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Khumansinh Jadeda owner of Hello! Saurashtra News Channel

Khumansinh Jadeda with Devang Vibhakar

Khumansinh D. Jadeja is owner, editor, publisher of Hello! Saurashtra Cable News Network based in Rajkot. Now ‘Hello’ is a Kathiyawadi word too which comes from song ‘Mari Helo Sambhalo.’ Khumansinh says “I have chosen the word Hello in ‘Hello Saurashtra’ for a reason that I want to spread a message to audience as ‘listen to news from Saurashtra‘.”

There is quite an interesting story behind the creation of Hello! Saurashtra.

Khumansinh says that before he started his own channel, he went to another such News Channel to give an advertisement. But somehow for some reason, he wasn’t satisfied with them.

This inspired him to start his own news channel, and Hello! Saurashtra came into existence.

“Today, Hello! Saurashtra has almost 30,00,000 (3 million) daily viewers. Channel is broadcast in 7 districts of Saurashtra region of Gujarat among over 100 villages for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. The channel is into existence since last ten years. It was established in 1999 – 2000.”, says Khumansinh. News is broadcast through 40 news centers all over Saurashtra.

They broadcast news at prime time at 9 O’clock every evening. Somehow if telecast gets late, they receive calls from their audience asking what is happening? “This is our true success, as it has become a channel of people”, says Khumansinh.

Various dignitaries of India have visited Hello Saurashtra studio. The then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Chandrashekhar and present Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi are to name a few.

Khumansinh Jadeja

Khumansinh was a peon in a High-school. His educational qualification is H.sc only. “All that counts in life is experience only, educational qualification is not a MUST to have”, says Khumansinh. When he started his cable network, he was 35 years old in age. Today at 45 he says “I do my personal work myself only. We don’t have a position for peon in our studio.”

He started Hello Saurashtra with two cameras, 10 VCRs and 14 VHS cassettes and a staff of five persons.

He used to distribute news taken by Hello Saurashtra to various news centers among Saurashtra through State Transport bus. Cameramen worked under him today are positioned on various national level channels who work at regional levels.

“Star News, IBN, Aaj Tak, TV9, ANI, CNBC Awaz are few to name such news channels, who have cameraman working, who worked for Hello Saurashtra in their initial phase of career.”, adds Khumansinh.

Today, he is Trustee in two schools too, viz Sahjanand Vidyalay and Parasmani Vidyalay. He lives a simple life with high thinking. He is passionate and firm in his beliefs. He comes from the family of Jadeja, a Kshatriy cast, known to fight for the social causes.

Those, who are interested in meeting him, can reach him at:

Hello! Saurashtra Cable News Network

Head office: 4-Junction plot, Rajkot. Tel. (+91) 281 243 13 99 / 65 44 122

Branch office: 308, Rajeshari Complex, Opp. Ramkrishna Ashram, Yagnik Road, Rajkot.


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