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Is Past life regression valuable?

We had interviewed Shivo who is an Osho Sanyasis and an astrologer. He conducts workshops based on couple meditation, which transport the lovers into the divine paradigm of love and pleasure and hence awakening the power, intuition, sensuousness, creativity and intelligence in them. He also arranges workshops on Past Life Regression. This evoked me to converse with him on this subject which has come into lime light in INDIA these days due to a recent television reality show based on this concept.

Q.: Welcome to SpeakBindas, Shivo. What is the process of past life regression? What exactly happens to a person going through it?

Our past life memories are stored in three lower chakras. Most of the recent lives, or shall we say, the human lives are stored in solar plexus, or the manipur chakra. So energy needs to be directed towards this place and also the vision faculties should be enhanced by working on throat (vishuddhi) chakra. When this is accomplished, one can be directed to move into his/ her past lives. Once anyone begins to gain access to their past life, subsequent experiences becomes more vivid and lucid, and are available more easily.

Q.: Upto how many past lives can the past life regression be performed?

Normally, one can be regressed to only one life during one session. I feel, one should not try to go into multiple lives in one session, as it can really become confusing. However, one can do this process many times, and can access as many lives, as one wants. I know a friend, who has accessed more than 40 of his past lives. I myself have accessed, around 20 of my past lives.

Q.: Wow! that is quite fascinating to know that you yourself have accessed around 20 of your past lives. Could you please tell about your few of the past lives?

I have lived a wide array of past lives, which includes that of a warrior, trader, philosopher, emperor, tantra master, gypsy, horse jockey. Though some of my lives are quite well known, at this stage, I would just like to keep it to my ownself.

In fact, after going through my own experiences, I feel so enriched, so full of zeal and have started to find the life so much more interesting.

Q.: Is the self past life regression possible?

Ya, once the access to the deep sub conscious space is gained, one can retrieve those memories oneself. After a lot of practice, these memories can also be available at will. For example, you meet a person and you feel that there could be a strong past life connection, and you can just dive into your memories and find that connection. Though, I must say that to access this space does require preparation all the time.

Q.: Is past life regression valuable? How?

Regression gives you access to your past, so you have access to all the talents you have cultivated in those lives. You also begin to know your relationships in depth, including all the beauty and ugliness from past. Regression is a wonderful healing mechanism, and it can provide you freedom from the sickness, fears, phobias, which one is carrying from the past. I feel, the greatest value of regression is that it gives you immense faith in life and it lets you know your own eternity. It also provides you the hands on understanding of law of karma. One can release all the repentance, and feeling of helplessness and one comes to know that he/she is the source of everything which is happening in their life. This leads to a deeper acceptance of one’s own life and one begins to experience the joy of living more vividly.

Q.: Any disadvantages of past life regression?

Oh, I cant think of any disadvantages. Though some people may feel that it has taken away their crutches of life, they were using to avoid responsibilities. It can also break some of your illusions, bring you back to the reality and this can e\be painful many times.

Q.: Kindly share some interesting past life regression stories of your clients / friends.

There so many interesting stories. Let me share one from the workshop I led very recently. For one of the male participant, love happened very quickly though this girl is is disable to some extent as she is sun blind. His family exhorted him not to marry her, as this would be an immense responsibility to take care of her. But he consistently maintained his stand that he wants to marry her anyways and is willing to take her responsibility. When he regressed to his past life, he found himself as a tribal priest, who is healing people. The same girl comes for her treatment, he is trying hard to get her well, but by mistake he does something, which causes her to lose her eyesight. When he went into this memory, he became so relaxed as suddenly his whole stand made a sense and he took responsibility of his own action. And now he is so much more enthusiastic about marrying that girl.

I am currently co authoring a story collection, where the stories about the issues in relationships, their past life connection and how they get resolved and relationships are transformed. Almost all the stories are based on true incidents.

Q.: That’s very interesting. My last question would be, what is your procedure and charges for past life regression? How can people reach you?

I am happy to help people regress, as long as they are committed to live a more fulfilling life and are wiling to receive the deeper insights of their own life after life journey.

I conduct this one day workshop, for which charges are 2500/- per participant. I am having one on coming sat. 20th feb and another on 25th Feb in Mumbai. Though both these workshop are almost full, you can email me your interest at thirdeyeastrology AT gmail Dot com, so that I can accommodate you in my future workshops.

Devang: Thank you Shivo for spending your valuable time with us and providing interesting information on Past Life Regression with SpeakBindas readers.

Shivo: Thank you so much Devang.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

13 thoughts on “Is Past life regression valuable?

  1. Previous comments:

    Harnish Jani February 18, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    Nice interview style- But hopeless subject- This guy sounds like a ConArtist (Thug)-Making fool of ignorent people- How can he explain the increase in population-If the people die-and they reborn again-Than population should be constant–
    He talks about his past 20 lives That is Bakwash- He is telling us That he was not born as woman ?- One thing is sure-He must be richman and good businessman-in India.


    Shivo- The Playful Mystic Reply:
    February 19th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Dear Harnish Jani,

    I respect your views, which are based on your own life experiences. I have no desire to change what you feel about PLR.

    However, there are questions you have posted, which I am answering:

    “How can he explain the increase in population-If the people die-and they reborn again-Than population should be constant–”

    not just human beings have soul. even the animals, plants, birds all have soul. buddha has said, “even a stone will be an enlightened being, though it will take a very long time”

    so there are souls always evolving from diff states of consciousness. we all have been plants, birds and animals, as many people discover in their PLR.

    another question harnish has asked is if i was not born as a woman, No I have not seen myself being born as a woman, though there are so many lives, i am not aware of. it is very common for the sex to change as we move from life to life. so, though most of the time, man are born as man and woman as woman, but it also changes many times.

    thanks for your queries.

    love and cheers,

    Suresh Jani February 18, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Somehow , I feel like Harnish bhai.
    Why the hell dwell in past? Even of this life?
    Suresh Jani´s last blog ..અક્ષયપાત્ર My ComLuv Profile


    Shivo- The Playful Mystic Reply:
    February 19th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

    Dear Suresh Jani,

    you have made a wonderful point.

    “Why the hell dwell in past? Even of this life?”

    it is so true, we have so many troubles of present, why dwell in past.

    however, the point to realize is that the source of all our present troubles is in past. And we are bondage to our past. As psychologist say that we just keep repeating the patterns of our first 5 years of childhood. so we all are living our past, though completely unaware. the only way to really get free from past is to go and relive when the conditioning got created, and this can set us free and help us explore what our true potential is. as we become free from the past, life becomes a wonder to live.

    there is a wonderful science called ontology, which was originated from the ideas of socrates and it was shaped by plato. this is also know as the science of being. worldwide, there are many training programs based on that. (the largest training company in the world is landmark education and it’s training is based on ontology) the concept of ontology is very simple. all our conditioning and limitations were created at some moment in the past and the only way to become free from that is to revisit that event. and as you relive those moments again with total awareness, your limitations are shattered.

    Now PLR is even a step ahead of ontology, as it talks about cleaning up from past lives, while ontology just deals with the events of this life.

    many people ask me this question , “we want to live in present, why bother about past?”
    and i tell them, it is impossible to live in present unless you clean up your past. this is why PLR is so valuable.

    Capt. Narendra February 18, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    When I read the title of the email “Is Past life regression valuable?” my first response was a simple ‘No’. As I read the contents, I believed that my intuitive response was correct. Past life regression may sound fascinating but does not serve any purpose. At best, it gives a person delusional self importance (as Shivo saw himself as an Emperor – emperor of what?). At worst, it will impede personal growth by giving a massive guilt feeling for sins or misdeeds of previous life, for which there is no scientific basis.

    Just out of curiosity, I watched Shekhar Suman’s “therapy” which was all bunkum and then one on You Tube recommended by a friend. All it has is the general fascination people have for the unknown and that is about it.

    I agree with Mr. Jani’s comment. I did not know however, that people could be gullible enough to pay Rs.2500 per “couple session”, though charged at the rate per person of regression through “Love, Sensuality” etc. .At the end of each session, Shivo must be laughing all the way to his bank. Ten couples per session, Rs.50,000 for the session! What a good life for a Sanyasin!! As for his clients, is it anything but the retardation of their intelligence? And depletion of their cash?


    Shivo- The Playful Mystic Reply:
    February 19th, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Dear Capt Narendra,

    I feel there is some communication gap.

    PLR is not a couple workshop and I limit the batch size to 8-10. Though I have another workshop on awakening love and sensuality, which is a couple workshop.

    you have said “At worst, it will impede personal growth by giving a massive guilt feeling for sins or misdeeds of previous life”

    if someone have committed a sin, he will have to pay back, this is law of karma and it is one of the most basic law, the cosmos functions. One of the value of PLR is to establish that we face the consequences of our action from past. and this awakens the conscious in participants to remain away from bad karma and create good karma. it teaches them to be respond


    Capt. Narendra Reply:
    February 21st, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Thank you Shivo, for responding to my comment.

    The Cosmic Law of Karma is so deeply imbued in the Indian psyche that people do realize that they have its instant (kriyamaan), collected (Sanchit) or destined (Prarabdha) reward as and when a good or bad (especially bad) event takes place in their lives. My point was, we are prepared to accept it as and when it happens and the guilt feeling surfaces. By going through PLR, when the person is graphically informed that he had done a specific dreadful act, he or she is subjected to additional guilt of which he was blissfully unaware yet ready to accept its consequence.

    There are other ways to awaken the consciousness about the karma, for instance, the highly enlightening book by Paul Brunton (”What Karma Is”) or the Late Mr. Hiralal Thakkar’s “The Principle of Karma” (in many languages, including English). If the principal aim of PLR is to inculcate awareness of Karma, I believe you could have a larger audience, reduced fee for the participants (the large audience would compensate that) and quality use of time. I am sure Bhagwan Osho has written a number of treatises on the subject, which one could succinctly and more efficaciously spread for the purpose.
    Capt. Narendra´s last blog ..”રેડ ઓવર રેડ! રિપીટ, રેડ ઓવર રેડ” My ComLuv Profile


    Shivo – The Playful Mystic Reply:
    February 21st, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Dear Capt Narendra,

    Thanks for making brilliant comments and taking the discussion forward.

    You have rightly pointed out, that PLR is about deep understanding of Law of Karma. Though Indian psyche have a strong belief in Law of Karma, this understanding has got significantly distorted in current times. It is no wonder, that a book like “THE SECRET” was so overwhelmingly welcomed by people. It fueled the fantasies of people that they can ask for anything in life and they dont have to bother about paying it back. I also beleive that Law of Attration is correct, but people have chosen to ignore the fact that it works within the context of Law of Karma. I have even seen some THE SECRET protagonists propagating the idea that Law of Attraction can even negate Law of Karma, and I find it really stupid.

    For me, it is far more imporant to make difference in people’s life and I have no desire to be rich, though I immensely respect moeny as a wonderful resource for creation. So, if I can continue fulfilling my mission in life, I will be even happy to do any work for small money. So, I will welcome large batches at a small fees. However, I would like some fees to be charged, as it keep the people more responsible and motivated. I am looking forward for opportunites for mass interations.

    At this stage, I am keeping the PLR batch size very small, as it facilitates highly personal interactions. In my workshop, every particiapnt get to share his / her life and look at PLR as a tool to take their life forward. I also provide very specific and individual guidance to each particiapant. But at the same time, I am ready for mass interacton on this subject, when the opportunity comes.

    Thanks so much for your valuable inputs to this interaction.

    love and cheers,
    Suhasini February 19, 2010 at 5:38 am

    I found this post very interesting, could see above critic posts but I feel different people , different views.


    Shivo- The Playful Mystic Reply:
    February 19th, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    Dear Suhasini,

    Thanks for your views.

    Love and cheers,

    1. Eshwar says:

      Hi Shivo
      I would like to convey my concern related to PLR out of compassion towards laymen.
      There is a saying that “Bitter Truth is dangerous than a Sweet Lie”. This applies for the people who are living in ignorance which is bliss for them for the time being.

      The PLR session attendee should have very high maturity levels in terms of spirit to go over his past lives, else it is terrific of for her/him.

      I believe GOD purposefully made people to forget thair past at their birth else normal people will go in to great depression.

      For Ex: How would a person react if he knows that he is the husband of his mother in his past life?
      or If he was killed by his wife in male form in the past life?

      One more thing, Can they be adjusted to the society and perform daily works. The whole out look towards society ,people,priorities every thing changes and can lead to disaster.

      So I strongly feel, one has to be well prepared and should be ready to take up his past life journey. He/She should have a proper idea on the Purpose behind the creation and white (LIFE=GOD) expects in this lila.

      I think you being an enlightened mystic would be already taking care of this pre-requisite of the participants.


  2. Denise Chavez says:

    I’m thinking about having a past life regression because I have intense anger and sad emotions that trouble my life presently. I know part of my problem stems from my first five years in my current life, but I thought it might be helpful to dive deeper. I have one hesitation…and I’m wondering if it’s valid. I remember once after a psychic reading I felt that too much information was given…that it “spoiled” the surpise of life! I wonder if it is better to figure things out, all in good time, naturally, without such a drastic intervention and to keep past life thoughts as dreams, in a way, that naturally awaken from time to time…I guess in some ways, I don’t want to spoil my dreams! Do you see my point? Do you think my hesitation is valid? Thanks!

    1. Osho Shivo says:

      Dear Denise,

      Sorry for very late remarks as I happen to see you comments just now.

      If someone has a turmoil in childhood, the seed of that is certainly from the past lives.

      You have mentioned about too much information spoiling the fun. However the point is, however much information you have, it is still too little. Once you know this fact, it wont spoil the fun of mysterious unraveling of life , moment to moment.

  3. pradip raj oliya says:

    i am preety cofused with your prediction about past…. but i am really intrested on that. could you please give me self method to awaken ourself for plr….

    1. sps says:

      dude….very simple….the answer to any question lies in the origin of the question itself!!! which means search your inner self…there an ocean of information to be tapped into….contemplate, think , meditate….if possible spend time in silence…try it …you will undertsand what i am trying to say….all the best..

  4. sps says:

    irrespective one believes or not about past life , karmas etc , the bottom line is law of karma was there – is there now-and will be so in future.
    As kids if we were asked about geometry then the only thing comming to our mind would have been…geometry ..? what is that?? is it an candy?? or is it an game??? we would not have been bothered to probe further…right!!! But then as one gets older graduates to higher classes then one slowly realises what geometry is all about…

    thats what we most of us are…kids!!!
    Dont sit on the shores of lake and judge about water in it….make an effort and test the waters yourself….

  5. anti blemish solution says:

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  6. Amandeep Singh says:

    Dear Shivo,

    The above post and your interview was realy interesting. I understand that i have come across this post at a very belated stage and i appreciate the feelings and comments already posted on the above interview.

    I understand that in a world where we are searching a scientific formula to every act taking place on earth but i understand that the same is not possible to define every thing taking place on this planet.

    I was a person of the same views as held by Mr. Jain and Capt. Narendra and was a man who always considered supernatural aspects as a mere creation of the whims and fancies of some idiots, but only until i had a first hand experience to the same.

    I am 25 years old born and brought in a city but my experiences have compelled me to believe that yes souls are very well present in this world… present somewhere around us.. they are good, they are bad… i m not sure about the good ones but yes very sure about the troubling ones… and if the souls can live around us even after the person dies than surely i believe that there is a clear possibilty that the soul may even reborn as humans or anything else.

    Dear Shivo in my own case i have many question to find that have been bothering me since long know. since childhood rather…. i have been unable to find the reasons for the same since my childhood… i would clarify that i m not referring to any good luck or any bad luck… and i feel that i may be able to find the answers in my past coz i m carrying these questions with me since childhood…. i think i need your help. I would be grateful if you could reply to me at accomodate me in any of your sessions.

    1. Osho Shivo says:

      Dear Amandeep,

      Thanks for your loving remarks on my interview.

      You can contact me at oshoshivo@gmail.com and let us see where exactly you ought to move.

  7. Mohan Ramkrishnan says:

    This is Mohan .I would like to undergo a plr session. I m at Mumbai… it will be gud if I get an appointment by the weekend….

  8. sushpal panesar says:

    let me knw of ur future workshops

  9. kalicharan tyagi says:

    I want to learn plr pl tell me the time

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