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Simplify Your Business Plan for a Successful Venture

When you complicate the business plan, you will never be able to focus on a certain key area of your business.  For example, if you complicate the sales strategy, your sales executives will definitely start making chaos instead of putting a unified effort for achieving the target.

In business, irrespective of its size, simplicity is the main factor for almost all the aspects. You can maintain a focused vision by keeping the products with minimum viable options. A concise business plan can guide the investors to come up with marketing strategies.

Identify and Remove the Unnecessary Stuff: This is the first stage of simplifying your business plan. You should recognize the unnecessary complications and should remove them immediately. If you think that your plan is already simplified, ask your friend or colleague to go over it once again, For example, if you are creating a sales presentation, then there may be some unnecessary slides that are required to be removed. Similarly, when you have written a business plan, and there are functions or demographics not essential for your main business functions, you should immediately take efforts to remove them.

Identify the Central Goal: You should try to identify the main goal of your business. What are the goals that you want to achieve? If your business is about providing financial solutions to the individuals, but your plans are also including some soccer lessons, then you will surely face difficulties. Anything that is not contributing to the central goal should be eliminated for improving the focus of the business.

Split Your Ideas: Sometimes your ideas may seem too huge for a single plan or a strategy. In such cases, you should split your ideas. In the previous example of the financial advice and the soccer lesson, clubbing both of them will be difficult. But if two different strategies can be developed for two different ideas, then the ventures can be successful. If you are truly looking to provide both the services, you can go by offering them individually. For differentiating the main goal, you can even use the strategic setting. For example, your marketing section can be divided into two separate divisions like the inbound and the outbound and both of them can have separate strategies. Instead of a single annual plan, you can split into different quarters for your convenience.

Elevator Tests:  Just like an elevator, business plans have various stages of elevation. Business plans can be reduced to simplified sentences. The elevator pitch can be used as sales tool and the elevator tests can be used for simplifying your ideas. When you can explain the whole concept in just three sentences, it is better to cut out the extra and unnecessary stuff.

Separate High and Low Level Items: Sometimes work gets complicated if all gets mixed up. You can simplify by separating the high and low level items. Instead of clubbing all the plans together, the elaborate details can be explained in various steps. A high level plan can be created and then it can be sub divided into various short term plans. Without losing your focus on the main plan, the smaller details should be considered with full concentration. This helps in simplifying the plans without hampering the high level plans.

In most of the cases, simplification of business plans will always work in your favor.  Even if you observe that the idea is concise, you can still work for simplifying it. Curtailing extra details will always help you concentrate on the business strategies in a more professional manner.

Author Bio: James Anderson is a well known debt analyst who works in a debt relief organization.    In this article, he suggests some business simplification plans for the entrepreneurs.


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3 thoughts on “Simplify Your Business Plan for a Successful Venture

  1. Andy Brown says:

    Thanks you so much for sharing your thoughts on a business plan. Before starting any business one should consider or create a plan for a business. Because business plan is nothing but a preview of a business. But that plan must be simplified because if you plan is having some complications then it is not good for your business. Your article is exactly focusing on simplifying the business plan to get high success in a business. So to get relief simplify your business plan and try to remove complications. I like your complete article. Feeling good to read your post. Nice work!!

  2. Sujain Thomas says:

    This piece of information is valuable for the people who are related to the business environment. Businesses are always having a pre-designed module and all the working is done according to the module. This is what called business plan. It needs to be simplified for better results and client satisfaction and relief as well as to get tremendous growth in business. Effective plans are the only way to get a successful venture in the business. So simplify your plans today and step up towards a successful venture. I am thankful to you for this crucial information. Please keep sharing your thoughts.

  3. Everyone desires to own a company that can bring fruitful outcomes but most often it’s seen that due some or the other reason, the company just collapses. What are the root cause of it, really don’t know and I don’t wish to see any such devastation in my life. I was quite perplexed about my idea and other things related to my business. I was searching for the online source that can aid me and I found this blog, where in simple words everything is written very precisely. I went through each and every point and now I feel that what the things I need to keep in mind are.

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