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Speakbindas interviews techpp.com’s founder Raju

If we think normally, we believe that Tech bloggers should be the guys who just stick to their computer monitor screen (or laptop for that matter!) and are boring kinda people, who can not write the humorous way. Well, I don’t know Raju personally who runs a fine...
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Interview of Davinder Singh – admin of tothepc.com

Davinder Singh did his B.C.A. and later M.B.A. in Finance. A tech blogger from the lovely city of Mohali, which is mostly known for the cricket matches being played. He has been into blogging since his college days. He blogs at Techno Life @ tothepc – http://www.tothepc.com. He says...
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Techie interview: Keith Dsouza admin of Techie-buzz.com

Keith Dsouza runs techie-buzz.com, a tech blog which shares useful information, articles, tips and tricks on various aspects of technology and softwares. He lived in Mumbai for 24 years of his life and now he’s in USA. An interesting thing about Keith is that, he has broken up...
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