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Ranji Trophy match between Saurashtra and Mumbai

Devang Vibhakar with Wasim Jaffer

The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played in India between different city and state sides, equivalent to the County Championship in England and the Sheffield Shield in Australia. The competition is named after Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji (Jam Sahib of Nawanagar, also known as “Ranji”).

In my city of Rajkot, Ranji Trophy match between teams of Saurashtra and Mumbai was played on February 18, 2009 at Khandheri stadium.

Wasim Jaffer was leading the Mumbai team. Saurashtra scored 219 runs having first bating, which Mumbai chased very well within 45 overs. Mumbai won the match.

And you can see smiling face of Mumbai skipper Wasim Jaffer, tells the story itself.

Wasim Jaffer

Khandheri stadium is under construction at the moment, though the ground is ready for matches. In above image, you can see Wasim Jaffer, after match was finished which they won easily.
Ranji Trophy match

As a cricket formality, players from the teams shacked hands with each other. Saurashtra lost second match in a raw. First match they lost against team of Maharashtra on February 16, 2009 which was played at Race course ground in Rajkot. In above image, if you observe closely, you can see a player having name written as ‘Kulkarni’. He is Atul Kulkarni and has been selected in test team for Indian tour to New Zealand, this February only.

After match was finished, I tried contacting him. Infact, he was right there. But upon my calling he showed a great attitude. I also tried having few words with Ramesh Powar, who has played ODIs for Indian Team and is a right-arm off-spinner. He gently replied “Sorry, I’m not free“. Yeah, we understand their situation. But the point is, Powar at least showed courtesy for saying ‘NO‘.

But Kulkarni’s attitude was a bit proud or I felt it so. Of course, I understand Press and Electronic Media sometimes do snatch away their privacy.

And he might have some bad experience as well, or may be his management strategy, or may be his recent selection in Indian team for test matches caused his such attitude.

Whatever the reason be, I couldn’t had a word with him. It doesn’t matter! Perhaps, he thought I was from some media only.

Below are some of the images I shot during the match when team of  Mumbai was batting.

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai

Ranji Trophy Match vs Saurashtra and Mumbai


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