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Some Tips to Remember When Dying Your Hair

Experimenting with different hair colours is an interesting way of changing your looks from time to time. Young people under the age of 25 are more likely to change their hair colour more frequently. Of course, many older people also dye their hair when they get tired of the same drab look. When done creatively, hair dyeing may be one of the cute hairstyles for curly hair. If you have curly hair and looking for cool haircuts, I would recommend you to visit this page. You can find 111 cool hairstyle ideas and hopefully that would be enough for you.

Here are some factors to bear in mind when choosing to dye your hair:

1. When you choose to dye it all lighter, the process usually demands more of your hair. When you go for darker colour shades, you are actually depositing colour to the strands of your hair. On the other hand, a lighter shade dye almost works as though it is stripping hair of some its volume. Hence, if you are an individual with badly damaged hair, it would be best to go for darker shades if you are not yet decided on which way to go.

2. If you will be having your hair dyed at the stylist’s it is crucial not to go there with well-washed hair. As a matter of fact, when you wash your hair way before its dyeing time, the effect may be damning both on your scalp and the dye results. It is proper not to do anything to your hair but head straight to the stylist as they know how to handle your hair best.

3. Your natural hair will take in the dye best of all. Even when your hair is lightly coloured, the results will be better compared to changing hair colour when the last dye is still thickly set. Hence, in the event that you are looking forward to a totally new hairdo thanks to dyeing, it is best to prepare your hair to appear as “virgin” as possible. Proper deep conditioning treatment in the weeks prior to the dyeing is advisable. For African American hair, it would be great to avoid use of harsh chemicals when you are interested in changing colour.

4. After your hair has been dyed, you need to use those products that protect the new hair as much as possible. The shampoos meant for hair that has been dyed are very gently and do not strip your hair of the colour you have just applied. They even have the fatty acids essential in maintaining your hair in the shape it is in.

5. It is important not to condition just when you are back from the stylist. Conditioning done too soon may cause your hair to fade. Wait a few days before you condition. Even then, choose your conditioning products carefully.

Hair dyeing helps you pull off a whole new look without much trouble. The good thing is that whether your hair is short or long, you can get a proper colour for it. With dyeing, you can pull off flirty hairstyles for summer. Just be sure to keep your hair well-moisturised for all the heat it will take!


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