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Osho Dynamic Meditation (Sakriya Dhyan) And My Experiences With It So Far

Osho Dynamic Meditation or simply known as Dynamic meditation in English and Sakriya Dhyan in Hindi is a one hour mediation which is divided into five steps with music. Osho (aka Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan) has given a number of meditations among which this meditation is most popular and according to some it is most effective as well. It is mostly done at early morning and normally practiced in a group, although it’s not necessary.

Osho explaining dynamic mediation in Hindi

Five stages of Dynamic meditation

Stage 1 (Duration: 10 minutes):

Exhale as fast as you can. Move your hands and head as they go in rhythm with the process. Although it is not necessary, your hands and head move with the bits of music while you exhale rapidly. Speed of exhaling should be so fast that you hear the noise of it.

Stage 2 (Duration: 10 minutes):

Scream, cry, laugh, dance, jumpy and in short do everything in totality that empties all the mental and emotional issues out of you which are bothering you and which you otherwise are not able to let out in your life. It may be anything: a sad memory, a joyful memory or any emotion. This is a catharsis stage. Let the feeling run out. Don’t judge or be conscious about it. Just let it get out of you. Don’t bother about who is standing beside you. Just let it go in totality.

Stage 3 (Duration: 10 minutes):

Jump and say “Hoo Hoo” with both the hands raised. Feel the origin of voice at your tummy.

Stage 4 (Duration: 15 minutes):

STOP. When you hear the command “STOP”, stop and remain in the position where you are when you hear it. Don’t move. And remain there for fifteen minutes. Music too stops for these 15 minutes. Nothing but pure silence.

Stage 5 (Duration: 15 minutes):

Dance. When music starts after 15 minutes of silence, dance to bits of charismatic music. Don’t think of yourself as an expert dancer or performer! Rather dance in most natural way where you feel that you’re being danced !

Osho Dynamic Meditation(Sakriya Dhyan) Music in Hindi with Instructions from Osho himself

After overwhelming 60 minutes, RELAX !

My experiences with it

I have read or listened somewhere that if you can practice dynamic meditation for 90 days continuously, it becomes a part of you ! Also I have listened that you start feeling differently after doing dynamic meditation for 21 days in continuous manner. I have done dynamic meditation for more than 21 times but so far has not been able to do it for 21 days continuously.

Effects or results of practicing dynamic meditation can be different depending upon the person. Not only that but if has sounded different to me at different period of time. For example, initially it was quite a refreshing experience. First stage of breathing gave a new energy pack which was there throughout the day. It was like something new is added or installed in my physical and mental existence ! Also earlier, there was great excitement towards the stage two which allows the catharsis, an opportunity to scream, cry, laugh and sometimes sing even.

For an introvert person like me, to cry in an open space is something like a most uncomfortable situation. So initially, I felt excited about it. But I did cry and screamed and felt bit relaxed. Although, I haven’t yet got any such permanent result that once done is done !! It definitely helps get you better physically, no doubt about that, at least from my own experience. Last stage of meditation where we dance is not something I’m so good or inclined to but somehow I like doing it. Here it is not a performance but an opportunity to let the body flow in its natural course with the bits of music. Sometimes when I don’t like dancing much, I stand still or do it lightly.

But later on that initial excitement, that feeling of experiencing something new has faded away. This doesn’t mean that it is getting any non-interesting. It’s not. Rather, in case of break of few days in between, I start feeling lazyness, energy-less and emotional ups and downs. Sakriy Dhyan definitely helps. Reason I think it doesn’t give much excitement is because it has become routine. And anything that becomes routine loses its charm, doesn’t it? For instance, flying in a plane was something that used to excite me earlier when I had never flew in a plane. I even used to dream of it. But now after having been on plane several times, both in domestic and international flights, there is no excitement about it.

I am short tempered and at times short pleasured as well ! I mean I also get happy and helpful easily without no strong reason and likewise I lose my nerves too, easily at times. After going regularly for meditation, I have seen a small change in these two patterns. Nothing major I would say but now I do think for couple of seconds in moments of getting angry or happy. Of course, there is no dramatic change there. I still get angry over tiny issues and likewise happy too. I am not trying to convey that after doing meditation I have changed. Nope. But it surely gives energy that I had never experienced before.

Let’s see what’s there to be revealed in the path further.


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3 thoughts on “Osho Dynamic Meditation (Sakriya Dhyan) And My Experiences With It So Far

  1. HIREN GOSWAMI says:

    First of all it is not considered in various popular meditation practices for what meditation is done ? According to me meditation must be done to expand our consciousness. Basic as well as final outcome of meditation is nothing but consciousness. whatever it is called shiva-cosmic-christ-consciousness. After experiencing such consciousness you not only feel with energy but also react differently towards your daily routine works.
    One who has experienced high-level of consciousness is able to do miracles and it is scientific. There is no superstition in it.

    1. One who has experienced high-level of consciousness is able to do miracles and it is scientific.

      Hello Hirenbharathi,

      In reference to your above statement, can you please share any incidents that you may have come across to reach to this conclusion. There are numerous stories and incidents founds here and there but nothing solid as such. I mean, nothing crosses the limit of ‘believing it blindly’.

      P.S.: You may like to watch this interview of author of Gebi Girnar

  2. MANHAR says:

    The great experience never before. No more words ..

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