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Samir Jagot strikes with a short film on Gay

Samir Jagot is film director based in Rajkot who has directed an award winning short film Samanjas, which gives message to the people that  short film which gives message to the people that One does not need only organs of body to live but attitude towards life.

He was recently in the print media news too for making a video Album ‘Teri Yadein.’

But what sets him apart from all the above work is his latest short film ‘Gay!?’, which is of 3 minute duration. And as the name suggests, he has enveloped a very touching incident in it.  He has also acted in it. Do not close this post just by reading the concept of short film, it’s not what you thinking about or say, it’s not what we generally understand from the Gay concept. Yes, of course, the short film is about Gay stuff only, but with a message which says “Everytime it’s not for fun.”

It would indeed be needless if I tell anything more on this. Rather, why don’t you just watch this 3 minute, touching short film below?


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2 thoughts on “Samir Jagot strikes with a short film on Gay

  1. vikas rajpopat says:

    Hi Devangbhai,
    Its so kind of you to put this link and film on Speakbindas…
    The album is called Teri Yadein…
    (I was the chief assistant director of the film Gay!?)!!!

    1. I have corrected the Album name. Thanks.

      Yes, I saw your name in the credits at the END. Indeed, sharply directed film. Keep it up.

      And what’s next?

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