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Pleasure of Failure

The heading above may appear to be tampered and manipulated because when failure embraces you, all the philosophy and positive talks are seen walking straight out of the doors. It’s pure magic how it turns pleasures of recent past seem an oasis of present. It makes the shadow lurk in dark even in a broad daylight. But,when failure sinks deep down a different flavor and understanding emerges out of the being.

Failure is the logical offspring of plurality. No solo act in this world is capable of reproducing things. Things to come to existence needs plural to make each other hence reasoning a single act, incident or decision as the sole reason of failure is searing the unborn. Many factors interact, intersect and intervene with each other to pronounce things as they are. As life is not all about black and white but the grey also matters we need to develop the habit of reading between the lines. Merely Gluttoning our assumptions may lead to an impotent life. Checking the multiples and meditating on our decision may flash the error bright and bold on the grand 70mm screen called life.

Failure is the outcome of fear. Fear is one of the basic human emotions genetically coded by nature. It suffers from gender crisis in the sense that a debate can be raised whether it incompletes human or it’s a thing which makes human limp towards completeness. Being fearful is not a matter of shame as we cannot surpass the obvious.Running helther skelter to avoid fear is what inflicts shame on the character. If fearful henceforth rejoice as this emotion can make you stroll the path of strength and grit unvisited yet. It helps you break the shackles and traverse to the polarity of braveness.

Failure makes time worth treasuring.Time may sound synonymous with watches and clocks but failure conjuncts it with a deeper meaning. The teaching which it imparts is priceless.No money can get you enrolled to this course. The only way you can be a beneficiary of this practical oriented course is by tasting failure. It renews,re-invents and rejuvenates your attitude and behavior. It cleans you up fresh and spurs up the hygienic quotient.

Having said all this, I want to get rid of my failure as soon as possible. I haven’t befriended failure and don’t even want to. I will try that we both maintain long distance relationship here on. But, I will never be bitter towards my failure as it has sparked new sensibilities and shaped my attitude to the extent which can be termed “sexy”. I am logging out of words and logging in to actions so that i can plan a grand farewell to my failure as it is said that while you pray your foot should move.


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