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OnMyMindDaily.com – The Bulletin Board For Your Mind

OnMyMindDaily.com is a website devoted to you, the writer. What is on your mind TODAY?What has been on your mind lately? Share your thoughts. Share your poems. Share your recipes. Share your reviews. Share your stories. OnMyMindDaily.com is not your typical review site. Create your own articles. Your thoughts will be google searchable. Tell a girl how much you love her. A link will be created. Tell your boss how lousy he is. A link will be created. OnMyMindDaily.com lets you create, write, think, and review. No content restrictions. Write about anything. Have a new business? Write about it. Excited about a new purchase? Write about it. Announcing the birth of a child? Write about it. Announcing the death of a loved one Write about it. OnMyMindDaily.com is your tool to express your ideas. Upset that a company scammed you? Make your voice heard. A friend stabbed you in the back? Let the world know. Saw a great movie? Post your movie critique. What is on your mind? Write about it!

Type OnMyMindDaily.com into your web browser and begin writing. OnMyMindDaily.com allows up to 1,000 characters, a TITLE and several keywords. OnMyMindDaily .com will translate your comments into several languages. OnMyMindDaily.com is user friendly. Submit your article, comments, music, and jokes. Google will begin to index your page. Many of our posters have appeared on the first page of google results. OnMyMindDaily.com puts you in control of the content. Just married? Congratulations. Write about it. Your beloved dog just had surgery and you are worried about him? Write about it. Having money problems and the bills are piling up? Get it off your mind!

Traveling and need to write out your plans? Be our guest. Going to school and need to take notes? Be our guest. Are you happy? Tell us about it. Have something on your chest? Share it! Want to flirt with a girl? Use our service and send her the LINK! Have a joke that needs to be heard? We hear you. Share your adventures. Post it! Started a new business? Talk about it!

OnMyMindDaily allows readers to create followup posts. These followup posts will be listed under your post for more exposure. OnMyMindDaily.com is a fast, easy way to write about anything and everything. Website reviews are quick and easy. There is no registration. Simply enter your email address and click on the link. Your post is created! Write, Click, Submit and DONE! Have you been scammed, taken advantage of, defrauded, abused? VENT and let the world know about it. OnMyMindDaily.com will let the world know about your experience with the fraudulent business. OnMyMindDaily.com will shout from the rooftops your story of deceit. Businesses must be held accountable. OnMyMindDaily.com is the fastest blog on the internet. No website is as fast as OMMD!

For as little as 500 characters, you too, can be the proud owner of WORDS. What is on your mind? Write about it! Your thoughts will be translated into 8 languages. Your posts are instant and have their own LINK! Your WORDS are indexed in google. Sad? Mad? Glad? Write about it! No registration! No rules! No restrictions! Thousands of POSTS and topics!

Bill Cosby is a NICE GUY!


Donald Sterling – Not a Racist!


GoDaddy – A pathetic excuse for a sham company!


Hilary Clinton – Caught in LIE!


Priscilla Chan Ugly Asian!


Michelle Obama has a PHAT ASS!



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