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Magical Fingers of Indian Potter

Art is an art, no matter what. It really inspires you if you have the eyes to see it clearly. Such one art form is pottery. In this short documentary, you can see an Indian potter making a clay-vessel and ancient-pot on a manual wheel. To me, it...
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Magical Fingers of an Indian Potter

— Diwali is approaching now, as I’m writing this. Festival of Diwali is known for lights. In India, on the night of Diwali, women do lighten up small earthen bowls outside their home. These earthen bowls are made by potters. Pottery is an ancient old tradition. I visited...
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Visiting an Indian Potter, knowing his pottery

Using clay and making wonders with it is the art of pottery. Generally, ceramic pots, wares are made from clay by potters. A potter can make thousands of wares from raw clay, of different sizes, shapes and usages. Pottery being one of the old human technologies in art....
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