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Little Africa in Gujarat, INDIA

Approximately Hundred Kilometer away from Junagadh in Gujarat State, a place populated Jambur is known as India’s little South Africa

Actually these people are African Gujarati origin, who lives in the village Jambur. Catering entirely Gujarat, life – bear and customs – traditions have color. In Gujarat they are known as Siddi king.

These Afro Indians are generally known as sidi/siddi/sidhi or Habsi in Gujarat. The Sidis of Jambur are supposed to have originally come from Kano in Nigeria via the Sudan and Mecca after their Hajj pilgrimage.

Their leader was a wealthy merchant by the name of Baba Ghor who first settled in the Rajpipla Hills near Bhruch and Khambat where he developed mining and trade in agate, the precious stone know as Akik in India (and Akiki in Eastern Africa).

There are about 250000 Afro Indians in the State of Gujarat bordering Pakistan and in the sates of Andra Pradesh in south-central india, Maharashtra,Kerala and Karnataka in the south, and the former Portuguese territories of daman, diu and goa- which mainly relate to the business of agriculture.

In Gujarat They were found in the District of Ahmedabad, Amerili, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot, Bhavnager, Broch and the former Kingdom of Kutchh.

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