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Moments with Gujarati comedian – Ramesh Mehta

Ramesh Mehta with Julie

હુ તો સ્ત્રીનો હેવાયો છું એમ બિન્દાસ રીતે તો માત્ર રમેશ મહેતા જ કહી શકે.

Videos of Interview – Total 3 parts

Ramesh Mehta Part 1

Ramesh Mehta Part 2/h1>

Ramesh Mehta Part 3

First of all, this isn’t exactly an interview of Ramesh Mehta. They are merely moments I spent with him. Being a Gujarati, I knew of him since my childhood, mostly because he was the only comedian in Gujarati Film Industry then. So all of a sudden, I got this feeling of meeting him. Now I knew, he lives in Rajkot city only. So me and my friend Sandeep K. Maniaar, went for a ride searching for his home. And as they say “Will will find a way“, we found his home.

The home looked like a bunglow from outside. I knocked the gate few times, as I couldn’t see a bell-switch on outer door. But before I could see him, an Alsatian dog started barking at us. I guess, that was the bell system, Ramesh Mehta has put at the outer gate! I waited for more couple of minutes thinking that, due to dog’s barking, perhaps Ramesh Mehta or someone living in the house would come out, but no one appeared, so I gathered strength and entered, and as I was inside, that dog rushed towards me!! But I knew, animals understand the language of love more than the humans. And they reciprocate with the same feelings that we render towards them. I acted like I knew the dog, and to my surprise the dog started playing with me. I guess, I received the official welcome in the home this way! Later, I came to know, the dog was a female and her name is Julie. What a sweet name!

I had no idea, how old Ramesh Mehta would have grown up. He was right there inside the dining hall, watching TV. Seeing us, he switched off the same, and came outside. He has this very nice garden type passage in his home, where number of beautiful plants can be seen, along with few big tress. He inquired as if where we come from, and for what? Knowing us, he didn’t seem quite pleasant. Mostly because, many reporters often try meeting celebrities and that sometimes snatch away their personal life. But I said that we have just come to meet him. Interview was the second thing, if that was okay with him. He said OK, and drove us towards the swing-board, which looked like the place of a king. He offered us couple of chairs and thus started our conversation.

The talk started with his comments on the current television programs. He shared his serious views the humorous way. He said that we get to see same concept in all the television serials having women characters crying all the time. Also taunted on Babas, saying that why do you bother others? Let people solve their problems themselves.  Rameshbhai says “This is very psychological. This affects very badly to the medium class families. Looking at costly cars, bunglows, clothes in television serials, the middle class families get a disease of dreaming of impossible material things. These serials take us away from the reality.”

Devang Vibhakar with Ramesh Mehta

Rameshbhai also says “People liked me only because I was helping them to come out of their real life. I was giving them a reason to smile, laugh.”

The bitter truth he shared about being celebrity. Wherever he goes, he is treated as a celebrity, and not as just another person. Like he says “If I go to meet a doctor for treatment of some my diseases, what happens is, the doctor starts introducing me to his patients instead of doing my treatment.”

Rameshbhai is 76 years old (as on year 2009), but still looked very energetic. He lives alone in his home in Rajkot city. Even at this age, he went for voting, which shows how aware he is.

A very interesting story he shared with us, which describes that he lives in the moment only. He says “Someone called me up and said that he has written his biography, and he is sending me the same through courier. I didn’t say much on phone. In next few days, I received the courier, which I returned back saying the courier man that I already have it. Next day, I received the call from that person asking me that why I returned the courier. I said to him that, dear, what would I do with the ashes of your past? If you have something to share about your present, I will be more than happy to do so. The ashes of past are not even accepted at cemetery. ”

Ramesh Mehta believes in living in the present. He says that ask me anything related to present, how I live, what is my mental status at this age of 76, if I have something to say about the conclusion of my life? I will be more than happy to answer the same, provided if it is related to my present.

Seven questions that Ramesh Mehta calls as Questions of Hatimtai, which he prefers not to answer. “Only because you knew the answers of the same, that you heard a lot of me due to such questions, you came here to meet me. Why to ask those question again? Ask me something new, like how I live my life at this age?”

  • Where were you born?
  • When you entered the film industry?
  • Why you chose this field only?
  • Which is your very first film?
  • Which is your very first play?
  • When did you write your first film?
  • What you did then after?

The only companion Ramesh Mehta has is the Alsatian dog Julie. I noticed that, Julie was like a family member for him. He used to talk to him like talking with humans. And even Julie used to reciprocate with feelings, which means more than words.

He seemed Bindas throughout the talk. Like, when I asked him that whether he feels loneliness at this old age? He instantly replied “હુ તો સ્ત્રી નો હેવાયો છું, અને એજ નથી, બાકી બધુ છે. I have enrolled my name in many marriage bureau. Am I not a human? I also insist others too, who are suffering from loneliness. A company of a woman even for four days, or even for fours hours is enough. How much time we have, we should spend together. And then at any point, if feel like departing, most welcome. Let’s keep walking. Let’s not stop.

Rameshbhai says that you will get the real laughter from little children only. Their laughter is without any attempts. Just great. So keep smiling.

You will get to see more than this in the video below. And don’t miss the end, where he shows his most famous act of “Oho, ho, ho ho ho ho….”. He gladly accepted my request for doing this. Am indeedly thankful to him for this.

Filmography as Actor: (List may be incomplete)

  • Hiran Ne Kanthe (1984)
  • Dhola Maru (1983)
  • Marad No Mandvo (1983)
  • Dholi (1982)
  • Jagya Tyathi Sawaar (1981)
  • Maniyaro (1980)
  • Ganga Sati (1979)
  • Sone Kansari (1977)
  • Bhadar Tara Vehata Paani (1976)
  • Santu Rangili (1976)
  • Hothal Padmini (1974)
  • Jesal Toral (1971)


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  1. Chanakya says:

    Great article this one. I heard that Ramesh Mehta has always been fond of women – his remarks on them at this age of 76 proves the same. By the way, where is the video?

  2. Yup, he doesn’t believe in hiding anything at all.

    The video is over 300 MB in size. So it might take a while, until I find some high-speed net at my place or at some friend’s place to upload it.

  3. diya says:

    dear sir
    you are the real a masterpiece which a human being is lacking behind in this present world.
    I salute you sir.And we need you sir not only for today’s generation but also in future as a master
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  4. Meet says:

    it is Nice to see Ramesh Mehta… after a long back….


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    i failed to find the video!

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    તેમનો વિડિયો જોવાની તક માટે રાહ જોઇશું-કનક્ભાઈ

  7. Raj says:

    Dear Devang,
    realy its very good interview (!) with SHREE Ramesh Mehta. in my childhood whene my parents took me to see gujarati movie, Ramesh mehta was onliy my special interest in movie. and in fact Shree P.Kharsani was also great comedian in guj. film indust. but R.Mehta IS realy great by all means

    and its our prode as Rajkotian that He is in our town.

    thanks for share your nice time with R.Mehta with me and all reader of speak bindas.

    keep doing like this.

    take care


    Kampala (Uganda)

  8. Nilesh Vyas says:

    Devang, Its really nice interview, reminds me his famous act of Ohh ho ho ho ho… kya gaam na gori !!
    waiting for video !!

  9. Vraj Dave says:

    Rameshbhai Mehta to Gujarati Filmo na hasya na shahenshah chhe.Ha kyarek dviarthi shabdo no upayog hoya chhe.
    khub khub aabhar.

  10. sheetal says:

    thats soo great that you bring the best interviews and find the most treasured people and interview them,which brings back nostalgia and the beautiful times of past and akashvani and durdarshan times..
    good luck with the interviews

  11. Nirav says:


    You have encountered a perfect person to interview!
    And obviously good questions asked and excellent answers too from Shree Ramesh Mehta.

    I admit he is one of the most interesting, entertaining and prominent personalities India has ever had.
    Shree Ramesh Mehta has not just verbalized this philosophy but it is transparent that he has evolved it from life! I like it very much…God bless him and you always 🙂

    I will wait for the video though..!


  12. Raja says:

    can u ples sent me his home address………

  13. Hi Raja,

    His home is in Rajkot. If you are from Rajkot, go straight to Malviya Nagar Police Choki. Ask someone there about his home and everybody will show you his home address.

    Just make sure, sometimes Ramesh Mehta gets annoyed with unknown visitor so go with a theme and not randomly.

    Good luck… and if you meet, let us know your experience with him here.

  14. Jaydeep says:

    hello, sir!!

    I m serchin for the video u’ve mentionen in the end of the interview….

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    Ohh ho ho ho ho… i like Ramesh mehata, i recall memory of those dhoordarshan saturday days. thanks

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  17. C.S.Hanj says:

    Respected janab shri Devang sahab…
    may almighty ALLAH..!!! bless Uuu..w\all the happnss..
    sorry 4-the disturbance, will it be possible 4-u 2-provide me contact nos..or..e-mail ids of my favourite actors..[ Ramesh Mehta ; Kalyani Thakkar ; Sneh Lata …etc…]
    [ hanj369369@hotmail.com + Alhamrani trd co @ Riyadh Saudiarabia ksa…]
    Greetings & regards frommmm…. C.S.Hanj Ryd KSA…

  18. Upendra Parekh says:

    Very grateful for seeing this great Gujarati comedian after many
    decades on screen. He was the first gujarati comedian.
    May God live him the peaceful rest life.

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    Rspected janab shri Devang sahab…may almighty ALLAH..!!! bless Uuu…always… Thankx…Shukriya….4\providing me video clips of my favourite actor.. Shri Ramesh Mehta..!!! keep up the good works always… Greetingssssssssss… & … best wishesssssssssss….. frommmmmmmmmmm….. C.S.Hanj Riyadh ksa…

  20. Girish Limbachiya says:

    Dear Devang,
    realy its very good interview (!) with SHREE Ramesh Mehta. good work. I want to know about Snehlata, Gujarati actress. do you have any updated information ?

  21. Prashant Bhatt says:

    Very interesting & many many thanks for seeing this great Gujarati comedian after many decades on screen.

  22. Prashant Bhatt says:

    Very interesting & many many thanks for give us full detail about Ramesh Mehta.
    Actualy he is king of comedian in Gujarati Film. Please arrange more video.

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    oooohhhoooo hooo hooo mari nakhya have to ekad filam ma darshan apo mara vala nameri

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    ramesh mehta ni mahiti sari lagi

  26. jashwant panchal , himmat nagar says:

    ખરેખર રમેશ ભાઈ એ ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો મા જે સ્થાન જમાવ્યું છે એ અદભુત છે , ગુજરાતી ચાર્લીચેપ્લીન કહી શકાય, વારસો થી એમના ચાહક છીએ . લગભગ જનમ્યા ત્યાર થી આ નામ હોઠે ચડી ગયેલું છે ,
    યાદ છે સિનેમા હોલ મા ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ જોવા જવાનું હોય એ દિવસે સવારથી જ કોઈ વિશિષ્ટ પ્રકાર નો રોમાંચ છવાઈ જતો ,
    મને પોતાને એક ક્રેઝ એવો હતો કે જો ફિલમ ના નંબરિયા પડી ગયા હોય ને (શરૂઆત નું ટાઈટલીંગ ) તોય જાણે કઈ ક જોવાનું રહી ગયું હોય એવો અફસોસ થતો . અને બધા અભિનેતા અભિનેત્રીઓ ના નામો આવી ગયા પછી છેલ્લે આવે : :
    ” અને રમેશ મહેતા ”
    ત્યારે જાણે મોઢામાં ગુલાબજાંબુ મુક્યા પાછી જે આનંદ આવે એવો આનંદ વ્યાપી જતો , ખબર નહિ પણ કેમ આ માણસ નું નામ સિનેમા ના પડદા પર વાંચતા જ હસવું આવી જતું .
    ઉપેન્દ્ર ભાઈ સાથે કે સ્વ . મંજરીબેન દેસાઈ સાથે એમની ફિલ્મો …આજે પણ બહુ જ યાદ આવે છે .
    રમેશ ભાઈ તમે ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો ના એ સુવર્ણયુગ ના એક કીમતી અભુષણ હતા.
    સારું જ થયું કે તમે સમયસર નિવૃત્તિ લઇ લીધી , આજે ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મો ની જે દશા જોઈ રહ્યા છીએ એ જોતા મન મા એવું થાય છે કે જો તમે હોત તો..આ હાલત ના થઇ હોત….
    રમેશ ભાઈ તમારા ગયા પાછી ગુજરાતી ફિલ્મ ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રી હજી પણ કોમેડિયન વિહોણી જ છે .
    રમેશ મહેતા ના પેગડા મા પગ ઘાલી શકે એવો કલાકાર ક્યારે મળશે એ તો વિધાતા જ કહી શકે.
    એન થાય છે કે ઘણું બધું લખી નાખું , પણ જવાદો.. મારા મન ની સંવેદના ઓ મને મુબારક , બીજા કોઈ ને એમા શું લેવાદેવા?
    તમે એ તમે છો.. બસ..
    તમને મારા સુધી પહોંચાડનાર દેવાંગ ભાઈ ..તમારો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર મિત્ર ,

    1. જશવંતભાઇ, તમે અદભૂત લખ્યુ છે… રમેશ મહેતા વાંચે તો તેમને પણ મજા આવી જાય એવુ.

      કદાચ, એમને મળવાનો ફરીથી અવસર થશે તો આ તમારી કોમેન્ટ તેમને ચોક્કસ વંચાવીશ. અને તમારી એ વાત સાથે સહમત છુ કે તેમના પેગડામાં હજી કોઇ હાસ્યકલાકાર પગ મુકી નથી શક્યો…..

    2. Jimmy Dewani says:

      જશવંત ભાઈ … એ ”અને રમેશ મહેતા” નામ એ નંબરિયા પર આજ પછી ક્યારેય જોવા નહીં મળે??

      મારું હૃદય, કંઇક ખુબજ કિંમતી વસ્તુ ખોવાઈ ગઈ હોઈ, એવું વિચારીને ઠંડુ પડી ગયું હોઈ એવું લાગે છે! હલકું હલકું ધડકે છે; અને એવું લાગે છે જાણે ખુબ મોટે મોટે થી બુમો પાડી પાડી ને એ માણસ ને હું પાછો બોલાવી લઉં ..!

      રોઉં? પણ એવું પણ વિચારું છું કે, જે માણસે “સામે” રઈ રઈ ને મારા આખા બાળપણ થી માંડી ને અત્યાર સુધી મને અને બધાજ ને હસાવવાના જ પ્રયત્નો કર્યા, એની “પાછળ” હું “રોઉં” પણ કેમ?

      આવું અદભૂત જીવન જીવનારા માણસ ને ધન્ય છે. અને ધન્ય છે એ ગુજરાત ની ધરતી ને, જેના પર આવા માણસે જન્મ લીધો!

      1. જશવંત પંચાલ , હિંમતનગર says:

        જીમી ભાઈ .અને દેવાંગ ભાઈ ,
        રમેશ ભાઈ જતા રહ્યા ,
        ક્યાં ગયા હશે?
        એમના ગયા પછી હૃદય ને એક જોરદાર ધક્કો લાગ્યો..એની ના નહિ પણ પછી થયું રમેશ ભાઈ ગયા જ ક્યાં છે?? જ્યાં સુધી તમારા મારા જેવા ચાહકો જીવે છે ત્યા સુધી એમની શું મજાલ છે કે એ મરી શકે..?
        રમેશ ભાઈ , તમને તો મરતાં ય ના આવડ્યું ભલા માણસ..? મરી મરી ને એવું મર્યા કે અમારા દિલ મા તો પોતાને જીવતા છોડી ગયા.?? મરવું હતું તું તો જરા ઢંગ થી, સરખી રીતે મરવું તું યાર..? આમ અધકચરું મરાય ??? રડવું હોય પણ રડવું ના આવે એવું મરવાનું..?? નાભી માં થી હસવા માટે હવે આકાશ તરફ જોવું પડશે એમ લાગે છે..
        જો તમે જવાના છો એવી ખબર હોત તો ..સંતુ રંગીલી , ભાદર તારા વહેતા પાણી..સોન કંસારી જેવી ફિલ્મો ની અવિસ્મરણીય કોમડી ની સી.ડી. મોકલવી હતી.ભગવાન ને પણ થોડી મોજ કરવી દેત ને.? આટલા મહાન કલાકાર ને અને ઉમદા ઇન્સાન ને વિદાય કરવાનું અઘરું લાગે છે ભાઈ…
        અશ્રુભીની શ્રદ્ધાંજલિ …!!!!

  27. Bhupendra says:

    Dear Devangbhai,

    Thanks for upload interview with Ramesh maheta.

    Ramesh maheta is great comedy actor,God bless him.


    Bhupendra Padhiyar

  28. birju says:

    A legendary actor, who made me smile when growing up..
    I wish i can visit him and say thank you..
    Where doe he live?
    B patel

    1. Birju, He lives in Rajkot.

  29. SHARUTI says:

    pl rameshbhai nu address aapso?

  30. paras says:

    can u ples sent me his home address………

    1. He lives in Rajkot, near Malviya Nagar, Gondal road.

  31. bipin bhatt says:

    very nice interview………i m Rajkotian living in ahmedabad after my retirement from bank. i heartly congratulate u for such a remarkable and inspiring live interview,particularly, when he is no more,now…….hats off to u……!

    1. Thank you Bipin Bhatt for your kind words.

  32. Jimmy says:

    Legend like him, will never come back ..
    I’ve grown up watching him and now that i hear this sad news about him, my eyes dedicate a drop of tear .. may his soul R.I.P.

  33. Jimmy Dewani says:

    જેમ ગુજરાતીઓ નો સંબંધ ગુજરાત સાથેનો છે, તેવોજ સંબંધ રમેશ ભાઈ નો ગુજરાતી FILM INDUSTRY સાથેનો છે.
    અગર હું ગુજરાત નો ચીફ મીનીસ્ટર હોત, તો ગુજરાતી FILM INDUSTRY ના આ કાળા દિવસ અને આ મહાન કલાકાર રમેશ ભાઈ ના માન માં, મેં આખુ ગુજરાત બંધ રાખવાનું એલાન કરેલું હોત..

  34. kayum khan says:

    Devang bhai Namaste
    I never forget Respected Mr. ramesh mehta he live in my heart he was very intelegent person i pray allah for him and family
    thanks & ragards
    Kayum khan
    junagadh gujrat

  35. rahul chauhan says:

    I want to know about his entire education life. And what he did after leaving Gujarati films industry.

    1. You would need to do research then Rahul, like meeting his close-relatives.

  36. Naimesh says:

    Devangbhai ,how about snehlataji

    1. I would indeed love to interview Snehlata too. Let me find her whereabout.

      1. Bhavna says:

        I would love to know where snehlata is and what she is doing at present.

  37. Bhavna says:

    It was so good to see the interview with Dewang being so respectful to Rameshbahi. Well done and keep up the good work. Bhavna x

  38. ashok shah says:

    Devangbhai, thanks for sharing the close encounter with Ramesh Mehta .He was a genious .He was the true hero of all his films .I watched Gujarati films only for Ramesh Mehta.He was the atma of G films. -Ashok Shah.

  39. Laxmi Nayak says:

    Devang, am from Bombay, and was exposed to lot of gujaratis in our neighbourhood, I was just thinking about our childhood doordarshan days when we used to wait for saturdays, and see movies of Upendra Trivedi and Snehlata….she was a very wonderful and fiery actress….they were a great pair….I too would love to know more about Snehlata….would be great to meet her to when I visit Gujarat….when I searched the net I read an article where she is shown with her daughter a doctor…..by the way I am a south-indian…..look forward to any info on her

    1. Hello Laxmi Nayak,

      As of moment, I don’t have any info about her present status. My apologies.

      1. Laxmi Kamath says:

        Hi Devang,
        Had written to you quite some time back for address details of snehlataji..Have you been able to find out about her?if not then can you suggest who could be able to help me so the needful?
        Thanks in advance.

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