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Life with an Addiction

Today morning on the way towards to my office I saw a 9 to 10 years old boy smoking a “Bidi” (cigarette ). A question strike in my mind. How can he do this at this age?? But after all it is an addiction. There are two kinds of addictions, one good addiction and another one is bad addiction. But in this era, most of people are having bad addiction, even after knowing that their addiction can kill them some day. There are lots of people around me who has addiction like this. They chew tobacco or do smoking or do drink or do drug.

They think that this kind of addiction gives more power to work, more of some nonsense excuse that “They can forget their problems of their life” with this addiction. But they don’t know that this addiction can’t solve their life problem. Addiction increases and only increase problems in their life

There are lots of people who chew tobacco all the time and after few years they face mouth cancer. Now a days Gutka (Chemical tobacco) is most famous thing amongst the youngster. They don’t know that how harmful it is to their health. They can eat 12 to 15 Gutka pouches during a single day. After this kind of situation, soon they will have to face mouth cancer. Gutka has become famous amongst young children and amongst labor worker. Their stupid logic of taking Gutka is that “It gives strength and support to do hard work for long time“. Their second stupid logic is that “They can work without food but they can’t work without Gutka“.

First their mouth won’t open as much as normal person does who don’t eat Gutka. Then their mouth will open only of the size for a spoon to enter in it. And in the second last stage their mouth can be shut for forever they can’t eat normally they will have to take liquid in last stage. They will have to take liquid food by a small tube which is inserted trough a hole on their neck.

They are not the only ones who suffer from this disease but their family too have to suffer the same with emotionally and financially. In the last they don’t eat Gutka but Gutka is eating them and their family slowly slowly.

They just start this kind of addiction just for fun and day by day it will increase and at last it will become life time addiction. And this addiction will lead them to cancer.

Smoking is the main problem in each part of INDIA. Even Government has banned smoking at public places and it is considered as a crime but no one cares for it. Even Government doesn’t care for it. It has become just a rule in rule book or become a poster on a public place that “Smoking is a crime at public place“. Also funny or good part is that, there is a notice written on cigarette box is “Smoking is injurious to health“.

A person who does smoke, doesn’t know that he is injuring his family by smoke of cigarette. Some do smoke even in presence their family members who don’t smoke. The smoke of cigarette is taken by them with their breath and can cause disease to them also. It’s a kind of passive smoking. Even selling Tobacco or cigarette to under age children is a crime. But shop-keeper wants to earn money so they don’t care a child is buying tobacco or cigarette or liqueur.

And drinking is the worst addiction. Everyday I read in newspaper that due to drinking addiction a husband killed his wife cause she is not giving money to him for his drink. Or a woman committed suicide because her father or husband has addiction of drinking. Drinking can ruin up the whole family in short time and there are lots of people who has seen same case around them. Each and every day drinking is becoming biggest problem. Alcohol is banned in Gujarat state but lot and lots of liquor bottles come in Gujarat illegally.

Drug is the worst thing. Drug is getting more and more famous among youngster. Rave party is most common and famous thing for do drug stuff. Youngster do start it with just little bit of powder and then after it is getting more and their body will ask for more. And then after it will go on with injection. And at the end there won’t be a single good place to insert needle of injection. So they do insert on other part of body which is not safe and dangerous also. And using same needle with other people. It can be lead them to most dangerous disease AIDS.

In some country Government provide safe dose of drug who is highly addicted to drug and they can’t live without it and they can’t quit it. In this kind off addiction the person who is suffering from this addiction who lives and work and save money only for drug and their life just moves around and around drug. Wake up early morning and earn money so they can buy drug and same thing happen on second day. This becomes the cycle of their life. Even after knowing that this thing will end up their life very soon. But this trap is so powerful no one can come out.

In short these kind of addictions do not provide them with any strength or any help. These addictions can lead them and their family in to biggest problem and disease of their life. Even these kind of addiction make people criminal who is caught in addiction. They can steal money, or tell lie to their family member, or they can kill any one for little amount of money to satisfies their addiction need.

One of my friends is working as a radiologist in a leading cancer hospital. And I have noticed that there are lots of cases of mouth cancer which is gifted by a bad addiction of Gutka or Cigarette, or Chewing tobacco. They are facing worst time of their life. Cause they have to make hole or cut their face which is infected by mouth cancer.

But good addiction is the best thing in life. Some people have addiction of earn lots and lots of money. Some have addiction of becoming famous by good way. Or some people have made their hobby as addiction and which can lead them in highly successful life. But good addiction is not visible to anyone or you can say it is hard to watch or you can say that If it is visible then no one wants to see it.

One of my friends told me that Everyone has an Addiction of something which effect his or her life at any way. And also make her life Hell as well as Heaven depend of the choice of his or her Addiction. It’s upon us whether we choose the best or the worst.

So It is time to think that which kind of addiction we want to have “Good” or “Bad”?


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