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Self Drive from Mumbai to Goa – A Perfect Road Trip

Mumbai to Goa is one of the great Indian road trips. The misty and verdant ghats provide some of the most scenic drives one can imagine and a complete Goa journey includes soaking in the sights and culture of the Konkan region.

A Route with Many Attractions

Some of the attractions on the way include the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Shutterbugs would also love the Mumbai to Goa route as the valleys and riverine landscapes make for postcard-perfect natural portraits. Smart travellers are choosing the option of a self drive to enjoy more privacy and freedom to explore the route, as the journey is as much an experience as the destination itself.

Impromptu plans

Speaking of the destination, the best way to explore Goa is without a plan. Impromptu detours and drives into unknown village paths will reward the curious travellers with unique vignettes of this multi-layered state. The party does not stop at Goa’s beaches because there is more to it. Goan cuisine is at its original best in the old villages and towns, and the best drives are those forgotten routes near the backwaters. Self-drive is the best way to experience India’s favourite holiday destination, as it allows you freedom and flexibility to skip the beaten path.

More than Beaches and Parties

Goa’s hinterland is a magical landscape that will whisk the traveller away to a primaeval age, away from the usual attractions. The backwaters of Goa may not always get the spotlight, compared to the ones further south in Kerala, but this may be a boon in disguise. Driving around the countryside in a self drive car allows a deeper exploration into the tourist equivalent of unchartered territory. Swaying palms and calm waters provide a backdrop to the tropical, verdant landscape. Step into the inland villages and towns and witness a different, more idyllic and authentic side of Goan culture. Some of the activities to enjoy in the backwaters of Goa include relaxing cruises.

Affordable Trip Ideas

The regular Mumbai to Goa cab fare is very high and it is just the beginning of the total expenses. Local taxis also don’t come cheap. The best way to explore the iconic journey and the coastal and inland attractions would be to choose a self drive. With companies like Zoomcar offering cheap rental plans and easy app-based booking, one can take control of the Goa itinerary. The state has many hidden secrets, away from the usual tourist circuit and self drive offers all this on a convenient platter.


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  1. Harsh vardhan agarwal says:

    hey i have been there by road with three of friends,was great fun back then.we are all settled with family.But i still those days ..i wish i could live my single life once andin but its only possible in my dreams.hehe cheers for singles there!!

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