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Physiotherapy: Benefits and how it can help vs Arthritis

Living with arthritis can be a minor nuisance or a life-changing affair. It’s worth noting that arthritis shouldn’t affect your lifespan although research suggests rheumatoid arthritis can reduce it by as much as 15 years.

There are several things you can do to help live with your arthritis, this includes healthy eating, exercise, although this is not always possible, and physiotherapy. Yes, it’s time you looked for physiotherapy near me!

The Role of The Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists are trained in movement and issues to do with movement. They can assess your arthritis, offer advice, and reassure you that you’ll be able to continue the majority of your current activities, if not all of them.

They’ll help you to understand the condition, address your concerns, and set goals that are achievable and will improve your quality of life.

A physiotherapist will create a program of exercises that help you to maintain movement and reduce inflammation in the affected joints. They can also discuss ways of increasing your activity level without worsening the arthritis. Increased activity should reduce the effects of this condition.

If necessary, the physiotherapist will also provide the necessary walking aids and splints to keep you mobile.

Perhaps most importantly, the physiotherapist will offer direct treatment to the affected area. This will usually consist of hot and cold treatment, massage, manipulation, and electrical nerve stimulation. Hot and cold treatment has been shown to be very effective at reducing inflammation. As inflammation increases pressure on joints it alleviates pain levels. The hot and cold treatment will reduce the pain and help to increase your range of movement.

Every step of the process will be discussed with you and evaluated to ensure it is beneficial.

The Benefits of A Physiotherapist

Living with arthritis means living in constant pain. You can’t take painkillers all the time as you’ll risk an addiction. The physiotherapist will help to alleviate the pain, making it bearable and improving your quality of life.

This is usually through the process of massage and manipulation. It’s important that you allow an expert to do this, untrained people can easily cause more harm than good when massaging and manipulating.

Another benefit of a physiotherapist is the opportunity to talk in confidence. This allows you to share concerns, fears, and emotional issues. They can reassure you and help you to cope with the problems you’re facing. You’ll be surprised by how much difference it makes to your outlook when you have someone to talk to about it.

The physiotherapist also offers company. This is particularly relevant if you’re older and have limited contact with others. Your physio gives you a conversation and can help to give you the confidence you need to try new things, broadening your social group.

The aim of any physiotherapist is to improve your life quality. This is more than just handling pain, it is ensuring you have the right mental attitude to enjoy and make the most of the rest of your life.


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