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MTV Roadies, Hell Down Under

R:- Rough and tough  participants
O:- Ordinary people but extreme hope
A:- Active and impressive performance of participants
D:- Dangerous task to know a person’s capabilities
I:- Intelligent  and unpredictable twists
E:- Excellent team work of production crew
S:- Smart Serial by smart  people

Here I would like to share few thoughts about one of my favorite serial on Mtv, which is broadcasting every Sunday at 07:00 p.m. sharp. Well, this is one of those reality shows which we are able to watch on our TV. It was sixth time, when Nauman won the show of MTV Roadies.

This show was started before couple of years but it stood first in the ranking of all serials on the Mtv. This is the most popular show among youngsters. It started with battle ground round when participant passed this round.

Then he / she has to face the interview with Raghu and Rajiv. They are twins. Both are shaking everyone’s mind, youngsters are really afraid of then every time.

They are checking that what Roadies means to them. Generally youngsters came for publicity and to introduce themselves in the world of media without any support.

Roadies mean, individual should perform best in their tasks which is given by the producer. Roadies auditions occur in mega cities like Ahmedabad, Bangluru, Delhi, Kolkata etc. then they are selecting 20 people from in totally from cities. The interesting part is to see the auditions of different cities; people left their jobs to achieve this title. From all over India 20 people are selected and then after that journey of Roadies began.

I never missed this show. Then people are divided in groups and then they have to finish the task given by Ranvijay (host of the show). He was the winner of first Roadies if I’m not mistaken. Now interesting thing is whatever task is set up by the crew, Ranvijay first faces that task. Then it’s given to participants to perform.

As people know this is mind game, if people are not performing well, they will be thrown from the show. Now, after performance, winner is having immunity, which means that he is safe, no one can vote out him in vote out session. So, perform well and win immunity. If a person is doing well then even others will vote out them. If a person is not having good and friendly relation with every one then he / she will not survive in this show. So, it’s full of controversies, full of mind game. So, one should maintain relation with every one to be safe in this show, with good performance in different tasks.

The show shoot in many beautiful places like, Abu, Gandhinagar, Silvasa, Mumbai etc. When the last 7 participants were remaining the whole crew was shifted to Australia. Then after that only two finalist were remaining when they came back to Mumbai for grand finale.

Within this there were two kinds of tasks. One was money task, in which one can earn money by good performance and the remaining is immunity task. It’s very famous in youngsters because of few reasons, there were few tasks in which winner was gifted KARIZMA bike, for last Roadies season, Palak, Sufi , Kiri and the  winner Nauman won this prize. When participants were decreasing, the level of task was increasing.

To perform well in every task, one must have good physical strength as well as good concentration, because for some task physical strength is necessary, for some concentration, so, to win the title, person must be perfect for this requirements. One should know tracking, skiing, swimming, rope balancing, wrestling and much more.

Why I like this show is because, it gives you chance to know you better, means in any situation, in any difficult task how good you perform, it measures your physical and mental strength.

As well as how much title is important to you, if one has to change his/her ethics for title, at that time few people are becoming practical, they are literally using others emotions to win the game and the person in front of him/her was not able to know his/her real intention behind friendship.

So, this is not the show to make friends, it’s show to know you better than before, that how can you tackle the situation given to you, no matter how tough it is , no matter if you have tried if before or not. One has to do it by any cost to become winner of the show.

Generally whenever we are talking about reality shows, they are losing their charm after first season. Then people are getting bored by seeing the same format things. If the theme of the show varies then it’s a big risk for well popularized show that the new show will not become hit. Concern with this show, it’s increasing its popularity among youngsters. That is good sign for show makers. The crew is doing outstanding performance, I hats of them, the way they are making their task format successful, it’s simply superb and great. All are creative enough to give something new every time to viewers, that’s why they have added beautiful tasks with twists.

But simply whole show is based on performance and luck sometimes. But they have succeeded in the target to make it more interesting every time.

So, in very short time with whole new format seventh season of Roadies, Hell down under will be started. I’m eagerly waiting for that.

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