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Qualified IBPS PO Exam? Tips to Ace the Interview Round

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts IBPS PO (Probationary Officer) exam every year. The exam decides the fate of thousands of aspirants pursuing bank jobs. As the examination of IBPS PO Mains is over, the next challenge to be faced by those who qualify is the personal interview. The interview round is highly competitive as only one-third of the candidates who qualify IBPS PO Mains make it to the final selections.

Syllabus of IBPS PO is decided by IBPS each year for Prelims as well as Mains but there is no fixed syllabus for the interview round. Candidates can expect all the questions pertaining to a generic job interview along with extremely difficult questions relating specifically to the banking sector. The interview will be a tough nut to crack, hence, it’s imperative to stay prepared.

Here are a Few Tips on How to Crack IBPS PO Interview

Below mentioned are some of the important tips that one must follow to ace IBPS PO interview:

You know what they say about first impressions!

In an interview, first impressions are generally formed by the attire, body language and the salutation. Make sure to dress appropriately, always in smart formals, irrespective of the organization’s dress code.  You will not be reprimanded for wearing formals, but definitely so if you wear casuals. Moreover, be confident and greet the interviewer with a smile along with an appropriate salutation.

The age old, “Tell me something about yourself.”

This is a classic question asked by the most recruiters. The key to ace this question is to give an overview that shows off your strengths and gives a little sense of your personality too. Keep the tone positive.

Moreover, the interviewer might start questioning you based on your introduction, about your educational choices, or ask tricky questions related to current political scenarios. So, always be well prepared to answer these questions.

Do your research about the organization.

Study about the organization and its vision. Peruse their website thoroughly and learn important names. You should be able to incorporate facts in your answers such as the organizations’ size, history, main products and services, the names of top executives and current news stories.

Know your own resume thoroughly

You will definitely be asked questions from your resume. So, know everything you have written in your resume and be prepared for the questions. Avoid writing false facts in your resume.

Pay attention to your body language

Sit comfortably and maintain an appropriate posture throughout your interview. Maintain eye contact and a jovial face. This will make you appear confident and relaxed. Do not fidget.

Knowledge is wealth

Read about the last six month’s current affairs. The questions may span a wide range of topics like sports, politics, economy etc. Make sure you’re aware of the latest happenings around the globe

You are also most likely to encounter questions pertaining to the technical aspects and functions of banking, so learn the common banking terms and their meanings.


Rehearse with mock interviews and read about past interview experiences. This will give a fairly good idea of what to expect during the interview and can prepare for the frequently asked questions.

Focus on your abilities

Emphasize your key strengths that would be relevant to the job role you are interviewing for. Remember, it should be relevant, not just some random strength like swimming or cooking. Supplement your emphasis with experiences in the past about how you used these relevant abilities to excel. Based on your conduct and answers the interviewer will judge your attitude towards work

Why the field switch

Banking sector witness candidates from a variety of industries, be it Engineering or Commerce. It is important for the recruiter to know why you’re making the change from your stream. Be truthful, practical and incorporate how your interest in banking built up by referring past experiences in your answer.

Other important points to keep in mind

Needless to say, follow all the basic etiquettes to be maintained during an interview. Keep your phone aside, do not use slang, avoid eating or chewing gum, be polite, do not hesitate and most importantly stay calm. Remember, the interviewer is just a person.

We hope you found these tips helpful. All the best to all the aspirants out there!


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