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Interview of Gulabdan Barot

Some artists are popular for one of their creations which becomes their identity. Such is one popular joke by Gulabdan Barot which has become his identity in major. That joke is titled as “Jaamin Jadta Nathi”. One day while surfing the television, I came across a jokes program...
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Moments with Gujarati comedian – Ramesh Mehta

હુ તો સ્ત્રીનો હેવાયો છું એમ બિન્દાસ રીતે તો માત્ર રમેશ મહેતા જ કહી શકે. Videos of Interview – Total 3 parts Ramesh Mehta Part 1 Ramesh Mehta Part 2/h1> Ramesh Mehta Part 3 First of all, this isn’t exactly an interview of Ramesh Mehta. They are merely...
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