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One of The Best Childhood Sport

Days of childhood are indeed the golden ones. And those who were raised in a village, aah! those rural games and sports are full of fun. Watch this video, where you will see kids playing with ‘waste tyres” of vehicles. I myself used to play with such tyres. Rather, we used to have competitions about getting first in it.

Recently, I had been to my village Navagam, where I saw these kids playing with such tyres in the street where I spent my childhood. It just flashed back me my childhood.

There is no cost at all in this game. A waste tyre, a wooden stick and friends and the game is ON.

Did you too play this game when you were a kid?


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4 thoughts on “One of The Best Childhood Sport

  1. rupal says:

    i agree with you sir.
    In rural areas this kind of games are still survived. where else if we see in the urban areas children do play game but on computer or most of the time they are buried in home works and other classes. kids hardly play on play grounds and if they play it is only cricket no other game. its really fun to play this kind of games.

    1. Very true Rupal. Still today, in rural areas, kids to play many such natural games such as with match box, small marble, Moy-dandiya etc.

  2. shyamal says:


    hi have wasted tyre of 4-wheeler…..swift………….if anyone wants to play it…

    1. ha ha. That was good Shyamal 🙂

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