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Interaction with members of Rotary Midtown Library of Rajkot

Rotary Midtown Library is based in Rajkot, which is one of the finest library of the city. Its collection of books, CDs and audios is fantastic. Author of this post became its member for the love its collection of English films. Apart from its world class collection, its management is highly systemic. SpeakBindas interacted with its members of different age, by asking different questions.

The achieved result is visible in the below video parts.

Videos of Interaction with Members of Rotary Midtown Library

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Q1: Why is reading important for you?

Bhavesh Kakkad: Reading is a way of knowledge for me and with it I keep myself updated with happenings in world.

Dhrumil Mehta:  Reading is important for me because we can learn many things with it.

Isha Pandya: Reading is important for me for many reasons. It improves our imagination power as well makes us knowledgeable about the subject we are reading. As I’m an engineering student, the study reading stresses me out, so extra reading at library helps me to relax.

Rajeev Rupareliya: It is one of the available sources to increase our knowledge. It also helps in getting new ideas and thoughts.

Tirth: We get knowledge and information from books. We can learn different languages and new words from books. Sometimes we also get fun while reading.

Shrutidhar: It helps me increase my vocabulary. It also gives me extra knowledge about various things. Also makes me understand that how I can create my own story.

Tanvi Desai: It is really important in our day to day life. It increases our vocabulary. It’s a best friend when our friends are not around. You can get extra knowledge through it.

Q2: What do you like best about Rotary Midtown Library?

Akshit Desai: There are so many Sunday programs which I really like. Chess classes is another reason in addition to computer games CDs.

Deep Dhingani: The best thing I like about the Rotary Midtown Library is the platform it provides. It provides an excellent platform for getting knowledge, information and all sorts of wisdom. I have seen many other libraries but this library has a difference. Many other libraries have books, magazines etc. where people just come and sit. But here, we get to know people from different backgrounds and a platform to interact with them. Here, we also have the facility of internet connection. So here we have all sources of knowledge at a doorstep. Hence, it’s an excellent source for knowledge.

Kalpan Jasani: I like the facility of computers most. Also the story books are my favorites. Information books too are helpful to guide us for the school project.

Diya: Its books and games that I like the most.

Shrut Sanghvi: Library is indeed efficient and I like its interactive feature. Especially I like the internet facility because with the help of it, I can get relevant information for my projects, assignments etc.

Q3: Else than reading, how does the library benefit you?

Dr. Nachiket Mehta: Basically I come here not only for reading purpose but my primary principle is to develop my children. They learn so many new things here. They come to this library and see the environment, see what other people are doing and they learn the value of knowledge.

Hiral: Else than reading, library has a large collection of CDs of movies and other instrumental, devotional audios. The best feature of this library is the one hour net surfing facility for educational purpose which is really helpful.

Jehan Shah: Else than reading, library helps us gain more confidence through new contests and shows organized here. It also helps us to learn many new games like Chess, Carom, and Scrabble etc. It also provides us the internet facility.

Manan Rajveer: Through different competitions and programs we get to learn new things. Internet facility too helps us.

Q4: Being so regular at the library, do you tend to develop new friends and acquaintances?

Ishan: Yes. Our group of friends also arranged a quiz show here.

Mitsu Vaishnav: Before I used to come to this library my knowledge was limited to my field only. But after I have joined this library, I have friends from commerce, engineering etc. streams which has helped me have a broad view about life and also taught me about how few things work. That has really helped me understand other people too. I have made some fabulous friends over here.

Om Patel: Kind of people I have met here, I have had really intellectual talks with them. I believe that the matter of the talk is more important than the quantity of it.

Revarsh Rupareliya: I have made friends of different age. Some are studying engineering; some are even C.A. whereas some are of my age. I tend to make friends while either I am surfing internet or say selecting games CDs.

Vivek Tank: Prime reason to join the library was the reading purpose only. But after becoming a member, in addition to serving the reading purpose, I got to meet people from different educational backgrounds such as engineering, medical, CA, CS and also those who are preparing for special exams such as CAT, GCET etc. This helped me in exchanging knowledge and experiences with them.

Q5: What do you have to say about the collection of Reference books the library has?

Maharshi: Library’s collecting is really good about books, CDs, newspapers and everything.

Rishi Gohil: This library has a lot good books here. Mainly I read novels and my field’s books. And they are really good that after reading them I don’t have to refer any other books for the particular topic.

Q6: Would you like to give any suggestions to make the library function more efficiently?

Ashok Sheelu: the present space of the library seems to be small looking at the increase in number of members. On the roof, white wash should be applied so that the place remains cool in the hot season of summer.

Mahesh Dave: Library has English books as a majority. Of course, there are Gujarati books too but being a reader of Gujarati literature I feel the need of more Gujarati collection of writers like Dr. Sharad Thakar, Kanti Bhatt etc. Also few other Guajrati newspapers such as Janmbhumi Pravasi should be subscribed.

Nikhil Bhatt: There should be a separate sitting arrangement for the members who come with their study material and those who come for extra reading. Also the renewal limit duration should be increased for books, CDs and magazines.

Sanjay Patadia: I suggest to increase the sitting space of library. Also the renewal time of CDs should be increased to one week or three days.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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