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Mystery Rooms – A Real Life Escape Experience Now in Delhi


You are watching this 3D thriller movie and the hero wonders which wire to cut: time is running out and the hero has to act quickly. Experiencing almost the same amount of pressure, you are on the edge of your seats with your heart pounding. This is an experience which gives us the inexpressible joy of that shiver going down your spine. So much so, that you don’t mind it happening again; in fact, you want it more. What if such an adventure story was extrapolated into reality and you were a part of it. I am kidding, right? Wrong! Welcome to the world of Mystery Rooms and prepared to be thrilled and surprised, to be engaged in a game of hide and seek, to be a part of a real time thriller experience of adrenaline boiling stuff. That’s right, this is your chance to escape your mundane world and get into 60 minutes of brain wrenching entertainment interrupted only by your clearheaded thinking and your meticulous team work.

The Hurtlocker Game

The Hurtlocker game has your team playing heroes in a bid to rescue a place where people have been besieged with bombs. With the ticking clock playing the role of villains breathing down your neck you will have to be like Dhoni-cool and composed. ‘Hasty actions go waste’ and hence you ought to watch your step and plan your next move. There are only a limited number of lifelines and there is a time constraint of their availability as well. All these are running into your head when you might be surprised (you will have to visit and find out what the surprises are) by the twist in the events. If you are nearing the end of the stipulated 60 minutes, the team members would literally hear each other’s heart beats. If you do not cut the right wire, you would be blown along with those hostages who trust you: you are a hero and you would not let them down. Whilst you are at it, you totally forget that this is simulation, that you are away from reality and that you had those issues in your office that morning.

The greatest thing that one gets out of this beautiful venture is bonding. It would be a great team building experience for informal as well as formal groups of 2 to 6. As they say, most of the long standing relationships were established during months of mutual hardships. Though this would not be equivalent to facing hardships in a physical sense, the mental response of the participants would be the same and hence it would be a great experience for people trying to know each other. It is also a great technique by which a manager can iron out the differences among the team members as everyone would be engaged with others.

This is a unique experience in Delhi and it would be an active participant in the segment of meaningful entertainment. The outcome would be truly unique and the experience would be memorable: curiosity without action is a killer of excitement; get together within that room and have 60 minutes of packaged memories to take back home.

Mystery Rooms
B-7/9, Rajouri Garden
Ring Road, New Delhi
Delhi – 110027

Contact Nos. – 9999772646, 9999772664


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