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Reasons to study in New Zealand

Countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have always wooed students across the globe as study abroad destinations. Recently, New Zealand has also earned quite a popularity as a destination for higher studies for South Asian students. It has witnessed international students flocking into its universities for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses since the last few years. New Zealand has a hospitable environment and world-class institutions to offer the best education to foreign students travelling to the country. Here we present some more reasons you can opt to Study in New Zealand.

Beautiful campuses

The island country of New Zealand has picturesque landscapes, lakes and mountains that can captivate any person. The universities have equally beautiful campuses that can make a student fall in love with the environment. You will have the opportunity to explore the county in all its natural glory while pursuing a course. You can enjoy all the perks of living the city life and experience the breathtaking beauty of the countryside at the same time. You can plan outdoor activities and field trips and get some stunning photographs to be cherished for life.

Welcoming environment

Students from international destinations have received quite a warm welcome in New Zealand. The local people or ‘kiwis’ as they are commonly called, are friendly and helpful. The Government has a well- monitored Code of Practice as well. The country also has a low crime rate and a stable political system. So, you can study peacefully in a safe and hospitable environment.

World class education

The universities of New Zealand are among some of the best universities in the world and the qualifications are recognised by institutions and organizations worldwide. The university system is made up of 8 state-funded universities located in the North and South islands. All the universities have featured consistently in the top 3% of the QS Top University World Rankings. They offer excellent education that undergoes regular quality checks. There is excellent teacher-student ratios and the progress of individual student is also focused on. The education system of New Zealand follows the British model of education that is also followed in many other nations including India. So it is easier for students from different countries to adapt to the system.

Employment opportunities

Students graduating from institutes in New Zealand can have excellent post-graduate opportunities with employers from organizations around the world accepting their qualifications. More than 95% of students graduating from the universities get employed after completing their programmes. Students can also opt for work-study programs and internships during their courses.

Experience a diverse culture

Students from all over the globe travel to New Zealand to study. Students from European nations, Japan, South America, India and Australia are enrolled in different universities in the country. So, you will be able to get acquainted with people from different cultures from various parts of the world, all under the same roof. Thus students can have true international experiences on these campuses.

Recreational activities

Students can never get bored in this beautiful country. Adventure lovers can indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and paragliding. You can also enjoy the beach and go for water rides in the local rivers. At the same time, you will be able to experience the swanky modern city life. Foodies will be able to enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines of New Zealand and the finest wine.

Affordable tuition fee

The universities in New Zealand have a moderate tuition fee and the cost of living in the country is also more affordable than some of the popular international destinations of study like the U.S, Australia, Singapore and Switzerland. The expenses for transport are also moderate and affordable for foreign students. An MBA or an Engineering degree from an institute in New Zealand will cost lesser than the same offered by other countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, the cost of study for foreign students pursuing doctoral studies in the country is the same as those of domestic students.

Moderate admission criteria

There is lesser competition for admission in the universities of New Zealand as they have enough capacity to admit students. Also, the eligibility criteria for admission and marks requirement are moderate. There is also no age bar in the institutions. So students with moderate grades can expect to get admission easily in the universities.

Easier to get a visa

New Zealand is welcoming to immigrants and has a simpler process to acquire a visa. You can also easily apply for permanent residency if you are employed after receiving your degree. So, international students can build a successful career in the country.

The beautiful island country of New Zealand can be the perfect study abroad destination for international students. You can make memories that will last for a lifetime and experience diverse cultures and traditions. It has all that is needed to provide quality education to students from all over the world and also help them adapt to the environment easily.


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