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Ronak Vitha aka Little Ghajini performed 1482 push ups in 40 minutes

Ronak Vitha

Ronak Vitha, a five year old kid is popularly known as Chhota Ghajini or Little Ghajini. Ghajini – a bollywood film was a blockbuster for few reasons, one of them being Aamir Khan, the leading character’s eight pack body.

When he was 2.5 years old, he watched Ghajini for the first time. This evoked in him the desire to develop his body like Aamir Khan as seen in it. His mother Ruchi Atul Vitha says “He easily imitated few Yoga Asanas when he was only 2 years old. This made us aware about the flexibility of his physique.”

Ronak with Parents - Atul Vitha and Ruchi Vitha
Ronak with Parents – Atul Vitha and Ruchi Vitha

Later on he started with 10 push ups everyday, which with practice increased to 50 in just one week’s time. He also started hanging on the iron road.

Asia Book of Records has awarded him as “Push Ups Master” for his achievement of performing 1482 pushups within 40 minutes only. He is given the physical training by body trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, who helped Aamir Khan in developing an eight pack physique.

Video of Interview

He is very much fond of watching the film Ghajini. Whenever it is being shown on television, he watches it with full concentration. Her mother adds “After watching Ghajini film, we could see increase in number of pushups which reached to 100 everyday when he was 2.5 years old.”

Ronak with trainer Satyajit Chaurasia

He is born on July 15, 2005 and studies in Senior KG. His father Atul M. Vitha lives in Mumbai.

Basic info

Father’s Cell No. :- +91-98192 95951 / +91-90290 19197
Mother’s Cell No. :- +919320522913.
E-Mail: ronakvitha@gmail.com
Parents : Atul Maganlal Vitha & Ruchy Atul Vitha

School : Thakur Vidhya Mandir, Kandivali (East), Mumbai

Hobbies & Qualities : Free hand exercises , Computers and mobile Games, Watching Cartoons on TV, Yoga, Skating, Foot ball.

Ambitions : To become a heavy weight body builder in future and Strongest Child ever in India and world, currently streching up for a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS to become a “Strongest Child of World”.

Trainer : Mr Satyajit Chaurasia (Ghajini trainer) trains him thrice in a week .

Other videos of Ronak Vitha

Update 1: New record of Most 100 Half Push Ups in 59 Seconds

New record video:


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8 thoughts on “Ronak Vitha aka Little Ghajini performed 1482 push ups in 40 minutes

  1. khooshbu says:

    wow ronak its amazing dear only u can do such things go n break all records o.k n b a star………………………..i am already ur fan dear may u get all success n happiness ammen.take care n love u ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh

  2. ruchy says:

    hey dear i being ur mother is very happy for ur success n record in all india.now u have become a big star n all our efforts r rewarded so thanku dear .lov u always.god blesss

  3. Samir says:

    Well done Roni.

    @ Khushboo. Being masi of him feels proud right..

  4. Jonathan says:

    Very cute story of child accomplishment; his parents are helping him to follow his dream, it seems.

    It is good to see the face of a happy and smiling child, who exudes self confidence.

    May Heaven grant this child success in all that he wishes to accomplish, and send him good life and health and wisdom and guidance. May his parents continue to feel happy in their child’s growth and accomplishment and be sent the wisdom to know how best to raise him as he progresses through the stages of life. And when the time is right, may he meet and marry the right woman.

    I cannot wait to tell my students that a little four year old boy beat them in push record! They will not believe it. Thank heaven for such sweet news that brings smiles to the faces of all who hear it!

  5. v1dz says:

    “He is born on July 15, 2010 and studies in Senior KG. His father Atul M. Vitha lives in Mumbai.”

    Seems Devang Vibhakar is writing the future. The child is yet to come to life.

    1. Quite a satiric comment! I just loved it.

      That was a typo mistake. Edited. Thanks for drawing my attention and helping me in writing the present and not future 🙂

      P.S.: You got a good tech blog there, keep it regularly updated.

  6. vikas rajpopat says:

    i hope the comment won’t annoy any1 but would open up d eyes!when i first heard abt him, i felt he needs a psychologist, but then when i knew more i felt the parents need psychologist!in stead of making the child enjoy his innocence and childhood, somewhere the ambition of glamor and the publicity are making a little kid stretch himself harmfully!
    The society should not appreciate such wildness, so glamor-hungry ppl leave such craziness.
    God Bless You, Dear Kid!

    1. Atul Vitha says:

      I want to introduce my self here, I am Atul M Vitha, Ronak’s father, No one here hungry for glamour, be4 few months even I don’t know that my child is doing something extra from others, I just watching his work out as a daily activities, when some one told me if your child doing 400 in a day than go for some records, than after I don’t want to send him for record because that is surprising for others not for me because this is just a daily work out for me nothing else, but when I seen his body out feet is working different from other child & age group 18s then I think I have to go for his hard work & talent, what he is doing its was for just good stamina and health. Because, from last 14 years I am living with body pain, I got this body pain from my old generations, I don’t want this for my child and for his next generations, I saw and read too much in past every one don’t do every thing, If doctors can save life of every one then no one will die, sir did you asked anyone of child who is working daily on Tea stoles in every circle of road or any child worker? Did you ever see my child after completing 1500 push-ups in 40 minutes? No, I seen his face and his stamina also, can you do 100 push-ups? If you are doing anything with force of some one or at your extreme level than you have to face any kind of problems or you will fall down but my child is stand up after 1500 push-ups with dam “Big Smile”. No one is God and bigger than God here, I always keep this in my mind. Every one come here on earth with some destination which given by God. So don’t worry about my child he had some big destination for his life.

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