like to brush the teeth, take a bath, take supplements and even use cosmetics or beauty enhancing products to keep themselves looking good. If a senior living with you used to take care of himself or herself earlier, but they have now stopped or reduced such habits, then it is a matter of concern. It may be a sign that they are losing interest in life and their mental health is in danger.

Ø  Neglect of Household Tasks or Basic Self-Care

Seniors who start to lose interest in life avoid doing basic household chores like gardening, cooking or cleaning. Often, they also avoid basic self-care habits like using a walking stick from Halo Health Care to ensure that they don’t lose their balance. If you notice such changes in your parents, you should talk to them about it and make them realize that they hold a lot of importance in your life and you want them to be active and happy.

Ø  Weight Loss/Gain

Sudden weight loss or gain in seniors is also a sign that says your parents need help. Weight gain might occur when seniors do a lot of emotional eating or stop following the Canadian physical activity guidelines for 65 or older. In contrast, weight loss occurs when a senior loses his or her appetite and don’t eat often enough. In many cases, sudden weight loss or gain might also be the consequence of a health issue like thyroid, so you better take the opinion of a medical professional if you notice such signs.

Ø  Financial Mistakes

If a senior has the responsibility to pay bills and you have noticed that the bills are remaining unpaid or not paid correctly, then you should try to talk to them about it. Always be gentle and never harsh about such mistakes and talk to an expert if needed. If you are too harsh on your parents, they might feel worthless or worse, get agitated. It might also be a good idea to take the financial responsibilities yourself and free your parents of this burden.

Ø  Rising Accidents

This is one of the clearest signs that says your parents need help. If your parents are becoming more prone to accidents like they often ram their vehicle into other vehicle or they often become victims of falls, then you should be concerned. The core reason for such incidents could be as simple as low eyesight to the inability to react at a normal pace. It would be best if you let a medical professional look at the cause and then suggest valuable solutions.

Ø  Memory Issues

Many seniors also start losing their memory as they age and they end up misplacing items or missing their medications. If you notice such patterns in your parents, then it’s time to talk to a medical professional and make sure that the parents don’t have brain associated disorders or excessive stress. Yes, when a person is stressed, he or she also forgets items or forgets to take medications. If it’s stress, meditations, lifestyle changes or natural treatments might help. You should also read sources like Is It Age-Related Memory Loss or Could It Be Something More Serious?

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Ø  Lack of Happiness

Like all of us, seniors also hope to live a long and happy life, but sometimes, they find it hard to smile or be happy enough. If you have noticed that your parents are not smiling often enough, not savoring the stuff they loved earlier like specific foods or not showing any enthusiasm for new beginnings in life, be it a yoga class or an upcoming holiday, then you should be concerned. This lack of enthusiasm, reluctance to smile or not having enough reasons to be happy could be a clear sign that your parents need help as they might be slipping into depression. Remember, you can always bring back the smile by helping them to beat depression.

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