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Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya (Urja Yoga)

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya


We all are looking for the Peace, Prosperity and Happiness because everyone is surrounded by one or another problem and there are commotions, unhappiness, misery, indisposition in our life. We are encircled by our negative emotions. Why we are unhappy?… Why we are delimited or reluctant to our real happiness? We did not have the ideal answer to these questions, that’s why we pamper our mind by the hypothesis of Luck or theory of Karma or Religious belief or by Philosophy… or we divert our mind on another subject… Yes, it gives us some relief from the problem but for very short time… again we lock-up our self in the emotional prison… it’s like running in a vicious circle.

Our mind creates much deterioration. Whenever we become victim of our negative emotions like Anger… Apathy… Envy… Egoism… Fear… Grief… Guilt… Insecurity… Pain… Possessiveness… Remorse… Shame… Trauma… Weariness… etc, we become emotionally wild and we lose control of our mind and intellect. We, our self become miserable and we hurt others by our emotional wildness. Sometimes, the intensity of our emotional pain becomes very high we become hysteric… and so we become sufferer of many psychosomatic illnesses. Almost every medical tradition accepts that our unresolved emotional issues or our mental deteriorations are the real cause of almost 85% of the diseases.

How all these emotional deteriorations created?

These emotional deteriorations are generated as a negative reaction of any detrimental condition or undesirable situation. Well… is it possible these undesirable circumstances never come in the life? No… You cannot stop any unfavorable or hostile situation in the life.

There is a science behind these chain reactions of emotional deteriorations and this “Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya” is based on the premise of this science, the science of Human Energy. This can also be called as Urja-Yoga. In Sanskrit, the word “Samvedana” used in many contexts but here Samvedana means feeling or emotion, Shuddhi means purification and Kriya means procedure… the exact meaning is Emotional Purification Procedure. It is possible with Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya to eradicate the negative effect of emotional issues at a deep enough level and so we can become stand-still and balanced against any unwanted situation in life. We will be able to stay neutral, consequentially we acquire witness attitude (Sakshibhaav) in every condition of the life.

“Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya” is based on the Principle of ancient discoveries and the modern science. The procedure of “Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya” is intended to self development, physical as well as mental health and emotional intelligence of every human being. Thousands of years ago, ancient scholars of yogic meditation practices have discovered, through the meditation and minute observations of our every cellular movement, which our body is reactive on every negative emotions, our breathing becomes abnormal and some biochemical reaction happens at very subtle level in the body. The actual reason of these emotional reactions is nowhere but in the body’s energy system.

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya works very rapidly and effectively to clear the emotional impact of past issues, physical health and performance related issues. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional therapist or a client but you can easily use this easiest technique to reduce your emotional therapy process. After you know the process and get acquainted with it, perhaps, Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya does its job into one or two sessions… and, as an essence of mind and body connection, sometimes we get astonishing results even in a minute. Once you clear out your emotional garbage, your physical ailments start to subside as well. Headache, back pain and other physical pains often tend to improve or vanish. Your vision may become clearer and your everyday stress may take no place into your mind at all. Accordingly, you may apply this simplest procedure to just about everything. That is one of the most surprising facts about it. You can use the same fundamental protocol for your fear of public speaking as you also improve your sports performance, fear, trauma, depression, grief… etc.

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya: Working

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya is a combination of multiple yogic kriya and a whole new energy stimulation process. It is composed with 5 different stages of Meditation, Yogic breathing, experience of the Energy Centers, Urja Spandan (energy stimulation), Mind and Body continuum, Urja Shuddhi (clearing energy), Aandolan Kriya (Oscillation), Aatmashanti Sanskar (Method of own peace) etc.

Fundamentals of Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya are discovered by the esoteric masters of ancient INDIA, and then Chinese scholars of healing rediscovered the method. There are many healing practices related to energy. They all work on the same principle of subtle energy of human body. By the different meditation methods and yog-sadhna, ancient Yogic masters have discovered and mapped the subtle energies that run throughout the human body. Some dedicated persons have also worked on these ancient techniques and they developed modern healing methods. We will discuss the full history during our Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya Basic course Shibir.

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya is an INDIAN recipe of energy balancing, the taste which whole world loves. It contents INDIAN flavor of healing and it is spiced up with INDIAN spirituality and Yogic methodology, but one more special ingredient is added into it which is our “EMOTIONS”. Unlike other meditation method or conventional healing modalities or any other alternative therapies, Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya works directly on the very cause of the negative emotions. The actual cause of our negative emotions is within our energy, if our energy doesn’t flow well our body’s health doesn’t do well. If we stimulate the centre of this blocked energy (Urja) by Spandan kriya, the energy starts to flow well and it tends to balance and neutralizes the emotional contributors of the pain and physical ailments.

Whenever we undergo through any unwanted situation or experience any unpleasant circumstance, our energy flow could be blocked at one or more point and that’s why we experience the negative emotion related to that specific situation. These energy blockages are associated with our memory, and we feel that particular negative emotion as and when we remember that negative experience. Negative emotional experiences disrupt the energy channel that run through our body. The physical changes we feel from those disruptions, like nausea, uneasiness or anxiety, become attached to the memory of that experience and affect the way we see the world… until we heal that disruption. Properly applied, Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya quickly realigns those energy channels with respect to negative memories, disconnects the physical discomfort that we attached to it, and quite often removes the resulting symptoms.

Extensive application of Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya may show impressive improvements in a wide variety of issues, including those listed below.

Emotional Challenges
• Fear & Phobia
• Relationship Issues
• Anger & Anxiety
• Depression & Stress
• Negative Memories
• Insomnia
• Addictions
• Trauma (PTSD)
• Negative Thoughts & approach
• Other Psychological Issues

Personal Performance
• Abundance
• Weight Loss
• Sexual Problems
• Business & Career Blocks
• Creativity and Performance
• Sports Performance
• Writer’s Block

Children’s Issues
• Behavior and Bad Habits
• Education
• Dyslexia & Learning Difficulties
• Hyper-Activeness
• Fear & Phobia
• Bed Wetting

Physical Problems
• Allergy & Migraine
• Asthma
• Physical Pain
• Blood Pressure
• Cancer & Serious Diseases
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Parkinsonism
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
• Burn & Physical Wound’s Healing
• Other Physical Ailments

Addiction Issues
• Alcohol, Smoking, Tobacco, Gutkha, Drugs, Gambling etc.

Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya – Basic Course Shibir

1. Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya:
• Introduction
• History
• Guidelines

2. Meditation Sadhna
• Saral Dhyan (Awareness Meditation)
• Prana Dhyan (Breathing Awareness Meditation)
• Kaya Dhyan (Body Awareness Meditation)
• Samvedana Dhyan (Sensation Awareness Meditation)
• Urja Dhyan (Energy Awareness Meditation)

3. Basics
• Science of Samvedana Shuddhi Kriya
• Mind – Body Continuum
• Energy Channels and their Association with Body Organs
• Energy Stimulation Centers and their Emotional Association
• Relationship between Negative Emotions and Body Organs
• Types of Negative Emotions
• Cause of all Negative Emotions
• How to work on Negative Emotions
• How to stimulate Energy Centers
• Guidelines of Complete Procedure

4. Practical
• SSK – Complete Procedure
• Intensity Testing of the Problem
• Urja Spandan (Energy Stimulation on Energy Centers)
• Aandolan Kriya (Oscilation & Movement)
• How to work with Different types of Issues
• Aatma-Shanti Sanskar (Method of Own Peace)

5. Working on Different Issues of the Participants

6. Problems & Solutions related to Process
• Questions and Answers
• When results do not come up!

7. Maitry Dhyan (Amity Meditation) – Celebration – Completion of Shibir

Contact for Shibir:

Shree PriyadarshiJi
18 Sankalp Siddhi Park,
Airport Road, Rajkot – 360007

+91-927 519 1111
+91- 942 828 9263



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