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Krushnakant Dholakia – leading Educationalist

Krushnakatn Dholakia

Krushnakant Dholakia is the founder of Gyanganga Classes, a very popular coaching classes functioning in Rajkot. With his visionary approach in education, he has helped many a students to achieve great result. Going further from coaching classes, now he runs schools too. Few students of his schools have participated in international science fairs and earned the top ranks too. Along with good marks, he personally believes in teaching ethics and virtues too. Personally, he carries a very calm personality.

In this interview with SpeakBindas he shares his views on education as well as reveals some of the interesting information of his student life.

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Excerpt of Interview

Q.: Tell us about how Gyanganga classes was initiated?

I have been active in the field of education since 1970. I worked in a school as a teacher for two years. At that time I witnessed the innocence and hunger for knowledge in students which created a great interest in me for education. Hence, with such an inspiration to reach to students in mass, I started Gyanganga classes in the year 1972. And since then for last 38 years, we are continuously engaged with educational activities.

Q.: Gyanganga is such an interesting name. What made you chose it for your educational institution?

Since I planned on starting an educational institution, its naming was must. What I did was I asked my students to suggest me some name. Their response was that my teaching to them is like the flow of river Ganges (Ganga) where they receive Gyan (knowledge) through it; hence Gyanganga would be a good name. So you see, the name was suggested by my students only which I accepted whole heartedly.

Q.: According to you how should be the proper education system?

I feel that the education of syllabus is the needed one. But in addition to that, if they receive life, virtue and principle related education, it can help them prosper a better career.

Q.: We know that the present education system is marks/percentage oriented. How fair is it according to you?

We can not let a student be out of this race as this is a competitive era. It is important to prepare him according to the required competitive situation in education. But in addition to it, they should also be educated for ethics, virtues and principles, which we know that is less in the present education system.

Q.: After great success of Gyanganga classes, now you are running schools too. Please tell us about the kind of system with which education is provided there?

At Gyangana classes, we used to provide coaching for two hours/day to students. Even with such a short duration of providing studies, our students used to get top ranks in board examinations. Parents of students taking classes at Gyanganga suggested us that, why don’t we start school too where with the provision of education for five hours, we can provide it in a better way, thus we entered into the schooling field.

Hence, with a broader availability of duration of five hours, we could eliminate the limitations that we had with Gyanganga classes. In addition to providing the syllabus education, we could now provide them education for ethics, virtues and character. We can confidently say that this has become a positive point for us.

Q.: According to you what role can a teacher play in the development of a student?

A teacher can become a guide and mentor for a student to develop his career. Say, if a student observes some failures in his teacher’s life, he tends to get negative feelings in his life too. And looking at the other side of the coin, a teacher can play the best role in development of a student.

Q.: What have you been given by the education?

Education has made me receive love from students, their parents and the society. Such love has become my greatest treasure. Kind of joy that I receive even today for working for education, I believe that students are the reason for it.

Q.: How has been your life as a student?

As a student, I always used to be a scholar. I perceived my primary and highschool education at Maliya Hatina which falls in Junagadh district. Teachers of highschool were really helpful to me. It wouldn’t be unfair of me to say that I had received total blessings from them. They helped me break my limitations and progress further. Whatever I am today, I give full credits to my teachers.

After highschooling, I attended the metric education. During those days, there wasn’t any attitude of studying further in my family and in society in general. But teachers of my highschool came to my home, explained to my father that his son is scholar and he should allow him to study further. With their efforts and belief, my father agreed. And today here I am with you.

Q.: Along with studying, you also used to teach to students of your standard. Tell us more about it.

I used to participate in almost all extra co-curricular activities. And when it was teacher’s day, my personality used to become something extra-ordinary. Looking at my teacher’s role, the then Principal of Highschool used to give me extra responsibility of monitoring the class in absence of teacher, teach the weak students and help others prepare education supporting material.

But this was all fell under the list of my passion, and to such extend that during the recess time when most of the students used to play, I used to teach to few weak students. I always used to guide them in solving their study related difficulties. Now I understand that, through such activities the soul of teacher in me was being progressed.

In conversation with Krushnakant Dholakia

Q.: At present, you are successfully running educational institutions. Any future plans?

Well, kind of time-freedom schooling field has given us, we are trying to provide useful education to students in addition to education of syllabus. Our plans are to break those barriers that are limiting students of our region to get succeed in few sectors. In our school, we have provided a platform to students to express their knowledge in science. Through science competitions, our students got top ranks in state-level and national science competitions. To motivate them further, we sent them abroad to participate in international competition. In 2008, two students of our schools, viz. Pooja Dholakia and Riddhi Dasani were motivated and supported by us to participate in an international science fair. Among 1512 young scientist participants of 63 countries, these two students earned the 3rd position.

In 2009, another student Vaishnav Hetal too attended such an international science fair after winning at state and national level. She earned the 2nd position.

We are also providing kind of education to our students that they can appear and pass the honorable competitive entrance exams such as of I.I.T. Recently, a student from our school passed this exam with good marks.

Q.: We are very well aware that the current education is indeed costly, that not all can afford. But say, there is a student who is scholar but his financial condition is weak. Does your school provide any facility to such students?

Yes. We constantly observe our students and whenever we find a situation like you have mentioned, we try our best to support him by making sure that just because of weak financial condition a scholar student doesn’t have to quit studies. We provide scholarships to such students.

Apart from this, some social organizations do hand over us such students whom they have found from slum areas, but they are scholar. We adopt such 10 students every year; provide them entire education at free of cost.

Q.: Can you get enough time to spend with your family?

There are few limitations that become hurdles for this. Candidly speaking, when I reach home, I almost have got tired. And looking at the current hectic schedule, I wonder if I can soon get such opportunity to spend more time with my family.

Q.: Any message, especially for the student realm?

I believe that, a student should be sure of direction and career of his choice. And his educational stream as well as efforts should be according to it only. Hence, if you wish to pursue a best career, your efforts too should be of best quality. During their educational phase, they should control other activities of hobby and entertainment. I believe that, if they are ready to complete the work of 25 hours in duration of 24 hours, then success is in their hands, which is for sure.


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