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Real meaning of ‘Make-up’

Bharat Dudakia

Bharat Dudakia as you all know is a body language expert and a National-Prim trainer. In this interview, he exclusively talks about the real meaning of Make-up.

Generally, we consider Make-up to be just a physical one, but here Mr. Dudakia goes beyond and talks about its mental importance too. Language of this interview is Gujarati.

Lecture – Real meaning of Make-up


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3 thoughts on “Real meaning of ‘Make-up’

  1. sweta shivdasani says:

    it was really motivational and extraordinarily creative. the group of teachers were actively participating and that was after all your magic. it plays wonders all the time when you are on the floor. Sir it gives inspiration to me because i am a teacher too and every teacher must be lively, creative, curious and spontaneous.

  2. Bharat Dudakia says:

    Dear Sweta,
    When you’r trainer you play trainer’s roll, but when you live as trainer you’r magician.
    All the gimmick i learn from our JCI Guru Balachandrenji, Raman Nayaer, dr. Shelesh Thakar, Harindershing & many more.
    Bharat Dudakia.
    National Trainer.

  3. p.k.patel says:

    u r right . 09033816988

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