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Planet Green Rajkot

We have seen many odd results of Global Warming. We have seen excessive heat, rain, snowfall, tsunami, earthquake and flood. The reason for such unexpected attacks of nature is very common. We are departing ourselves from it by cutting trees, which are the backbone of a balanced nature, a balanced place to live – earth.

Planet Green Rajkot

Planet Green Rajkot

But there are few people who instead of leaving hope, instead of simply complaining about global warming issues, are really putting their efforts to play their role in preserving it (forget about making it better). And thus is created the above documentary by a Rajkot based builder group. They have created such a beautiful and natural surrounding to live where you will find trees, salad gardens, swimming pool, fields and all that which supports the nature. The documentary above itself talks about it, so if you are still reading this and haven’t watched it, do watch it first.

P.S.: This documentary is created by the creative team of Ctrl-s, which is run by Samir Jagot.


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2 thoughts on “Planet Green Rajkot

  1. vikasrajpopat says:

    Oho, maru nam lakho bhai…Planet Green na adbhut karyama maro sahyog pan malelone! lolz! Thanks Devangbhai!!!

  2. Kalpesh Shukla says:

    Its excellent stuff and lets contribute something to make the planet green in real sense…well done…

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